I DONT BELIEVE THIS!-Shushanna deh back a jail

The one shushanna don’t learn she was in jail for 3 years for shoplifting and she come out bought she change and she nuh inna that no more well I’m here to tell you that shushanna has been in jail for a week and and 7 days for the same shit yea you guessed it shoplifting plus she also pregnant about 2 months pregnant for bald head . . . She a try keep up wid apple them because a bare old designer clothes she have a repeat and dem did a chat harr them she start use fake card a saks and Barney’s then she stop because she did a get Frau wid the card scamming thing and then she start back up a pop buzzer . When will this bleach out face tuff lizard ago learn you ago get catch maybe not Monday but Tuesday the theifing thing hard now the people them nah play inna dem store especially big store like Bloomingdales and saks plus you a breed pon top a things omg we have to pray for you



********I pray this isn’t true************

0 thoughts on “I DONT BELIEVE THIS!-Shushanna deh back a jail

        1. Mi nuh believe eeeda Metty…. But all di same… mi nuh put it pass har…. Har madda ah di saaaaaaaaaaaame way.. Nuh matta how much time Di General get dip fi teefin she find har way back and gone do di same thing again… right now mi hear seh she ah sell Marshalls credit so mi nuh surprise if she bring Shushana pon rd fi mek few dollaz wid har

  1. Oh my I hope not the sticky finger syndrome is a serious illness eno smh Metsy mi did link u ova so u hear

  2. My my my……..my great Bronx link is on vacay, let me send out the smoke signal on this one. My mind tells me it’s a fact. Bald head ain’t got no talk or what? Apple and Kerry are so close wth her, you mean y’all coudn’t have given her couple items upon her release after that 3 year jailcation……wow friends for life.

  3. You know if she did a teef some diapers and baby clothes I would cut mi yeye pon dis, but a di same freaking claat and boot fi show up inna dance dis ova. How come dis smaady wah devoid of any spirituality going to bring a child now? Dat body and mind nuh ready fi nurture a living being inna it. Jeezam man, if you nuh hab money fi claat and boot tan a u blinking yawd, watch a movie, clean your place, or read a book. Dem life is shit, and fi tink dem bringing an innocent soul fi come swim in di shit wid dem.

  4. Yu see when yu nuh know people business she is not it jail for a new case this was a case she had way before she did the three years ok and and blood clot sax Bloomingdales she go to is her money she go wid Lowe the rass gal get your story f**kiing straight she will be back as quick as you blink suh the big pussy whey send in the story come again

    1. HMMMM, Does it really matter what case it is? even if it old and tuff and they still put Her in Jail, the fact of the matter is UNUH dancehall people dont have NO ambition.

      1. Dat mi seh tuh Anon @ 1:58 pm. Dem always run een pon di wall fi defend almshouse. Any which way yuh slice it “A tief is ah tief is ah tief is ah tief” Mek shi gweh wid har fraud story…bout go inna Bloomingdales wid har own money. How much people get lock up fi spend dem own money…ah wha mek shi badluckied suh??? Ah countafiet shi did ah use??? kmt

          1. It hard fi believe…cah ef mi did ah tief an get 3 minutes ah jailhouse dat woulda be enough fi mi tun REFORMED CONVICT!!! But noooo, not dem cah choo dem hab more dan 9 lives……

  5. Mi neva si har inna bald head recent pawdy pitchos weh day….but ef ah shi tief di jacket an gi him fi wear den shi kinda deserve likkle jail time :ngakak

  6. Den a me one notice seh di Senda seh shi inn jail fi “a week an 7 days”…Senda yuh hab di days down tuh a science. Ah guess 14 days, or 2 weeks wouldn’t give di right effect. Senda yuh is a badmammajamma :ngakak

    1. Lol Yawdy beehave urself man Lmaooo di one week n seven days give it a dramatic twist ain’t it :hammer :hammer

    2. yawdy yuh a read mi mind a d same thing mi just did a go comment pan eh nuh, put thru mi log in late, mi a read fuss causen seh mi know seh 1 a my JMG detective must pick dat up, mi seh d I weak all now mi cant recover from dah 1 deh :ngakak :ngakak

  7. Leave the girl mt friend is not at it again and as long as I am her friend I will encourage her never to take that route again do please leave her Mek she prosper nuh shit all of us has or somebody for us has commit crime and is still doing illegal stuff jail nuh Mek fi dog are puss

  8. (((((Waaiitttttttt dehhh))))) den shushanna really??????? Clothes ago kill Unuh nasty clawt.. Den how apple nuhhhh__________________________ :hammer


  9. Senda mussy confused between the two… 7days and one wk, from I was birth. @yawdie go Ez pon Senda yuh **ofto** understand how the dancehall ppl dem mind rerk. :ngakak


    1. Mi seeeh….Wen mi si it mi affi wonda ef ah di new kinda reporting dat. It hab mi brain AWAAAY. Fi ah minute mi haffi wonda ef dat ah di new technique dem a teach di Journalism Major dem. But as Cheut break it down fi mi it’s all about di “DRAMATIC TWIST”….:ngakak

      1. Yes the FACK she do :ngakak …den unu nuh notice seh the send is a little grammatically challenged herself??….she come out ( bought ) she change and she nuh inna that no more”…shouldnt that word be bout?^^^^

  10. well c smaddy confirm seh yes she deh deh but anuh fi new case its for an old wan edah way dis pass sad wuss have baby inna belly smfh..mi nuh sorry fi dem nuh more enuh if a smaddy new yes but de old dancehallians dem nope…

    sendee memba next time its 4 weeks and 30 days she be :nerd

  11. wow iam disappointed damn I don’t see pic of her at baldhead dance so it possible she nah miss her man dance

  12. Yawdy yuh kill mi wid dat question :ngakak ask Senda oooooo….I is r not earrrrr


    1. Mi jus read “Mathematics Made Simple” an it gi mi di ansa, so shi woulda serve a total of 1 YR, 365 DAYS AN 1 DAY…mi laugh tideh till mi jawbone ah kill mi
      :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  13. Yes a try she in jail for a old case way before she did time. Dem Neva know she did in jail fi 3 years soh the case was still open. She gone in gone do 30days and will be out soon Lowe di gyAl and stop wish bad di har. She a clean up har past by facing har old case dem soh she can move forward she stop thief now and buy fi try everybody deserve another chance

  14. This dancehall life is sad, it seems as of these so called dancehall celebrities will sell their soul for a little video light…don’t know the girl but sad to know she is incarcerated while Pregant and for a pety crime such as stealing ….shit I rather get locked up for selling drugs

  15. yep she is lock up people do some things to be in the spot light they need to fu**ing grow up now.

    1. But she already serve time mi never know people can come outa jail and still have jail time lef…is wha kinda mixup dat

  16. if she did 3 years then she shouldn’t be doing 30 more days they wouldn’t let her out if her time wasn’t served she must got a new charge and like i said that don’t make sense as long as you serve your time they cant hold you and before they let you out them check ya records to see if yu have anymore charges pending … a mussi new charge she ketch

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