19 thoughts on “I FELL OUT LAUGHING

  1. But the one on the left is a pretty looking matured pussy! Nuh man nuh want dat pussy on the right! Pre-pubescent pussy nuh get pick!

  2. The one on the left is not “mature”…unless that’s euphemism for over used and over exposure. That’s an eye sore from a man’s perspective.

  3. Thats nonsense sir. Go do a thorough research about our orchid, then u can argue your findings. I should add, the diagram on the left is a bit exaggerared.

    1. How do I say this? :bingung

      Not quite so exaggerated G, but not the norm for heterosexual women. Mostly hardcore lesbians look like this. And no, mi nuh know from no real life experience, just what my childhood friend mother who used to dance go go on Red Hills Rd told mi. Suh unuh don’t even bother :ngakak

  4. But everybody know the widest hole always go to the preachers daughter. Who f**k out like them. KMT. Guess my pussy nuh mature yet at 35 cause it nuh spread out like lettuce.

  5. Only ignorant people would think of your vagina looks like one the left its because you’re fck out or a lesbian. Just like how you have different penises in all shapes color and sizes. Vaginas are the same way none are the exact same ! We are all born different. I think it’s just ignorance when Women do not know the difference between their Vulva, Labia, Labia Minroa, Clotoris and the Vagina itself is on the inside, therefore the physical appearance of the outside has nothing to do with how the vagina itself workshop, U pusse tongue coulda long and wabble wabble suh till & still yuh hole tight nuh rass! Da woman ya need fi go siddung cuz having a neatly tucked vagina don’t mean ur pssy any better than anyone else’s.

  6. Laawd geez mi spend 2 day a road n come back to this crap bout vagina look so bcuz it this n that. Bullshit, yes labias are going to stretch with regular sucking but the shape, length n look vary from woman to woman. Some are just naturally like the one on the left others have been sucked to thy kingdom come n still look like the right. Who cares a vagina is not a fashion statement and women dont need another inhibition. What ever u were blessed with love it. If u partner nuh like it move the f on. I will confirm some sentiments above real men dont go for the right. For me it kinda av a childish thing to it weh mi nuh like. When it look like the one on the left it says this girl know fi have fun if its a fling. If is a serious thing u a look it says “pawdie if u naah eat u go av problem wid this woman ya eno” and a man can clearly see how aroused and engorged a womans flower is and its a turn on.

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