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Hi Obara….I really do need your advice of this….I will make this story as short as possible…I think my evil cousin put a terrible spell on me…she loves the iniquity stuff, she even own one of those book of witchcraft. I use to be so lucky and loved, I have lots of friends, i look and shape good. Even at my job people love me etc. I am a good person, never harm no one…i was probably too nice. When i was living in Jamaica, she use to live with me and my mom etc. …they migrated to the USA, so i was there with her and my grandfather. My grandfather use to warn me of stop walking bare footed in the house, because my cousin is evil…but been young and native, i ignore all a that, until some terrible sores start breaking out on my feet, Also i catch her in my refridgerator with some stuff looking like liver in a container in her hand. shortly after that my life is not the same….My shape just diminish like that, my wide hips become narrow, and my belly get big…Literally every where i go to work and live people try to run me out by oil and powder etc. and that just never stop…I am in the USA now and up to this day i am having that same problem, I cannot live anywhere for long and i cannot work anywhere for long. I cannot even keep a man anymore, even my girlfriends ignore me now… Please i am begging some advice on my situation.

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  1. Hi sender, I don’t need to ask how are you because obviously you are very distressed, I am sorry to hear what you are going through, but let me say this first…You say you think your evil cousin put an evil spell on you….So I am assuming that you are not sure, While evil is certainly around and about and witchcraft is a very real thing, sometimes our minds can tell us things that are not true, just because we believe it is so!.. I am not discrediting your plight or playing it down, I am just sharing with you some reality….

    Recently someone came to me for divinations because a family member drop down at work and was in a coma, they ran to me in despair telling me that they believed the wife was behind the man’s predicament, I checked and the wife was innocent although the case was definitely witchcraft, it was not the wife…so I ask you this, have you been told by a traditionalist/spiritualist of good reputation that this is the problem in your case???

  2. While awaiting your reply to my question I will say this however, while there is life there is hope and if she really did this to you she will have to pay one way or the other, the universe repays good and bad deeds. If this really is the case and your life is now in disarray because of this person do not worry it can be solved. I await your response so we can go forward!!

  3. @ Obara …I am sure its my cousin…Because she does stuff to her own friends and she was very jealous of me…because people always compliment me and say good stuff about me, her jealously was so obvious, other family members would say it…Yes I was told that a family member cross me up…That spritual worker have been burning candles for about 2 years and i am still going through stuff…Its so frustrating.

  4. Oh wow, Shaggy, so she did something to ruin your life in every sense of the word….I had a case once where my client feet were green for nine years, done to her by her husband cousin, mi ah tawk junjo green, she went to doctors all over and they were all puzzled as to what was the cause, we gave her medicine and it these things are real, very real regardless of who want to believe….ok Shaggy this is the thing you will have to get my email from Met and contact me, because before I can see any remedy for you I will have to conclude for myself that this is indeed witchcraft, it does not matter who it is coming from, although it is normal for us to want to know, God will deal with that person as long as you are innocent, all that maters is that there is solution, but I will have to check on my own regardless of what you have been told…

    If God is for you who can be against you?, no weapon that form against you will prosper!!…please remember that!

  5. Shaggy I went through the valley of the shadow because a girl did come si mi wid mi babay fadda and decide sey dhe want him, wha shi neva do ah wha nuh invent, she sen all kine ah spirit inna mi house, have mi all ah run dung de road in ah cold inna mi night pregnant an ah run wid one nedda small baby inna mi han while one more did inna de house, de gal do some tingsss sass criss…all in de name of ah man, my own man whey she did want….my story dem nuffffff!!!

  6. Some people are soooo evil…Things that people will do because of jealousy. I have mature since…and i have learnt that you dont have to do anybody anything for them to turn around and work voodoo on you. You just have to have something that they want or have a good education, job, kids, money or just simply look better than them, then they are ready to hunt you. I also learn that whenever you know that someone is jealous of you, you need to stay far from them, hide yourself from them.

  7. Sahggy, I thank the gal that did this to me and de duttie man whey did guh sleep wid har behind mi back and bring dat trouble into our lives, you know why?, Some time God have a plan for you and the way for him to make you find it is to bring some disturbance in your life so that you can seek him!!

  8. I came to this world to do this work, and how did I find it?? it was because of what this woman id to me, I had to run and seek physician, mi neva know bout spirituality, but “WHEN HE NORMAL BECOMES ABNORMAL EVIL IS AT WORK”…..The name OBARA MEJI tells me this in one of it’s verses that I came to this earth plane to do this very thing that I am doing, dat woman was a player in me finding my true self, I did not know it at the time, but now I know, We remember God the most when there is problem….she did give me hell but if she had not mi ooda still inna ah dance, probably deh pon de wall yah at times, serious ting!!!,,,this might not be the case for all, but for me it was

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  10. Mi deh ah Africa de odda day, and we went out and bought some new furniture for our compound, in de night we sleeping on our compound, thunder and lightening and pouring rain, oonuh neva see rain till oonuh go Africa…de roof almost come in and de place almost flood, mi husband had to get up in the night go out side and drive back the rain…yuh tink ah de rain did waan fall…. de mawnin we check IFA and just because some people see we bring in new furniture, dem send de rain inna miggle night fi flood we out and spoil de furniture…tan deh an doan believe me….lolol…

  11. im reading what ur saying and im getting chills..i went thru a similar ordeal couple years ago…I didn’t know what was going on but I knew something was definitely wrong, I got up bawling everyday for 2 weeks which wasn’t normal for me, I use to get headaches for days,my blood pressure was very high, whenever im on my feet I couldn’t feel myself.. until one day out of the blues a lady said to me that my babyfather is doing something to me…wtf???was my response and why would he?, she said, u know he has a woman& the woman he is with is doing something to him and with that mix up that’s how I became sick..


  13. P.S my B.F was in another state, n he came to visit me, but I got sick when he left, so I knew it was something, obara u know not everyone believe that these things are real so I kept the feelings to myself, but I spoke to my god very regularly, I had to go to my mom’s church where they had to form a circle around me n pray for me…prior to going to church I went to the emergency room n basically they told me I was tired, I should just go home n rest, because as u know doctors can’t detect those things…

  14. Oh wow Mz B!…people believe that is mumbo jumbo because Hollywood and others say foolishness, But these things are real, people sey believe kill and it cures, but people have the power to manipulate energies, we do that in tradition all the time. It is up to the person who holds the power to use it for good and not for bad, but power deh bout. I stood in Nigeria and watch my hucband call de rain and then I watched him drive it back, what is that??….a man did the same to my mother Mz B, and I went through it, my children however will not go through it, because they chose me for a mother and I have made them very strong!….mi trong up mi pickney dem mi nah lie!!

  15. Well Mz B the person in the coma whose family came to me the other day, of which I commented about up top, they are here in America, and it was the doctors who told them that they did every and all test and they have no clue as what happened to the gentleman, the doctors were puzzled…I have some stories….

  16. THANK GOD IM ONE OF THE BELIEVERS…My friends they said if mi really believe inna dem tings deh? n basically laugh at me ..but as u said sometimes god give we some signs weh if wi nuh follow the signs we hurt ourselves..because for those 2weeks I was bawling, I was giving up on life because I just felt drained, tired n confused..u know whats funny, before this lady told me it was my babyfather, I told him how much I went to church n how they prayed for me, not knowing that I was telling the devil that the potion was washed off, after I was warned it was him, I remembered when he was leaving back to L.A, he left a multi-lock key at the entrance of my door, and told me his friend was suppose to get the key ,but I don’t have to give it to him I should just leave it there…again not thinking nothing of it..

  17. Mz B one long time ago, a man came to me suspecting that his then girlfriend had tie him up, now normally I will not say yes to questions like those for fear of what the seeker will do if the question is confirmed, a spiritualist/traditionalist must not create confusion!!…if they do then they are not of God!!…God is not the author of confusion, but upon checking further I was assured by spirit that he was a gentle soul, and so I told him that he had to get away from his living situation because it was unhealthy for him, I then offered to remove the bad medicine and then to my surprise the man blurted, no mi nuh waan loose, mi waan tie har back so she can know how it feel…lolololllll……needless to say his request was denied as I do not support such work!!

  18. I would like to share with you a small piece out of an article I wrote on Dr. L W de Laurence…his own words..

    The writer will hereby inform the student that the desires are which have prompted you in the pursuit of the knowledge of OCCULTISM AND THE INVISIBLE FORCES OF NATURE, so you will reap for ‘LIKE ALWAYS ATTRACT LIKE.’ If you desire the knowledge to secure revenge, it is but proper that I should warn you that thou wilt, in any of the experiments contained in these treaties, draw or attract thyself a revengeful demon, or an accursed infernal furious evil spirit serving in the principal and law of wrath; if for worldly riches and aggrandizement, then shalt thou have an earthiel or fiery spirit, which will delude thee with the riches of the central world; if for same or the blaze of glory, they will be allotted thee, who will gratify thy inordinate desire of vain glory; for all these offices are there evil spirits who have been allotted, and they are ever eager to merge their evil will and spirit with yours; they will through the same law attract thy desires and purposes according to the extent as thy desires are, and from principles they precede, so shall thou be answered; but if thou desireth the knowledge but for the honor and glory of thy soul (GOD) and to help thy fellow men, and, in great humility, fill thy heart with love of all mankind, thou shalt then attract a good spirit which will grant thy desires, and also assist you to overcome enemies.

    Bear this advice, Seek for and desire that which is good; avoid attracting ALL EVIL, either in thought, desire, word, or action; and then shalt thou reap the rewards of the soul which desires to develop the inner or spirit sight. Remember, there are two ways magically set before these; choose which thou wilt, thou shalt be sure of thy reward. Remember, believe in youself and you will succeed (taken from the mystic textbook by deLaurence).

  19. Obara night, night, is me Sketel,(LOL) These things are real weather we want to knowledge it yes or no, I have my own personal encounter with the supernatural forces at work first hand. My own aunt was one of the culpits in my life, I was bless with talents more than one, and that wicked woman ask me to sew 2 sheets for her and the res was history, I was a teenager then, and this is my mother’s sister we are talking about, I was never rude to her or any thing, I had a baby early that’s all, It was when God call her number certain things was revealed to me in visions, and when she died the real trouble started.

  20. Met,
    Any way to talk to Obara Meji behind the scenes please. I have had a horrible life the past two years that this past few months I have not want to live.

  21. Sketel Bam..yuh know mi ike yuh lol….Power deh bout but people use it wrong, and evil is so easy to conjure, my madda trace ah ooman dawg rotten when she did young, and de ooman set ah piece ah sinting pon har, mi madda sey she si some small lickle man ah run roun har when she deh by herself but when she go to har madda house she nuh see dem, it was like dem did waan mad mi poor madda, dat was before we did bawn, har madda tek har to one ooman, do ooman sey why oonuh lickle gal can trace so, yuh tell de ooma more wud dan she tell you and shame har and she set yuh fi mad, de ooman gi mi madda medicine an clear har…people wicked!!

  22. LOL chuetty, yes dat ah him, but he was greatly mis understood, he worked in the elemental and magical realms of spirit, I wrote many artcles about him, he was a great teacher, but many metaphysicians will not agree with me, they did not give his power any credit..lolol..I still like him any way

  23. I made this post and for all interested I will just post some, because it is very long and I do not want to bore anyone with these things which are passionate to me, however to help those who are interested understand a little about metaphysics read this small portion of my post….

    Humans are multi-dimensional beings composed of many parts and with connections to many dimensions. The human as well as the Universe is far more complex than scientists would have you believe. As physics is the science of the physical realm and its laws and functions, metaphysics is the science of all realms, their laws and functions. From a metaphysical viewpoint, the physical world that we see before us is the 3rd dimension. There are other physical dimensions ranging from the 1st to the 9th dimensions and then many more above the 9th which are not so much physical dimensions but dimensions of Consciousness and many dimensions below the first which are dimensions of Material. The Material in these lowest dimensions is in a state of fertile chaos and is yet to be formed into physicality.

    The 9 physical dimensions are where Consciousness creates order with Material; where Consciousness actively creates universes and beings with the energies and forces contained in the lowest material dimensions.

    The lowest dimension and the highest are actually One and the same. At the deepest level of reality called the Ultimate Reality or the Absolute where all is one, before any differentiation, the two forces meet and truly are One. This state is often referred to as The Void, as it has no form and no movement, just perfect balance. All of creation is contained within this void in a dormant state. From the Ultimate Reality the first differentiation between active and passive forces occurs, creating Consciousness (the active or Yang/Male side of creation) and Material (the passive or yin/female side of creation).

    From these two differentiations of the Absolute, everything is created. Consciousness molds material into form and incarnates into this form. It is a constant sexual play where the Female Material Substance yearns to be molded by the Male Consciousness and the Male yearns to enter the Female and mold her substance into form. It is not that the Female Forces or Material Substance lack consciousness but that her consciousness is completely passive or yin. The Male side is totally active or Yang and is therefore given the broad term of Consciousness which implies an active state. These Conscious Forces could also be called Spiritual Forces but as we do not want to negate the spirituality of the Material Forces we will use the word Consciousness.

    The 9 physical dimensions previously described are places made up of Conscious Forces and Material Forces. Matter has been formed by Consciousness into certain frequencies of vibration. For instance the 9th dimensional material vibrates at a much faster rate than the 2nd. The slower the vibration of the matter, the more dense the physicality of the dimension will be. As Consciousness vibrates very fast it is much harder for it to incarnate into the lower dimensions and it has less control of the physical substance there. In the 3rd dimension we need to eat food and drink water to gain energy for our physical bodies’ survival and hence the need for the food chain. In some higher dimensions, energy and sustenance for the physical body can be obtained directly from the atmosphere.

    The 9 dimensions are separated from one another by certain structures of energy but physically they can be in the same place. For example the Earth has an expression of itself in each dimension. These different dimensional expressions of Earth are all in the same place and are all a part of the same Earth. A multi-dimensional being could go to and explore Earth in all of the dimensions but humans can only see and explore her 3rd dimensional aspect because we have a 3rd dimensional body. We could experience these other levels while in our physical body by cultivating our subtle perception. If we could raise our body’s vibration to a high enough level we could then enter the 4th dimension and explore there. Although the dimensions are somewhat separate, they do interact and are all vital for each other. It’s like a tower – without the foundations you cannot have a first level and without the first level you cannot have the second. So the dimensions are places where beings can incarnate into matter and live a life in the particular dimension that the chosen body is made for. Many Extra-Terrestrials have bodies that can move through dimensions such as from the 4th to the 6th. The 5th would be this ET’s natural resting place but they have the ability to densify or lighten their body to move up or down to the 6th or 4th dimensions at will.

    Because a being is able to move between dimensions does not mean they are more evolved than a human. Their body is certainly more versatile and can do many amazing things that a human cannot but this is due to their incarnation into a multi-dimensional body. The human is a being of consciousness which transcends all dimensions and who has incarnated into a human body for a short period of time. Its next incarnation may be here again or in a much higher dimension or a lower one or maybe it will not incarnate again. The point here is that higher dimension does not mean better, it is just a different place to incarnate and leads to different experiences.

  24. obara please i am begging you kindly i need some answer asap pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i cannot say certain things here my dear but please if mi even affi pay yuh please send your info or tell me how to contact you asap.thanks

  25. Ohara you have me my sis n husband sitting here talking about what you wrote. U r truly blessed n even though I don’t know you I have so much respect n adoration for you

    Oh sorry Met, goodnight….. Me deh ya everyday same way enjoying….thanks for introducing us to Obara……Nuffield respect

  26. @Goodeye, sometimes I feel sorry for the people who are still asleep, there is a story in the Christian bible John 11…where Martha cried and begged Jesus to come and help because Lazarus her brother was dead, in verse 35 the bible said Jesus wept…He wept because he was so troubled to see those who he loved so much in distress because they though Lazarus had died, Jesus was a light being, he was not from this world, he knew THERE WAS NO DEATH, people shed their earthly clothes, but their ethereal bodies ascend to higher planes, alive and well and living on other dimensions, the suffering ids here on this plane!!

    1. Good Day Met, Metters, Met can I speak to Obara off air ? I have the same gift. That’s all I ca say right here. thanks

  27. Sorry met I’m so nervous and happy that someone could help me.. i’ll calm down.. Really going throw a lot right now. feel suicide might be the only option but I don’t want to leave my child alone right now..

    1. a hope yuh check in back wid wi 2day plz dont think the worse or do the worse…life is always worth living nuh matter the circumstances there is always someone who has it worse than you but pulling through

  28. Obara me ago read it! There are so many things in this life that are sometimes unexplainable but they do exist. I never use to believe these things exist until I saw it with my own two eyes. Let me tell u a story. When my husband n I decided to get serious he was with this woman but me Neva did know about her but from what I heard she knew about me cuz my husband n I were friends for years. Anyways one time she brut inna we house n throw away all my belongings. What she no bleach she burn n rip up. I recently became pregnant n before I was pregnant I was in great health. I had the worse pregnancy any woman could have. When I was 3 months doctors did think me baby die n I had to do a lot of test n so forth. 5 months me collaspe on bus 6 months me admit if two weeks inna hospital with the worse pain ever. Not even labor pain compare to the pain I was feeling. They drugged me up so bad cuz every time me awake I was in constant pain. 7 months dem tink Di baby dead again. Long story short I had her n she was beautiful. After i had her I bled for 4 months straight all now doctors can’t tell me what happen to me all now. Anyways when I found out I was pregnant this madda woman tell me say I should not broadcast my pregnancy cuz not everybody going to be happy. Me Neva really tek it as serious but now looking back. I should have listened. After my pregnany it’s like my health is deteriorating I’m in constant excoriating pain. But me believe it’s something!

  29. Simplicity, mi nah guh hide nutten from yuh….@Goodeye, when someone is pregnant the spirit from that child protects the mother, so all who wanted to hurt you were folly in their thought that they could do this, often times when JUJU is thrown at the mother, it is at the birthing table or three, nine or twenty one days after the child is born if care is not taken the mother will go. The spirit of the unborn child is very wise, powerful and old, it loses all knowledge of the ethereal world when it passes through the birth canal which of course is the portal to the earthly realm, we all passed through there, even c section there in the womb we layed. If you are still having the effects of what troubled you while you were pregnant then surely the darkness is still around, you may have some very powerful ancestors around you keeping you and that is why you are still around..also your head, your ORI, INNER HEAD fights for you, that needs explanation for you to understand, but God is so wise!!

  30. Thanks obara. After my pregnancy the same madda woman told me the same thing about my ancestors protecting me. I sometimes hesitate to go further into it out of fear. But I respect you so much. Goodnight

  31. i will have to read this tomorrow because i have to put my two cents in .there is too much evil in this world and is getting worse thats why i tell people all the time my granny always said keep you hands clean don’t dirty your hands do good and good will follow you.

    1. Church – – really? Not all people in church have this ability. In fact, I know some that went to certain churches and came out worse than what they came in. Don’t be naive. And you don’t want just anyone praying for you or laying hands on you.

  32. so people obeah each other for hips and fi tek away dem man? dwl! i guess thats easier to take than maybe accepting that you been eating too much and not exercising enough, hey whatever make you sleep at nights!

    me really notice say from me and obari marji fall out me back nuh stop hurt me and me sex life has taken a turn for the worse! mi use to last 1 minute now me down to 20 seconds!! you mean to tell me the pink wall is not witchcraft proof? met please ask the web designer to update the site to the current anti-obeah software so i can post in peace and without fear of attacks.

    1. :hoax2 uzz awd a hearin enuh met seh adjust screen, put enn bak di glass caw yaw see tings too real oooooo :nohope:

  33. Gm Met, want to speak to Obara, I have a similar gift to what she has, but need explanation…how do I get her to email me please ? thanks

  34. mi late Met but I have been wanting to speak with Obara for over a year now. Many things are happening to me spiritually and I need a mentor and some guidance. Obara I had said this to you couple months back on a post.

  35. Met.. This is why I love you. People thing so negatively about the pink wall and the Metters… But if they took the time out to see the outlets and priceless advice given to one another they would understand that we are in deed just your ordinary dysfunctional family!! This forum has been so helpful!!!

    Obara, continue being a spiritual discerned woman and helping others that are in need of your guidance, your words will save lives!!!


  36. Thank you @bbc, and gf I am here for you, I am here for every body, there is so much for people to know, which can help you in your daily lives. Remove the mindset that what you don’t understand Is Obeah,where would man get the knowledge from if not For God….The devil (there is no singular being called the devil, I will explain if you all want me to), has no power on his own, as clearly stated in the first chapter of Job, when God literally told Satan to go and tempt Job but do not take his life!…did he??..could he??.. When God created the first man, according to the Christian doctrine, he created plants, trees, herbs and all of nature for the healing of man.

    This is a very powerful realm the earth realm, but the denseness of our physical bodies slows our vibratory levels coupled with dogmas and doctrines which man create to cause confusion, humans has lost their way, and when some one comes out with a left brained thought people condemn and call that person crazy, O Ma Se OOO!!!…I want to teach you so much, because my core belief is that I came here to earth to teach, please don’t laugh at me, this is my belief, and I love people so much!!! I am awake and I also want you be awake!!!

    1. Yes Obara Meji – the adversaries do not have the power to take a life…only confuse one life. But one can overcome if they put the full armor on. It is a spiritual warfare in this realm.

  37. Met has sent me all the emails of those who requested theirs be sent, plz know that I have emailed you all, if you have not gotten an email from me, please let Met know!

  38. Good morning Obara it’s me your girl Skets, I am going to link Met with my personal Email, I want to reason with you on a spiritual level, no joke thing, I am very sensible to what goes on in the air so I need some one as knowledgeable you to talk with on certain things.

  39. Hi Obara
    I have been reading all that has been written here with some skepticism but with a view to gain some understanding, as I was raised in the Christian church with no knowledge of juju etc
    So I have a few questions for you:
    1. What/ who is the source of your power?
    2. Is your belief syncretism?
    3. Are you a maroon?
    4. How were you called to this enlightening?
    5. Do you acknowledge God of the bible as the supreme God?
    6. What is the role of Jesus Christ in your beliefs?

  40. (1)I have no power God has all the power, what I have is the ability to hear from the spiritual realms and to interpret

    (2)no my belief is not syncretism, although think that there are many truths and I have respect other peoples religions and tradition

    (3) No I am not a maroon, I respect those Africans who fought hard for their pride, freedom, and dignity and who still uphold tradition

    (4) my call to enlightenment was frightening, long and arduous, My awakening I would never wish it on another human being, I was called at first to church, I was born into the Christian faith, and the message which God sent was “Seek ye the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness and everything will come after”…I hope I said it correctly
    (5) The God of the Bible is the supreme God, regardless of what he is called in any other religion or tradition, there is but one God, it is language why people call him by names we do not recognize

    (6) I fell in love with Jesus at a very young age, I was Christian and the emissary of God in Christianity is the wonderful, benevolent, peaceful, loving Yeshua ben Joseph aka Jesus…I no longer practice Christianity, but I love Jesus with all my heart, come on who could not love such a being?? and he love me too

  41. The bible has with 66 books and there lies much wisdom, but the spirit of God and all his glory could not possible be contained in this small book!!…King James and his scholars put together their version, and the catholic church picked and chose what they wanted to put into the version that the world now has, there were other books coming from those days and times that were taken out of the bible, these books were deemed too controversial by the catholic church, books such as the gnostic books, the book of Enoch, the Apocrypha, the book of Judas, (his story was very fascinating) among other books. .While I will not go into the many stories and allegories, metaphors etc which make up the Christian bible, one thing is true, THERE IS A GOD, AND HE MUST BE RECOGNIZED AND WORSHIPPED!!..Juju, Obeah witchcraft and all are just names synonymous with the malevolent character of man, If someone is given knowledge on how to make a gun, which is powerful and can destroy and they make it, without human hands the gun would lay where it was created and cause no harm to anyone….There is good and bad people out there, we just have to pray as we travel along life’s way!!

  42. Respect, Obara. If only I had the courage to relive what has happened ( and cooled down) to me in the last year and so. Put it this way, I do believe in this stuff. I run a man and all the weird stuff that happened in my house (junjo growing on bathroom ceiling and behind wardrobes that never happened before the relationship and hasn’t happened since I run him, me who since I started my menses have ALWAYS been regular ended up having five occasions where I had two in one cycle, I had some ten days late – I thought that I was experiencing early menopause, I went straight back to normal after the relationship). It’s obvious to me that some people are very capable of putting wickedness on another. My ex , it turned out had various women in various stages of seduction. He had a mother and daughter combo plus it seems he was “untoward” towards his own kith and kin! My spirit was trying, from the get go to push him away.
    Needless to say, I am experiencing celibacy (for me, not because I’m scared of men) and I feel that my “third eye” is open. I hope the help that you give the bloggers on here sets them free. Like others, I have a soft spot for you…..Peace and Love

  43. we all have a story @Oh,well…unfortunately some people believe that what they are going through is normal, But as I said before…”when the normal becomes abnormal evil is at work”…your being celibate may be the will of God, why?,, There are times when God wantS to mold you and the encumbrance of HAVING A man, work, or any distraction will not allow, so God, being who he is will remove what is stopping you his favored child from your greater potential from your duty here in this realm. That was the case with me, for three years when de duttie man was removed from my life and celibate I was for three years, I entered Jerusalem school room, awake and ready to do God’s work.!!!… After I became awake, I began to assist my fellow human beings, and here I am today, doing my service to humanity….in the words of the Great Adina Edwards.. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!

  44. Thanks for your responses to the questions. Please elaborate on your awakening as it may shed some light on those of us who have witnessed or felt things we can’t expalin and have a tendacy to dismiss it. May God bless you on your quest to teach.

  45. I could listen to your teachings all day. You are indeed very knowledgeably and inspiring. I am a skeptic when it comes to the unknown, but I do enjoy your enlightenment.

  46. @anonymous 2:54, my awakening was..oh boy when mi memba wha mi go through mi waan cry!! but let me start from the beginning when God began to gently wake me, this part is not as harsh…this is a post I had written some time ago, I will share some of it as it is quite long!!…PAY ATTENTION TO THE CATS IN THIS STORY…LOL!!

    I have always been attuned to my spirituality, even without knowing that I was. While growing up in Jamaica, (a very spiritual place I might add), I knew that I was no ordinary human being. I felt things that people did not feel and even as a child I did not feel like a chid. I knew that I did not walk alone and I was always very afraid of what ever I thought was around me. In Jamaica, the flooring in my bed room, under my bed had some board missing, probably two or three from the parquet floor, and directly beneath the house was a cellar, cats would enter my bedroom at nights from the missing floor boards and I would wake up at nights to see stray cats sitting on my bed staring at me with their brilliant eyes reflecting the moonlight, I would scream and in would run my parents. This happened so much that, my parents would pay no more attention to me at nights when they heard me screaming. They told me that instead of waking them up I should shew away the cats and they would run, But these cats never did, and as a child I would cry, because I was afraid of these cats!!…to this day I do not like cats, because of that. I would later find out during my spiritual journey why these cats came about.. I will tell you guys some of the reason on another post.

    Once when I was very young, I was on the verandah of my house playing by myself as usual, I could hear my mother and her friends talking in the kitchen from the side of the house around the back. I, foolishly tried to balance on the verandahs ledge, unfortunately I could not come back onto to the verandah and I knew that if I let go, I would fall to the ground neck first and who knows what would have happened. I called my mother and father, while holding on to the ledge, what seemed like hours passed before my father came to rescue me. My parents later told me that because I called them so much for the simplest of things, they had heard me but they decided to ignore me, believing that I was crying WOLF!.

    What was interesting though was while I was hanging on for dear life There was a woman sitting on the ledge with me holding onto my dress and humming a lullaby to me, I saw her out of my peripheral view. She communicated to me to not move and she told my that I would be alright. I never saw her face just her side view, but I remember her up to this day. I never told anyone about the woman and how she helped me that day, because I thought that no one would believe me.

    I realized years later that she was one of my guides, and she is still with me. Waking up to your spirituality does not mean that you are a psychic, or voodoo worker. It means that you have become or are becoming AWARE!. Aware of what?. Aware that there is more, way more to life than we know it , more to our existence, more to death, as a matter of fact, Aware that there IS no death. Aware that your mind is a universe all on its own and through the mind we can achieve great things. Through the mind we can stave off sickness, death, war, and also through the mind we can create them all. Waking up to your spirituality, allows you to SEE, the real world!!!, come out of the Matrix, and understand you real path, Waking up will remove doubt and fear, unlock your mind, teach you how to trust the inner you, which is your most powerful deity, your soul consciousness. You will be freed from religion, because no written doctrine is as powerful or knowledgeable as your inner being, or what it knows. We all have a source and if we allow ourselves to tap into that source, we could see the LIGHT!.

    As a child I saw the light, but I could not recognize what it was. I did not understand it, so I was afraid. Fear became an oppressor. It was the Devils own self. Fear is a malevolent force, invoked by human beings to oppress us. When I was waking up, I realized that all that I had come to believe about life and spirituality were false, I was fed things that society wanted me to believe, and fall IN with the OTHERS, through the indoctrination of religion, dogmas and doctrines. Then I WOKE up, and began living for the first time, WITHOUT FEAR!!!…

    1. Bless up mi people! Obara do u have a forum or blog where we can read more of your writings?Looking forward to hearing from u. One love

  47. @Redbone, The path of sound credence is through the thick forest of skepticism, and Skepticism like chastity should not be relinquished too readily…..I was once a big Skeptic, nutten wrong in dat!! lol…God Bless!

  48. Obara u just mentioned about cats..and again chills took me over..there is a white cat that comes to visit me on a regular basis…the first time I saw him, he was sitting on my fire escape(mind u I don’t like cats) but something about this cat caught my was a snow white cat with blue u think the cat would see me n run?? nopes..I took a likin to the cat that day tho,where I was eating something, took a piece out of my mouth n started feeding the cat, my kids saw this n said I should just let him in, which I didn’t…I remember going to the laundry came back home 3hrs later n he was still there on my fire escape(I got sick shortly after that)…anytime I get the feelings(unexplainable feelings) I look on my fire escape n sure enough it never fails, the white cat sits there…I did get afraid before, because no matter what this cat look dead at u, n won’t move…haven’t seen him in a while now but, I can literally feel it when he’s out there..Ps..anytime the cat comes around I hear from my B.F, or see my B.F in my never fails..

  49. Good day everyone, Hi Met I visit your site everyday but never comment. I do believe that there are people out there that are just evil. My aunt, my father’s sister once set spirit to be with me. At the time I never knew I was clueless as to why certain things use to happen to me. I would just out of my sleep crying or as I’m about to sleep I always feel as if I’m stepping down and then I just frighten out of my sleep. It was not until I went out to a spiritual woman that I realize what she did to me. She set duppy fi deh with me and mi fi tun worthless and man fi use me and refuse me.

  50. Obara I feel your purpose it somehow transcends the natural, you are a blessing and I know like many of the others we always look forward to your insight and knowledge, bless up yourself

  51. 2 consecutive nights I came home from work opened my window to get some air in the place and those 2 night a bad flew in just as I opened the window. To my surprise those two nights my fiance said he woke up to bed moving and saw me on my back those two nights, he however turned me on my side. I was so shocked, last week I woke up went down stairs to get ready for work and to my surprise when I looked up there goes the bat! When i came home that following evening the bat was in the same place so I killed him and burned him. I went to church after the incident and to my surprise the pastor held my stomach and pray he was asking me all kind of questions.
    Met can u please give my email address to Obara, thanks

  52. @Obara and Shaggy….This open my eyes to a lot of things.I have learned so much on here from many different people. This is one post that I will sure to re-read over and over again. Ms Met I’m not telling you how to run your site, but if you don’t mind putting this up front. I think many people are going thru the same thing as Shaggy and Obara is here to help.

  53. OBARA o ma se ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :peluk open a church or a business yuh wi flourish oooooooo

  54. Obara u really have a natural gift. 2 d person who ask about d cat. Cat is not a good sign especially if dem start to cry like baby. Don’t want 2 scare ppl but 2 weeks b4 me family member dead we had some stray cats at the back of the apartment n dem was crying like baby d whole night. Me tell him say dat is not a good sign bcz me grandmother always use 2 say when puss a bawl smaddy a go dead n lo and behold it turn out fe b him. We were taught not 2 believe in GUZU but coming from Jamaica n other islands n hearing d horror stories we know it’s VERY REAL….

  55. Seem like women get jealous and envious moreso then men n caws dem cyaan hav dem wey, dem try mash up people life.

  56. MzB ooo..mi ah come!…..cats are very special animals like birds and dogs , cats belong to a certain set of energies which operate at a particular hour of the nights, I can explain it, but the information will be so new to your understanding that you would not be able to fathom. However when ever these topics are visited again in jmg I will try bit by bit to
    Make you all understand, like anonymous said cats can warn about impending doom, along with the dog and bird, but the difference with the cat is that there is a particular society associated with it that if there is wisdom when the cat makes their appearance whether in dreams or in person the tragedy can be averted, these same cats who came to warn May even be the source of the problem, but I really have to go way deep to tell you, Whitney Houston and her family I obara meji suspect are apart of these sect, if you check the family history they all die flying, what do Iran by that? I know but I cannot say? At least not here! Probably she had no idea but someone who seemed fame and fortunes de a pact I wish you all could know these things! O ma se ooo! Big up observer, sugar plum big up!every one big up one love….forgive the type o’s

  57. Hi Met and Metters blessings to you all.

    It is so interesting to hear Obara speak on this topic and as always he is very insightful. As a child and into my young adult life I too was scared to let anyone know I have this gift I think deep down I cared what people thought of people like me. However, today I am thankful for I now know that ” ears that hear and eyes that see– the LORD has made them both” Proverbs 20.12 that we might glorify him. So senda I hope that Obara can offer you some insight into your situation, and may God be glorified in and through you. We await your testimony because change is going to come.

  58. Goodnight all, I didn’t receive any email from Obara, can you please forward my email address to her please met.thank you.

  59. @fashiondoll yes I do have a blog, please email met for its address as I don’t want to put it here out of respect for her because I didn’t ask her if I could

  60. @fashiondoll I do have a blog where I write about my own experiences and about spirituality,you can email met for my email and I will give you the web address as I have not asked met’s permission to post it on here. Bless up yuh self

  61. Good night Met and Obara Meji.
    I have been reading this from last night and I just want to say to you Met I don’t comment a lot but mi love you pink wall. It is very informative about a whole heap a things.
    Obara Meji keeping doing your special work.

  62. Obara yuh draw out every body weh did a peep silently on the pink wall, I see all kind of name run in today, some I have never seen before, any how it’s a good work you doing Obara. Big up Met you are the wind beneath the wings good night every Metters, peepers, and others. Bed time story fi me now, peace out. :sungkem

  63. Goodnight Met. Can you please give Obara m,y email because I have some dreams that need interpretation. Also their is alot a mixup going on in my life that I need clarity on.
    Thank You

  64. Met mi want get in on this one too. I would really like to read Obara’s blog could you please give her my email or send her blog url to my email, thanks.

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