1. Mad gyal dis, but in di midst of u madness u know ur needs that need to be met. Anyhoo no man naah go just jump n pay ALL ur bills just so. Tek u time n start out d most important, beg di Mortgage money first fi u modda cuz is not ur place, Ms BSO

    1. A fool fool man like him yu ask fi everything. Any man weh tek out a wad a money and tell so much yu tek dem fi everything dem have. Ifhim rum that’s good too because him a fool.
      Him lucky she neva sey yes and text one bag a man fi come a hotel come rob him

  2. :2thumbup #RP
    Could not agree with her more, I’ve seen chicks lose they dignity to go buy a pair of Red Bottoms…….Biatch If you struggling and got a man, then you single!!!!!

  3. Sherilee, dash out the bwoy name cause mi want know if ah the sed bwoy
    weh con mi bloodclaat…and what are you doing wearing $600 eye glasses when ya struggle?.. My girl, yuh neva hear bout America’s best ( two glasses fe $69.00 )?????? Yuh yeye bigga dan yuh wanga gut Sherilee.. Mi like yuh but more time yuh come off as ungrateful ah beggy beggy. What man woulda really want ah ooman lakka yuh weh cyaah bring nutten to di table, not even ah bagga groceries…just one bagga complaining…Sherilee, take my foolish advice and get yourself together before you expect a man to do it for you…

    1. It sounds to me like she is taking care ofher business. All she is saying is nuh man not flashing nuh money tek har to hotel. If him waan spend moneyhim can spend it on her bills.

  4. Tell that bitch go kill her self because you think your fuk worth so much money when bloodclate pussy deh a road fe $50 any weh tek u up suicidal go look pon back page u might see some a friend a pussy market shoplifter pussy sheri lee

    1. Relaxxxxx to how u heated fi the B mad puxxy u all type bare foolishness go play catch with a alligator n low di girl ano fi har puxxy fault u haffi pay fi puxxy kmft just know u get wat u pay for so for $50 u get a beat up beat out puxxy so gwheyyyy germs

  5. Well boo u love dancehall life.U not going to find wat u r looking for near to any of those frowsy rub up establishment u frequent every week.Try going to the library, grocery stores or even gas station frequent, u’ll thank me later

    1. The fruits n’ vegetables section in the supermarket have health conscious men. Sherilee, check da aisle deh first..

  6. Den a when since sheri lee own house and a pay mortgage ??? dwfl… Dat gal need help…a weh nikki blacks deh fi come dun har raaas.

  7. One ting wid har, she always lay har cards out pon di table. No man caan seh shi run scam pon dem, use dem, or fool dem up. Girl is straight as an arrow, I ongle hopes she find har prince charming cause dat wedding haffi get a live to air pon JMG.
    Sherri u in Florida weh money leggo wagga wagga a Miami, try nab u one a di rich ole man nuh? Some a dem even like whimsical girls like u. Fi ur long list no young bwoy and 9-5er caan manij it, suh try one a di ole accomplished one, ma.

  8. See unuh jamaican grazmite woman thats why unuh fe go look work but ya so call independent some ya worst than a 2 yr child that why the man dem nuh want unuh anything weh ah nuh jamaican woman a lead unuh a dead last unuh come unuh fe go bathe unuh INCOME it stinks lol fort Lauderdale frownzy bad bad sheri lee any man deh wid u a prostitution or extortion dat u stink like go bathe

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