Why the 2 Tanisha Dem must come out looking like this? Especially the one skets she weh have bout 5 Pickney and the government tek weh all a them. All she have to do is go to a class to get them back and all now she no go. Big wuckless gal.




  1. sexyt is little and neat dnt see nothing wrong with her pic but lil naked,sketz stay baddd she jus a swell suh look like blow fish..

  2. Sexy t she look very good but the next gal she have nothing about her she need to go and get her life together and stop walk with her pussy on her head bronx big nasty gall and some of these man have nothing about them to f**k her.

  3. I can careless what these woman are wearing because if they think they sexy they gon skin out well propa, well they think lol… But the sender also said that one of them only need to take a class to get her children back and she hasn’t done so, I do not know how true all this is, since I’m on the outside looking in and do not know these people… But if it is true, sweetie do right by your kids and get them back and be a mom, stop worrying bout club and see for your kids, you have too many to leave them to the system, wuitless mother you are… The children is my concern, stop having kids if your not going to take care of them, they are not asked to be brought until this world to have to suffer by the hands of their parents!!! smdh :cool

  4. Shout out to all the beautiful women who don’t need to dress half naked just to get a man’s attention. Talk truth ppl them look stink eeh

  5. Skets a ole whore from her eye deh a knee.. she f**k bout 500 men basically every hype party man from bx.. yes the government tek weh all her kids. This girl is lost she not even reAch thirty with 4/5 kids. She herself don’t live no where so how she gonna get them back… skets Bronx tired fi hear seh u pussy stink really bad n u leaking green slime.. come out of dancehall n get your shit together

  6. i am offended that you would take away these women’s rights….freedom of speech actually covers such things as garments…..if they want to express themselves by being half naked that is their right and you have no legal basis with which to deny that right save that you are the owner/admin of the site, however, you are still subject to intellectual property laws, which pretty much say unless you actually own these pictures, you cannot legally deface or obscure them… …..therefore, your blocking out parts of these pictures and all other pictures that you have defaced is unconstitutional in the USA, Jamaica, Canada, Great Britain and anywhere else in this world that allows ratchetness, skettism and thotness…….therefore i must ask you to cease and desist from blocking these pictures…..you are trying to place yourself as the moral compass of the public who view your site….no one asked you to fulfill that role as we are all adults and able to filter our own online content…..so please stop with all the black squares and bullshit…..on behalf of the male viewing public on this site…..i am asking that you stop forthwith, this violation of these ladies rights….thank you

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dick R. Harde Esq.
    Internet Lawyer, Badman and Gyaliss at Large.

  7. Both of dem ah whore & did a f**k nuff man from long bloodclautt time just like some of us so i dont know why talk about it caise wah yuh name nuh scandal owl dog unu… worry bout unnu self and stop watch ppl cause these wuthless gual dem gunna still do what they do and u think they care about what yall say HELL NO!!

  8. Sexy t a whore too walk and F**k like dog dress naked always drunk have no ambition dancehall mattress dem!!

  9. I dont know how niggas be f**n sexy t years ago it did buss seh she have aids …..I guess she, cured and everyone knows skets is 1 of the biggest hoes n sell pussy

  10. how yuh fi save mi or mi yeyesight…mi no need no angel…yuh no see whap’m to beenie??…him swear him find d’angel but end up wid d’devil…..and him still claims him a di girls dem sugar……memba di big gyal whe mi did fall in love wid……..di one wid di butterfly tattoo spread cross her two batty jaw……if yuh did block out dem picture deh how mi woulda know say she a one a di greatest love a mi life??….yuh fi tappie….mi sure say di whole a di man dem pon di board can tek a quick prips and decide if it worth it fi di second look…..lmao

  11. Sket have nuff pick key and u wouldn’t tell cuz she care for none.sexy t she nuh stop walk n fuk ppl Mon n still nuh hav no papers fi show smh they ever ah fuk she n hang her up lol jersey no life sexy t

  12. The 2 of dem ah flea ah road skets need to go get her kids dem with her worthless self n sexy t walk and take Mon the way nail tek board she need fi go look bout her papers dem she deh yah to long now wed nuttin to show #2 set of germs bag Dem smh

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