Hey post this for me

Oshane Morris from Hartford Connecticut the boy live wid him girlfriend and no want pay no bills him file claim pan him girlfriend father insurance twice fi buy car and inna party a hype like him him have money not even likkle food him provide or would contribute to the house weh him live inna or give 30 dollars towards light bills and then again him walk round Hartford and f**k anything him see even underage gyal then go back home to the gyal him have him second personally woman name Sham weh him go sometimes and a bay excitement inna Hartford Connecticut wid them the claim to be rightful girlfriend racquel McDonald weh claim she a wife just one big bl***h idiot but if yuh man a bun suh much time I guess yuh hole dead like funeral or something wrong dung deh suh cause sham a f**k her man and sham no response and anno like seh a the girl house a the girl fada house the boy kotch up a 4 pickney the boy have and not even have 1 with racquel and the gyal just a force up pan the boy suh


  1. Dear Girlfriend/Sender,

    Find a new “boyfriend “ or In your case , “manfriend.” Perhaps look OUTSIDE dancehall for starters.

  2. Unno stay picking up irresponsible men. Send him on his way. No bills paid no pums. tell him fi jerk of with Palmela (hand)

  3. A so them dutty wucklist boy ya stay a CT but rashole this ya boy ya weh hype suh and no wah pay the girl fada bills all them passa passa ya

  4. ok sham we got the message he wants you. broke but want you. lol young man help with the bills, something better than nothing.

  5. Dwbcl ah him gwaan suh hype tpc file claim fi buy car Me wah dead them boy ya no easy eno a use people gyal pickney fi things

  6. but Sham is no better that the first personal woman because she sound even more bc delusional bout ‘second personal woman’; in other words – Bigger man mascot

  7. so the whole a unu stay fucky fucky like dog a beer dutty pussy gyal live yah unu disgust me. u know gyal dem dogish ? dem fuck fi all 30 dollar more while me deven want go out cause me nuh want nobody label me .. set a pussyhole unu aids big bout yah me fraid a unu ..

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