1. Well I hope she pay state and IRS cah she say de gal pay in cash. She may have more problem if dem find out that she didnt report the income. :cool

  2. Met daffy has on too infinity boutique my husband order a shirt from May 9 until this day we have not receive it . But met the funniest we have being calling no answer when we did our research it was daffy picture pop up my husband is go at computer hi tell my husband to report it to the police met the shirt was 99 dollar plus tax an shipping .daffy is a big time scammer that why him did a sell the bandolue tickets the park .met can you check out this sight if it not down as yet god bless u

  3. Met talk a look into it for me my husband work so hard . To give away hundred dollar just like that it really hard that two day paid

  4. But daffy deh a party, he’s on ig and sending watsapp message so a wah kinda hide him coulda a hide.

  5. When me a read the post them and them say daffy dis and daffy that and him MIS me wonder if a di same daffy cause he’s still all ova.

  6. I nah buy one stitch of anything from Instagram! Me can go a shop or tek plane fi what me want. All this t-shirt fi sale and low rent “couture” fawt pon instagram is bullish too.
    Me and my bank account a nu disneyland/wold fi mek nu deadbeats, golddigger, who a look quick cash “DREAM COME THROUGH” a rass!

      1. Moggle out ratid.
        Me see a few bleach, slut ‘dancehall fashionistas/socialites’ a do t-shirt pon de. Not my money a ratid. My money nah add dem up…lol
        Me we go a shop for my shoes, accessories bags and clothes. Concrete boutique me support not wireless. Many of these bums find ways fi leech off a people hard earn money… not my own a rass.

        1. Afta we nah pad up no donkey roun yere…all dem a do a tek di scamming money n pad up dem battey ..leaner dan di eiffel tower if some a dem did a go tek di money put to good use it wouldnt be so bad but as dem get di fus 600 dem gone measure n mix in di donkey padup

  7. have sum dancehll ppl iI see that featured on here on my ig with them online store Iwould never buy ffrom a person weh party Sunday to Sunday wit them mindset ijs everybody ah sell clothes n jewelry now

  8. unuh too f**king red eye and long eye, batty, pussy, tongue and nose naught a sell and unuh want buy it just because someone pose in a it online and yuh must have it by any means necessary. online stores is usually a business done by people who have their name out there in a GOOD WAY. not by hoodrats or famous cocksuckers who are scamming and stealing people’s credit card identity and selling crack, cocaine to go to party and vacation on people’s had earn money. if you are hardworking, either go to a store or buy from a reputable company own by a reputable individual.

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