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Donovan Anthony Reid was found shot to death on the porch of his south Oak Cliff home on March 29. At the time police said only that the 49-year-old had been killed during what appeared to be a burglary committed by several suspects, among them 29-year-old Clint Dewayne Stoker, who was initially arrested and charged with capital murder. His attorney, Brad Lollar, says Stoker is now being held solely on a burglary of a habitation case.
Documents filed in federal court Thursday suggest it was much more than a simple burglary of a residence gone wrong: Federal prosecutors now say that Reid was a drug dealer who had more than $900,000 hidden in briefcases stashed in two safes in his bedroom. They also say Dallas police officers and Drug Enforcement Administration agents discovered “numerous detailed drug ledgers” in one of the safes.
“A review of the ledgers showed that Reid collected approximately $28 million in proceeds from the sale of narcotics from August 2002 to February 2013,” according to the affidavit of a DEA special agent.
The government is hoping to keep the $911,053 found in the Brook Valley house.
According to the complaint for forfeiture, when Dallas PD homicide detectives found Reid’s bullet-riddled body at around 11:30 p.m. March 29, he had about six ounces of marijuana on him. At that point, homicide detective contacted DEA agents, who quickly secured a search warrant from District Judge Rick Magnis. Five hours later they searched the house and found the safes — as well as the combinations for both, which had been stored on cell phones kept in the house.
But officers and agents didn’t find just the briefcases, cash and ledgers. According to the affidavit, they also discovered a digital scale, a black shoulder bag filled with “an assortment of keys,” gallon-sized Ziploc bags and 15 cell phones.
There was also a copy of a Dallas police report from Jan, 15, 2012, involving the seizure of narcotics at 2717 Peabody Avenue near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Boulevards. The public report contains no information. But according to federal documents, Dallas officers responded to a gunfire call at that residence and wound up leaving with more than 1,100 pounds of marijuana discovered in the house.
During the course of their investigation, officers discovered that Reid — also known as Ricky Barnes — had moved to Texas from New York, where he left behind an ex-wife, two sons and, from the early 1980s, arrests and guilty pleas for marijuana possession in New York City. He was first arrested in Dallas in 1986, charged with, among other things, the aggravated assault of a police officer. Three years later he was arrested by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and charged with dangerous drug and illegal investment, for which he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice says he was released July 13, 1990, and was sent by U.S. Immigration somewhere “out of the country”; TDCJ doesn’t know where he was sent or why. But he was formally released by TDCJ on April 29, 1999.
Brook Valley Capital Murder Arrest
April 4, 2013 at 10:50pm
On March 29, 2013 at approximately 8:00p.m., Dallas Police Officers responded to a “random gunfire” call to the 800 block of Brook Valley. Upon officers arrival they discovered the victim, Donovan Anthony Reid, B/M/12-07-1963, lying dead on the front porch of his house at 816 Brook Valley. It appeared that the victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced deceased at the scene by Dallas Fire and Rescue personnel.
During the investigation it was determined that the suspects forced entry into the house and then shot and killed the victim during the burglary. Crime Scene Response Unit responded and processed the victim’s house for evidence and lifted prints from an item in the house that appeared to have been handled by the suspects. Crime Scene Response Unit conducted a comparison of the recovered prints and individualized the lateen prints to suspect Clint Dewayne Stoker, B/M/05-17-1984.
On April 3, 2013 an anonymous witness came forward and told Detectives that Suspect Stoker admitted to him that Stoker and at least three other accomplices committed this offense. Suspect Stoker told the anonymous witness details of the offense that only the suspects and detectives would know.
On April 4, 2013 Suspect Stoker was arrested on unrelated warrants and taken to the Dallas Police Homicide Unit for questioning. Suspect Stoker admitted that he burglarized the complainant’s house on the day of the offense, but denied any involvement in the murder. The suspect was taken into custody and has been transported to Lew Sterrett County Jail. The arrestee is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.


  1. This story was on the first 48 on A&E. Dude was Jamaican and pretty thorough in the drug game. He stayed low-key for years moving major weight until dem invade him house fi rob him.

  2. Very interesting.Reads off the screen of a blockbuster. The drug world is a dangerous world. The rewards are alluring, shit I could use a cool $28 million now, but I kinda like the idea of growing old too.

  3. Is a pity dem tek him life, but dis man coulda teach a ting or two to some a dem dancehall johncrow yah, how fi lay low and stock and pile u ting.
    I hate all robbers and theifts
    Good day jmg

  4. “The government is hoping to keep the $911,053 found in the Brook Valley house”…..teef neva love fe si teef wid long bag :hoax2

      1. Uncle Sam don’t care; if is even ah penny yuh mek, him ago fine ah way fe tek feem share ov the one cent ..

  5. Nothing hurt a cop more than a black drug dealer with money. Those friggers terrorize people for peanuts so they’ll go to the ends of the earth to confiscate all assets.
    I”m sorry these low lives killed him, talk about flying under the radar. The man seemed meticulous bout him thing. A ledger coming back over a decade? Top notch accounting and bookkeeping skills.

    1. Foxy 4-5 shoes ina him closet and jus a set one grain a drugs jus him cash..dem shudda kill 21 another set a time him shudda dead worse damn low life shit

      1. Di man have him accounting system record every single dollar..RESPECTTTTTTTTTTTT him neva did a sell no white stuff mi like him

    2. Foxy, they suspect that he was actually the book keeper as to how the ledgers were so well kept. The $28 mill he grossed over the decades, was his personal profit. He was not the supplier.

  6. Met, and metters, mi vex how dem kill di man star, and mi even wore vex, cuz di po po dem get all dat money.
    when one a di detective seh “maybe he was the one who keeps the money”, hear one ole johncrow police bwoi, bout “jamaicans aren’t that structured, usually if he has the money, he’s the one selling, he’s doing both”
    di whole a dem badmine, jah know star, weh quena deh wid di ress a details?

  7. Him feisty tuh bout Jamaicans aren’t that structured. A trust wi nah guh trust nuh body wid wi money. We sell it, we keep it, or gi family but nuh business partner nuh get fi keep no Jamaican man money. Him woman dem, sister dem, auntie dem but it has nothing to do wid structure suh him need fi guh back a criminal profiling class.

    1. boom bang connect!!!!
      ole sh-it house him be. it has nothing to do with structure, it has everyting fi do wid trust, cuz mi ano drug dealer, but u naah ketch me a gi none a my friend dem mi business fi deal wid, cuz dem naah go deal wid it like i would.

      1. That man came here in the 70ties him a di real jamaican wid di old school traditional values dem police yah see so many dem fryers jamaican yere dem figet what the real deal is

  8. Suh weh di rest a di money deh? if im mek 28mil ovah 11 yrs it must deh some weh. How di bwoy mean im nuh know nuttn bout di murdah? suh is a diffrant set a people come kill im aftah dem rob im? suh dah mean im did have more innah di house or dem attempt fi rob and it nevah wuk out suh dem kill im?

    1. tinan, you nuh si di boy a tell lie.
      first him seh him no know nutten, den him seh him go deh fi rob di place, but den di alarm go off so him leff.
      but den di informate seh, weh 21 and dat dry lip liad go deh, dem buk up pon di safe, so dem leff fi go fi some tools fi buss di safe, but when dem cum back, donovan reach home so dem sidung inna di car an a watch.
      dem si a car leff di house, so dem tink a donovan leff, but a did him relative, so dem go now fi go back inna di house, an buck up pon donovan. u get it now?

        1. di case drop dem seh, because dem know seh a 21 kill donovan, but dem neva ave strong evidence against him plus nobody neva want come forward come give information and testify. den bups, 21 dead, so true a 21 was di main suspect, dem did affi drop di case cuz dem cannot convict a dead man.
          di dry lip fool now, dem can only charge him wid burglary, cuz no evidence no deh deh seh him commit di murda. wat a ting eeeh!!

          1. Nevah si di last part a di video, dyam sinting stop suh assume seh it did dun wen dem nevah find di 21 one im a im house..but went back and catch di rest..tenks chile..just one a dem days fi di I. Btw mi nuh hear no body a chat how di one witness seh a suh dem always a hunt dung di J’can dealahs dem..caz dem know dem tings tuff…unu a hear out deh people dem a hunt unu dung…a wandah a who kill did in di 21 one im?

  9. Unnu mind unnu meck mi Latina putus get boomy n bounce whey enuh no loud har up so she soon come man lmaooooooooooooooo mi belly a hat mi oooooo

  10. quena know every one a di 2.6 million jamican dem weh live a jamaica, plus di 2.odd weh live abroad. she know who me is and she know who u is.
    Quena is omni-present, she is god-like in terms of har whereabouts.
    Quena is di gps of jamaicans, punch in any jamaican name, give har a minute, an she come back wid dem whereabouts and a short description of dem life.

        1. doah mix mi plz more like salt all sweat she inna a mi link still..she kool man jusav har dayz like everybody else :ngakak

          1. simply, quena a mi boss round here, but mi luv draw har out, it funny bad.
            but mi want know di inide details, am mi feel quena can fill in di blanks

    1. How mi miss dis ya one ya…ah cyaan laugh…weh u seh quena know errybody…I’m dying off this one.

  11. On the first 48 the Dallas police said that they looked in his phone and and found the combination to the safes that he had in the house..2 safes not just 1.. liars i don’t believe them. Now the government want to keep the money. Really!they need to ask the police department to give back what they took also from the house. I don’t trust no police nor govmt at all.

  12. He did not know when to leave the game due to greed and end up loosing his life. He made millions and should be back in Jamaica by the pool in his mega mansion that I’m sure he has in Jamaica. Know many guys like these who just didn’t know when to quit and pay dearly in the drug game. What good is all that money and assets when you you are six feet under.

  13. Metty soon come……..why you do me like this tho…….in the headline :mewek
    Lundun weh Yuh say mi comeen like……..Yuh broite (Inna Tinan voice)

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