23 thoughts on “IS DI MARRIED MAN FAMOUS?

  1. Suh if di man a married man and Everyweh him deh wid di mate why dat bun Terri. So what if she breed a u a carry di belly fi 9 months. Some a unu gyal life sad bad. Terri stop throw stone when yuh live Inna glass house. Your Man a bun out yuh rass anuh unda quiet a dat fi yuh talk bout.

  2. From di one dodge/needleeye Mek har speech :ngakak she Dodge every post like dem yah… A weak inna mi bones… :ngakak :ngakak yuh Mek mi laugh Everytime mi memba… Come comments man yuh too dodge.

  3. Omg ugly Terri Ave a lot of time on her hand doh she a worry bout the girl and nah worry bout r man weh ppl and her same friend dem a say a batty man terr pussy shit up stop walk n f**k dun merica terr lowe life bitch uno is a set of disgrace no sah frm the gal n the boy deh uno grudge r a nuh she mek uno life sad like funeral

  4. Stinking mouth terry why u don’t worry bout ur sad life and leave the girl and her baby father alone?? A must u and the man married u come a talk bout married man no sah this serious.. What away u hate the girl and say u and her was fren .. So now the girl pregnant u come a post her over yah kmt a DAT u come with? Why u don’t worry about the heap a gyal and man ur baby father a f**k with ur shitty pussy. You never hear say Sunday was the girl birthday and is she and her baby father go out.. Stop worry about the girl make she breed u a gwan like a ur shitty pussy she a barrow and a f**k with.. U don’t see say the man not leaving her and now she pregnant u think him ago leave…. Come better with ur 2 story line and go worry bout Yuh dutty life stinking mouth bleach out gyal.. Learn fi leave ppl alone shit breath terry..

  5. Roxann a di “Billboard” this weh yuh did a talk bout, yuh really desperate to bomboclat. Nuh body caah grudge you fi Omar because him look everybody and you was him last option. Omar f**k JULIA, SHEKIMA and the list goes on. The time yuh a worry bout who fah pussy want shit up yuh go focus pan yuh children dem. Child services tek dem weh aready and dem ago tek dem weh again because all yuh do a bring break man Inna di house pan di poor Pickney dem. Yuh sure a Omar breed yuh or a 1 outta di 2 Haitian man dem. This ugly 1 eye gal every man man shi f**k shi introduce to har Pickney dem that’s y yuh 11 yr old daughter start f**k aready a dem things deh yuh fi go pay attention to.

  6. badmind is active terr go look a real man and lef the boy/girl man weh u have every gal a war with gal fi them man u war with both man and gal fi your man

  7. Dutty Priney a hope roxann finally si seh yuh caah tame yuh would animal. What a way yuh come dash out di gal business pan pinkwall , why yuh nuh come tell pinkwall hiw much yuh man catch yuh f**k and nearly kill yuh a yuh Mada affi gal police fi come rescue yuh. When uno life sad uno live company eeh. Priney anybody mouth stink a yours yuh caah seh nuh body mouth stink because everybody smell yours, all jamaica yuh go and dem a talk bout it. Dirty Priney yuh nuh si seh yuh a germs yuh carry yuh husband go all a di party has dem weh yuh have all 10 man Inna one dance. Memba yuh block di ras because him tell yuh seh him nuh want f**k yuh enuh. You a di only girl mi know weh carry coyly feelings.

  8. Roxann memba yuh seh yuh hate Priney, and run out Shekima because everyday day shi deh pan phone wid Priney and how a you dem a chat. To how yuh insecure Inna yuh likkle self if somebody cough too hard round yuh ,yuh catch offense. But if mi did ugly and shape bad like you probable mi wouldda feel di same way. Roxann memba yuh family curse u have 1 eye yuh mada have 1 foot and yuh daughter nuh have no hair. Everything uno quick fi talk bout papers a farrin and uno come yah wid Brown envelope and all uno a do breed up like ginipic . Not even a high school diploma yuh nuh have fi show that’s why yuh bloodclat granny hate yuh so. Because shi seh shi waste har time send fi all yuh. You need to go back to school memba from grade 8 yuh drop out a school old f** truck. From yuh go a yuh matey babyshower yuh skin undamaged fire fi breed idiot yuh think baby a hold man. If him did lef him next 2 baby mother when dem a breed and dem look way better than u, yuh think yuh did ago special treatment. A sorry man sorry fi all uno a f**k uno, if a all my man mi beat him every bloodclat day when mi look pan all u weh him f**k.omar yuh a disgrace and nasty because mi want know how u suck all roxann pussy roxann weh crawny so.

  9. Everybody ugly and bleach out fi uno, everybody a f**a gal fi uno and uno nuh si uno self. Pussy come fi f**k and bleaching cream mek fi bleach uno need fi leave ppl weh nuh memba uno. Priney Memba yuh bleach to, Roxy Ann memba yuh bleach to so mi nuh know weh uno a try seh. Priney yuh f**k dunk bronx, Queens and gone done conneticut now. Yuh nuh tired fi Inna di gal dem man inbox, girl yuh nuh tired fi look man. You now roxann di time yuh a worry bout ppl business yuh try sen fi yuh mada mek shi come eat some a di government money to all uno a wat see citizenship . Roxann nuh man nuh want yuh all Haitian refuse yuh. Yuh come talk bout gal grudge yuh fi Omar di way how di man hate yuh like poison a sorry him sorry fi yuh di other day mek him come look fi yuh because a yuh birthday. All block di man block pan social media TPC and yuh a come gwaan like it all jolly. Gal like uno fi poison because all di man next baby mother babyshower yuh go and go nyam food weh di gal cook old wicked. Uno a talk bout uno hate ppl a uno parents uno fi go hate, u especially roxann weh yuh mada put out to man from a tender age.

  10. Omar Gayle yuh ago need fi do a DNA because a 3 a uno did a f**k di gal u and di 2 Haitian man. How can a mother of 3 wid 2 daughter at that carry so much man Inna di house. You and yuh freaky gal weh walk answer suck every corky, gal fi suck dem man corky but yuh caah just a walk a suck so. All u Omar if u a my baby father yuh couldn’t kiss all my baby ,because mi waah know how you suck all Roxy Ann pussy, Yuh just a walk a suck so.yuh can just a f*k gal and suck har pussy same time that goes fi show seh you is a sucker.

  11. Big pussy Terri leave the ppl dem buddy breath gal memba say u say u bby fada did a try molest him own daughter girl dnt talk bout pickney because u have two handicap ugly nuh f**k terr stop mine man stop store up dutty clothes stop owe the ppl dem them rent go look a life amd a real man f**k out gal u f**k all u friend man shame on u

  12. If unuh never have so much time pon unuh hand Roxy business and life wouldn’t a mad unuh.Find something productive fi do a bunch a leggo beast fly by day pitch by night nah nuh pot fi piss innah low the girl alone.Fi unuh mumma and pickney life can change in a driffy to one foot and one eye frienemy like unnuh hurricane Matthew shoulda wash way.

  13. Roxann and dirty Priney Memba a uno pussy mek uno nuh have nuh fren enuh, because every man uno si uno pussy jump. Roxann do something constructive with your citizenship, go back to school, send for your mother and help har get a prostate leg so she can walk again. Because yuh deh a farrin and a live worst Dan nuff gal a jamaica. A rent yuh go? Mi want si who Inna merica Neva owe a rent yet, girl memba a bout 10 time yuh get eviction notice enuh and government affi pay yuh rent so don’t go there. Roxann when talk bout mine man memba a u a di teacher memba a you use to mine yuh worthless baby father a jamaica weh Neva work a day Inna him life. But yet still yuh skin out mek him breed yuh 3time. Uno need fi stop hide behind pinkwall.

  14. Ugly mug Roxann stop tek yuh Pickney dem food stamps mine Omar baby dem yuh si how yuh Pickney dem get mawga and crawny. Roxann memba a Omar a di only man carry yuh out enuh everybody else a hide dem hide and f**k yuh. That’s why yuh think yuh did deh pan top di world or a because him did a look papers. Omar come control yuh big mongrel dog. Roxann memba every weh yuh work yuh get fire because yuh mek yuh pussy rule yuh. Every man weh yuh tek hate because yuh gwaan like yuh waah mash up dem life and dem naah lef dem woman fi yuh that’s y Omar tell yuh dash weh di belly but tru yuh waah come Inna competition wid di next baby mada dem and post ,post pan Facebook yuh keep it. Hey but Omar all u dangerous nuh bloodclat bring this mug go a di 2 baby mother dem yaad all Inna di gal house a Brooklyn shi go piss di gal shouldda know a stab stab yuh up. Roxann Omar Neva want yuh from mawning him only did a use yuh fi him personal chauffeur,bcuz mi Neva si 1 gal fool so yet lef all di way from jersey come a new york every day and lef yuh pickney dem look how jersey toll dare. Omar fi a mi a yuh baby mada mi gi yuh some rat poison. Because mi want know a which man can live wid him baby mada and tell mi seh a nuh him breed har, yuh nuh si yuh bloodclat idiot. Roxann again go tek care a yuh 3 Pickney dem plus di raffle 1 Inna yuh belly because mi sire yuh nuh know a who breed yuh.

  15. No roxann dem done yuh wicked. You stinking mouth Priney stop f**k ppl man, yuh stop f**k Omar McFarlane yet? Yuh husband ketch yuh and Omar a f**k Inna di car and beat yuh wicked di man affi run like him a Usain Bolt no TPC uno life dirty and full a problem and before uno tek the time out fi sort out uno life u and one eye Roxann come pan pinkwall a try bring Down ppl. Everybody know seh a Priney and roxann a mek di pinkwall post dem. Because from di gal dem stop chat to uno a bare problem. Uno nuh know how fi stop talk to people peacefully. Uno need fi go do a spring cleaning and come back,leave di gal dem alone man because dem nuh memba uno. All you Priney weh f**k both man and woman cause yuh go jamaica go suck out Jodi pussy. And a next thing yuh need fi stop wear dem ugly mekky clothes deh and buy good clothes a farrin yuh deh clothes cheap.

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