And Kasi bossing up like :nerd…No boo..Lots of people wouldnt want to trade places …dem stomach nuh strong and as to Usain..learn fi respect woman and respect yuh body because yuh win whole heap a medal but the medals dont make the man!


138 thoughts on “IS USAIN SEH IT BEGIN OO

  1. Kasi sey fighting for a cause winning winning she sey . Girl you can take bun & be happy kasi me rate your tolerance hope you get the ring .

  2. BIG up to my men and women who respect themselves, family and friends who nuh haffi put on show like dem in a circus like dem two ya. i. This is a disgracefully union. Married and done because I don’t see any respectable woman that would want Bolt after this.

  3. The Shade Room

    Cedra Porte-r Yass girl! You go ahead & be disrespected. YASSS You don’t look borderline retarded at all! Get that money girl!
    Like · Reply · 47 · 5 mins · Edited
    7 Replies · 1 min

    Kika Garcia- “At least he comes home to me looking ass” I hope at least she made him take 30 showers before touching her lol
    Like · Reply · 30 · 8 mins · Edited
    2 Replies · 5 mins

    Asia McBride- I don’t care HOW MUCH money a nigga have. You not about to humiliate me. How low her self respect must be to allow a man to treat her like that
    Like · Reply · 20 · 6 mins
    8 Replies · Just now

    Emma Lemt Joseph- the way,my bills piling up atm…i too will stay…#fukthatshit
    plus half of these bitaches talking crap and all now their man laid up with the sidechick! MYOB
    Like · Reply · 2 · 4 mins

  4. I don’t know why Kasi feeling special. At least in the selfies with the other women he was hugging up on them and showing affection. Gwaan yah Kasi…I watched a video of you two and there is absolutely no chemistry. It is forced and fake. Just like what I’m seeing in this picture.

  5. Go get dat shmoney Kasi…this generation a brand new second hand oomn her shame tree nuh exist none tall,they care absolutely zero

  6. Yes…but it look like is we and the international scene just reach the “open relationship” party. Clearly that is what is happening here and dem have a nerve fi ah play wid we emotions kmt. Anyhow…kasi doesn’t bother me….more like the people telling her to slay and whatever other rahtid…role model? Role model for what? I guess money conquers….no love conquers all!!!

  7. He only treated her the way she allowed herself to be treated. She wouldn’t put up with it from a guy with a 9 to 5. She puts up with Usain because of what he can do for her and he puts up with her because he knows he can treat her any way he wants.
    This trip has been planned at least since April. It may be a working vacay for him.
    Either way he looks like he has leg cramps and she looks happy to be in his presence.

    1. You’re right! She didn’t put up with it from her ex and was all about women and respecting themselves and not stooping low etc! Money does change everything! And it’s a shame to see!

  8. It look like fi har muma dead. Because mi couldn’t face my mother after man just done publicly humiliate me and all have international newspaper a run story on me and then mi tek up mi self gone pon vacation.

    This come in like a man that punch a woman in her face and batter bruise her then go out and come back with flowers. Gwaan thru Kasi, tek you emotional batter bruising yah man. You better make sure he marries you, because to put up with this and still no commitment, you would be clown of a life time.

  9. MET wah yuh ago seh now?! Kasi has the last laugh. Not a car. Not a house. But a damn vacation. This is the dumbest bitch I’ve ever seen. Usain will not marry this gyal cah she nuh have self respect, MEANING she needs to get what she can get NOW. House, property, MONEY. A damn vacation? I truly hope this is just the appetizer and him have more in store fi har.

  10. Mi raas! Mi a guh back to mi husband. No man if Kasi can figgive Bolt fi dem blatant disrespect deh and nicey nicey suh wid him, mi agguh rite back to mi husband…a likkle quarrel wi hah and mi bex wid him fi 3years nung and not a pussy fi him nuh matta ow him pallagize! LMAO! No sah…honey mi agguh fix u up dis weekend cau at least yuh been doing everyting fi atone fi yuh sins…mi get di house, di cyar di pampering and still no pussy run fi him…it agguh change nung….come baby…skinnuping layta! Whoieeee!!!

    Tonks Kasi! tinnite tinnite hubby a sawt out! :2thumbup :ultah

  11. Mi raas! Mi a guh back to mi husband. No man if Kasi can figgive Bolt fi dem blatant disrespect deh and nicey nicey suh wid him, mi agguh rite back to mi husband…a likkle quarrel wi hah and mi bex wid him fi 3years nung and not a pussy fi him nuh matta ow him pallagize! LMAO! No sah…honey mi agguh fix u up dis weekend cau at least yuh been doing everyting fi atone fi yuh sins…mi get di house, di cyar di pampering and still no pussy run fi him…it agguh change nung….come baby…skinnuping layta! Whoieeee!!!

    Tonks Kasi! tinnite tinnite hubby a sawt out! :2thumbup :ultah

  12. KASI U IS A SMART BLOODCLAAT GAL NUH WATCH NO FACE. Mi know Di plan wa u have fi the Swiss bank book. I doan blame u play the game same way gal

  13. Lol no sah sender me surprised yu have strength fi send it this think u ketch heart attack….woiii mi ovaries….woo-hoo! Inna u face bitch

  14. some of you jealous as helll…ppl dem gone mind dem business and unu vex, u want them to be hurt so bad while they dont care about you. Taking a flight seeing the world while you sit in u office cubicle or menial job punching you keyboard like mad


    Mi tell unnu say Bolt ago always knock it bcuz she nuh look bad and she willing. But there is no rass love inna this thing and she a scrape hard. Bolt mind u get a world class clean out OH. Tell unnu already dem gal naah let go dem deh money chances deh u mad.

  16. Same way suh kasi cuz ah nuff ah dem mi noe inna worse situation dan yuh an dem nah guh nuh weh #YesPapa #WehDemAhGuhDoYahNow

  17. Weh me tell unno? Everyone’s interpretation of love is different. These two have something. What it is only God knows but Kasi is the most special woman he has ever had. No, she wasn’t in Rio or London BUT she gets an exclusive trip with just him and no one else. Kasi if you love him and want him and all the drama, then I wish you well. Have a safe flight trip. Peace

      1. Ha ha ! Behave. Usain doesn’t have a problem with her past. Even if his mother does, that’s her problem. Kasi may have dated the brother but she didn’t kill anyone. Worse dan she get ring. She will return from this trip as an engaged woman. Mark my words.

        1. You know se not even she nuh Wah Di engagement like how me want it Fi ar … Dem would be Di world record Fi Di longest engagement inna history

      1. Whatever his intentions they are probably changed now. He has to repair his battered image for the sake of keeping his sponsors happy and ensuring the endorsements stay in place therefore I see an engagement on the horizon. People don’t grinny grinny and count down for months over one fluxxy holiday no matter how exotic. There is more to it, engagement or marriage coming. Nothing less.

    1. He got 2 new endorsements this week so, image was fine. Sponsors don’t care about this sort of behavior when men aren’t married. One only has to look at football players who do it all the time while continuing to reap multimillion dollar endorsements. He may have been advised to handle things in a way that she does not look like the victim of his cheating where she ends up giving interviews to the press.

      About this trip, Kasi being the social media butterfly that she is posts everything related to their relationship so when she didn’t post anything on her birthday most likely she didn’t get anything or at least anything that she would want to show off. He left her out of Rio & London for his b day but, she kept talking about this trip which was planned months ago. It looks to me like this trip is all she’s had to hang on to for months because before today it does not appear he has seen or spoke with her much at all.

    2. Gabby please!!!! Yuh nuh right a rass… Unnu as ooman we tek anything fram man… A man will respect you more when Yuh nuh mek him walk pan Yuh like foot cloth…All leff fi usain do a shit pan har u only allow what is given to you …. Imagine u see Yuh man pan live tv a kiss next gal just a loose gal at dat… Humiliated you so the world could see… an him Go f**k dung di whole a Rio mek gal wah him f**k tek picture an di world see it an cum back a Jamaica an still neva even come see yuh right away… And come back come gi Yuh What leff f**k…an u affi go pick a gal Where Eva Unnu a go now an nyam har pussy fi please him….and a dat Yuh call love gabby Yuh bloodclaat loooooooing…. Oh Jesus this love I don’t need or want u hear dat Jesus I don’t want dat dere dem deh love…..

  18. U all need to shut the F up on this.U dont know what fhe deal is,with these two.Just suppose Usain about to marry this girl and settle down,and this was his last time to enjoy the players life before the married life.You all some real haters.Usain wouldn’t even look at most of you talking about his teeth and feet.God give some of us things that other didn’t get.Usain ungly feet make him what you all will only dream of.Usain has done so much for Ja.,but unno come with unno crab in a barrel mentality.Have any of unno ever present in Usain bedroom to see what’s going on.It not every lady Usain hang out with he maybe ×××.Come my people give the man some slack.I know a lot of you talking would be more hype and outrageous more than how Bolt a gwan.

    1. Me ago like you fi go find yu mumma ole and slide back up in a dat neatly.

      This site attract all levels of society, but it’s not a dog pound for your kind.

      Men settling down don’t do things to internationally embarrass the bride-to-be.

      All a gwan bolt accolades, endorsements and MONEY is for him, not Jamaica so him no really do nothing fi Jamaica. We done de pon de map and international tongues from Columbus go back a Spain and come back.

  19. mi ago say d same ting mi say ova d oda post…now you see a REAL LIFE #SAVAGE YEAH inna real life ahahaha i ain’t mad at her still i can see they asked her in an interview if she has sacrifice anything…and just like Donald Trump she would say “YES I SACRIFICE”

  20. Wait u know what be killing me some of these useless bitches commenting oh they can’t believe she stay wid him like bitch plz ur man f**k your best friend your second cousin down the lane and your neighbors step daughter and u stayed with him broke ass why u want the woman walk left her money bag

  21. wats a vacation??? my drug dealer boyfriend takes me on vacations all the time sorrynotsorry have fun kasi lol becareful of herpes though use a CONDOM

  22. I think they have an open relationship and it works for them. The side chicks and groupies know their role .

    1. His so called professional doctor and lawyer friends who travelled to London were reported as groupies in the papers but Kasi is reported as the educated professional lawyer girlfriend. I wouldn’t say they know their role at all but Kasi knows HERS.

  23. No chemistry, She still mad and playing it off.. but bolt might just marry hard first shut everyone up but despite down she won’t be happy

  24. Dis girl yah up to something–di tory nuh done..unu watch har-dis nyung laday yah heart and shame treh dead long toime. Bolt becareful – u suh full a uself u nuh know wot a cluck a stroke…

  25. Dis girl yah up to something–di tory nuh done..unu watch har-dis nyung laday yah heart and shame treh dead long toime. Bolt becareful – u suh full a uself u nuh know wot a cluck a stroke…
    The only reason a person would undergo all this shame, disgrace, persah-q-shan and all is because there is an ulterior motive – one wah she ting is bigga dan all di shame and disgrace

    1. The media has Snap chat like everyone else. Now that Kasi told everyone where they were going don’t be surprised to see paparazzi pictures.

      Hey Gabby. I saw Kasi liking pics on your page 2 days ago.

  26. No man mi just see di video clip with these two dwl no sah kasi boo boo now I can say without a doubt you know wat you doing. Usain memba who laugh last laugh the best. And you best believe a we di public ago have the last laugh….

  27. The sister spoke with the Jamaican Star. She says he’s not ready to be a father and that the press should leave her brother alone.

    Another person tweeted
    megs ‏@meghanxoxo_ 21m21 minutes ago

    my dad just met Usain Bolt & he looks so happy LMFAOOOOO
    She has the picture on her page of her dad cheesing and Usain looking like he just ate a bug.

  28. Kasi mi nuh blame yuh spend up dem frighten country brillo pad head bwoy deh money, cause gal out a road a put up wid worse dan yuh and nah get a faaaaden #facts withdraw from baarky Usain and deposit in a yuh bank account.

  29. Dem have KASI inna meme a say dis di dumbest bitch ever… Dem all a say she nuh 100 upstairs oh gosh! An is true cause Yuh caah inna Yuh right rass mind… Mi say not even di foreign groupie dem so fool no sah!!!… Gal ago get some leftover f**k yah now, she ago suck off every gal pussy off him cocky yah now, hey gal Mi still a wait fi swallow mi comment…

      1. Met, did you read the story from his sister in today’s Jamaican Star?
        Who was she talking about when she said people are looking for their 15 min of fame?

  30. Bwoy…I’ve been hanging with Jamaicans since the 80’s and I thought I knew a lot but unnu teach me nuff tings !!!

    @LOL – Lmbo

      1. Lol. Who nuh look happy when dem liquored up.

        Stay in unno lane hangers on. Meck di king and queen guh relax demself, energize and reinvigorate themselves. He was sexing in Rio, and now he will be making love, big difference :alay

  31. Women do damn crazy things in relationships. I remember a relative trailed her man when he was keeping woman, memba she block the door suh him couldn’t leave the house when him dress off one evening, till dem wrestled and him escaped :ngakak She ended up looking like the cryptkeeper when di cheating was at its heights, and dis was all over a regular dude not even have a 9-5, not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Women do damn crazy things when dem supposedly in love.

    Kasi, you ain’t doing any worse than many before you, even some criticising you right on dis blog, if they were to tell the truth of the crazy things they have done for love. Gwan wid your medallist yaw, dem seh patient man ride donkey, gwan ride you jackass my girl… giddyap :kimpoi:

      1. Laaks if a Bora Bora Kasi ting tun right dah fck up. Dats mi ultimate romantic destination, also Tahiti and Seychelles. Weh mi king deh to blertnaut. I need one a dem over the water bungalow vacation wid personal Butler, boo.

      2. Wow ! Very nice. I heard Bora Bora is beautiful. A break is probably what both of them need after the media frenzy of recent weeks.

  32. @MET have you heard anything about his parents especially his mother. A she mi would love chat to because if she neva know bout Sadiki before mi sure she know now…if a did my son mi gwan like di biggest drankcrow….vacation would affi cancel….from one gyal f*ck my two sons dem she Betta know fi go ar ways….Sumn not right here at all and not just wid dem two eeediiots but all around. Bolt look mentally challenged fi real no joke like NO JOKE…dem medals naw fool mi at all…he ain’t 100 no sir…listen real
    good when he talks…if him say whoa yowwww one more time or quote another lyric from a song yuh see….if mi right Kasi is no damn victim…..she also go rob him blind.

    1. Mi wudden seh cancel no vukayshan..Two can play di same game lets see who win..No real woman not going to be ok with that level a humiliation so we shall see.

      1. Bolt thinks the world revolves around him and men always think they can do as they like with women not knowing that a woman always has her own set of plans

  33. Do you really think they care what gossip mongers are saying about them….Media is media, they manipulate things and make up headlines for fools like you to digest. Only they know the real deal and if she wan tek back Di man a fi she business. Like someone said how many of you get bun n still tel bk do man n him nuh ave a dime or dollar to give u..u spend so much time on the blog u knw what ur man (if u have 1) a do.

    I agree him celebrating his 30th in London might have looked bad without her..but leave them let them live their life a fi dem..some of uno too obessed

  34. Omg leave the people dem alone nuh man, yall can talk till u weak, she will leave when she want to, dam man why u guys make everybody business fi uuno business, she wan stay she stay she want to leave she will leave..nuff a uuno a talk and uuno mumma was uuno father door mat, beating stick, etc,etc..smfh

      1. Tell dem cause mi nuh know HOWWWWWWWWWW dem love come over here come seh how we love live pan people and we never call none a dem.

  35. Gabrilla why you so phuckin intrested to know where they have gone??? U a look to book the same destination to stalk dem you obessive bad. Bumbaclart you have a serious issue, all will be revealed soon my dear. Stop raise your blood pressure and go ride your man cocky and give him some loving………..u nuh si im a wait pon u

  36. But Gabriella
    Look like bolt and kasi needs to take out a injunction on you. U are obsessive bad. They will soon reveal where dem garn. Be patient. Lol lol lol lol

    1. Stop stalk Gabriella, u jus use di name oooops and cuss har and now u come again..She entitled to say what she wants she nuh deh no whey fi u

    1. Dwl @zika dick. Enjoy your vacay guys! Their relationship seems odd but there are so many odd relationships around. Sadly their disfunction plays out in public . I can’t cry shame on any of them because I myself have done things I’m not proud of. Just as others hurt us sometimes we hurt ourselves with some decisions that we make. Wish you both growth, peace, happiness and God’s blessing in your individual lives and if the relationship really exists i hope that God will fix it.

  37. Mi neva did aguh bomboclaat guh !! Dats why him treat her suh cuz she fool fool. I aint on no team, i cant even watch this anymore.

  38. The look on her face says confusion.She said a prayer God I know this not right be just mek me follow thru and get me “goals then maybe later I will pick up back me shame tree.Where is her family.
    Some times in life we forsake family and frenz for the sake of being with a man only to regret it and come right back around and wish we had listen to the nay sayers.
    Everyone have a right to decide them own destiny..Good luck girl gwan live you dream.

  39. I am surprise TMZ haven’t pick up the story about her being his brother girlfriend then leave the brother for him TMZ would pay big bucks for a juicy story like that lol . I am just sayin . How could you dog out a woman like that for the whole world to see and then go on vacation with the same woman?! I think they are playing games and Kasi is enjoying the little hype and attention it brings her

    1. Samantha,
      Usain is not popular enough in the US for TMZ to go digging up dirt on Kasi. The story with the Brazilian “student” went viral that’s how tmz and other media like Huff Post and People Magazine covered it. It was a copy and paste from the Daily Mail.
      The story about Kasi was on the blogs and other blogs like TMZ copied it and it spread to other news sources.
      If MTO or one of the other blogs post the story about the brother tmz may paste it on their site and it could take off from there but, she’s not important enough for them to go digging up dirt.
      I would expect the dirt digging to come from the Jamaican media.

  40. Ahm Gabriella they are not so called professional lawyers and doctors…they are professional lawyers and doctors..get ur facts right. Kasi is not a lawyer..she has a law degree…know the difference!!

  41. kasi was really born a blonde,she only color her hair black but shes an original dumb blonde,bolt wont leave her because they said for men the penis does the picking and many men penis would pick her,shes pretty and sexy and her skin is clean,looks perfect from the outside,she is pleasing to the eyes,thats why she luck out to get bolt,he no ordinary guy,him will look much better when him veneer him teeth use good skin and hair product,and do him rusty foot him will be a good catch then,so kasi even though your a dumb blonde you no so dumb after all.

  42. Agreed @anon 10:19 Samantha, Natasha are lawyers at one on Jamaica’s top law firms Samantha actually got one of the highest awards when graduating, Kasi has a law degree from Utech and Failed the Norman Manley Law School entrance exam so please Gabriella get your facts Straight about the accomplishments

  43. mi tell ppl enu, bolt and kasi have an “understanding” him tell har no rio because after the Olympics him an har a go pon a vacay. kasi knows about marketing, she knows he would get press for his cavorting with women in south America and Europe(he is an international cad this one) because kasi not only wants his money but she wants to become famous she marketed her self as “the girlfriend,” thus she get press. now that they are on this romantic get away, more press for her cuz ppl want to know why she still with him, look out fi a lot of paparazzi pics of them on vacation. I wouldn’t be surprised if she called them herself remember bolt is famous and she want to be famous adjacent or famous by association. I am sure she hit the gym hard so she can look her bestest in the paparazzi pics, see the headlines,”bolt and his hot babes on the beach” etc, etc, kasi is playing bolt and the media, she wants her name out there.

    a wonder if him gonna engage har to rasthid, like him tell har “babes mi ago duh mi ting enuh fi get it out a mi system but wen mi come back the ring is yours?”

  44. I say the same thing I feel Kasi call the paparazzi to take pic with them on the vacation by tomorrow we will see the pic Kasi is a fame whore and she is using Bolt and I feel Bolt is playing along with it . With the law degree story she was on periscope telling off some woman about her law degree the woman ask her to show her she say it by her mother.The woman ask her if is Trump University she get it from .Why have a law degree and waste it tho?!

  45. Met my only comment is, Usian and Kasi really gone pon vacation and fly economy. Regular, regular airport terminal seat, no plush lounge with bag a luxury and freeness. Unno nuh see that she nah get no spoilings. dem ting too local for world class stage

    1. Nah they WERE IN FIRST CLASS! you can see the curtain & partition behind them . I saw that first. Regular seats dont have that Tufted headrest.

      Why would you fly private out of Jamaica if he doesn’t own a PJ ?

      Anywho…lets see what part of the globe they pop up.

  46. You know Usain a idiot cause no gal nah would take public cheating like that unless a something she a look. I hope she takes him. For everything he as. She got him wrapped like a bubble gum. Cause no normal man would tame his brother ex and wife it lime that
    He’s whipped and I hope she done him money. Nah comment pan this shit no more

  47. Love is more important than the opinions of people who are not in the relationship .
    Kasi is young and beautiful and Jamaican .We love to see our Jamaicans prosper.
    Well,most of us.

  48. I wasn’t going to comment but when i saw the snap at the airport n in the plane i have to. With The most honorable usain bolt status, his connections he couldn’t fly his special woman on a private jet to their romantic get away. Come on after all that public humiliation i wouldn’t be travelling so local. Him woulda haffi loose that firat class money n go private jet he can afford it.
    If these stories are true what kind of role models are these people come on. That’s why the spciety tan so to many wanna be kim Kardashian.

    1. He’s talking like she’s a wife not a girlfriend. I recall Kate Middleton saying the same thing when she got engaged; that is what you call commitment talk. I am still convinced that this trip was planned well in advance to either return engaged or have a small quiet wedding, just the two of them. Watch this space and good luck to them . A yard gyal ago get the ring and status. Me happy fe dat alone. Go get your man, Kasi.

      1. What kind of wife are you used to seeing or being? This is not a man showing her respect or any form of love. This is not a man saying, I’m going to do better. This is a man saying if she has no problem with my cheating then who are the rest of you to complain? Yes, he has a point,but it won’t stop us from having an opinion.

        Kasi and to an extent him put themselves on display so of course the public will have an opinion. If he don’t want us to have an opinion be more discreet with his infidelities and stay off social media. The issue at hand is him making a fool out of her over and over again and her allowing him to make a fool out of her so of course he can say the only relevant opinion is hers because she’s the one looking like a fool not him.

  49. Well ova SNAPCHAT tun up …di people dem a enjoy each others company on their honeymoon… A mean BAECATION , after all USAIN say a only KASI OPINION RELEVANT.. Nah lie when me check it out Kasi is no fool, it look like she have Bolt exactly where she want him. She ain’t care bout the stuff we a beat up ourselves over…she definitely know what she’s about

  50. Them really gone bora bora but usain said no more snaps. And kasi look like she lose the weight for that swimsuit.

  51. @anonymous 11:50 I hear you. I really do. But in life i have come to realise that love is a different experience for everyone. I wouldn’t put up with Usain’s behaviour but Kasi is strong enough to. Who are we to say what their love is. I heard that Will Smith and his wife have an open relationship, yet they are still together. Ruby Dee admitted that she and Ossie Davies also had an open relationship, they were married forever. Usain knows that Kasi is rare. Women have come and gone but she has stayed. Maybe being faithful and exclusive isn’t important to her as it is to others. She allows him to be who he wants to be and although we may see it as odd, she doesn’t. She’s a keeper. He knows it. All what we are hearing about her and his brother and what his mother thinks doesn’t mean a thing. Kasi has Usain on lock.

    1. What’s rare about Kasi? Gold diggers come a dime a dozen and, here in the states we see 20 something yr olds with men in their 70s and women who stay with men who bring them multiple stds. The reason they stay because the men have money. The reason she stays is because Usain has money and I assure you if it were anyone else besides Usain or another man with money she would left a long time ago.
      She’s traded in her self respect for a lifestyle she hopes to attain. Whether or not they have an open relationship now is irrelevant because they’re not married however when he gets married an open relationship will be an issue because endorsement deals have morality clauses which can be terminated for things like infidelity whether Kasi condones his cheating or not.
      Kobe Byrant lost most of his endorsements even though Vanessa stayed when he was accused of cheating and rape the same happened with Tiger Woods.
      If Kasi had him on lock he wouldn’t have been in that Brazilian girl’s pants 2 weeks ago and swallowing that woman’s tongue. He would have publicly apologized to her in the same manner he publicly humiliated her. Men stay with women like Kasi because they’re easy to control and they’re down for anything not because they bring anything special. Bolt handles Kasi the same way a pimp handles his prostitutes and, she’s good with it.

      1. Exactly! Now we are on the same page. That is their interpretation of love, not yours and certainly not mine. When they get married and they will, he may continue with having other women,may even have outside pickney. He may lose endorsements. Me and you would divorce but Kasi may not because her interpretation of love is not the same as ours. Different strokes for different folks.

  52. Kasi , stop lurk over here and enjoy ur baecation. They are both thots and media whores in my opinion. You gone pan baecation and the first day u a snap ?

    Unno should be so caught up in each other to the extent that u shit out the world. Picture post close to the end or at the end of vacation. Him say no more snaps fi now , let’s see … Tell Kasi no snap, tweet , nutten at all

    1. Kasi posted an instagram with the location of where they were staying in case the paparazzi cared enough to come take pictures. So how’s she going to say she don’t want people in their business?

  53. usain said he is apologizing from now because of the amount of snap them going to post over the next week. They want to be seen, dem nuh look like no lovey dovey coupke on a romantic vacation, dem just look stiff stiff very unnatural. Big upps to dem n dem half a million dollar a Night vacation. Kasi live it up my girl a how long me woulda have fi save fi dat. Tek humiliation yes. Leo men are very narcissistic have fun.

  54. Kasi ting tun up. Would teck Bora Bora over Rio or London any day myself.

    Gwan enjoy yourself mi dear, meck sure you come back wid dat sunkissed glow suh all dem voltrons can hyperventilate. Dem did tink a Bahamas you was going to end Some ppl head aguh hot dem, belly a guh bun dem crazy. Just protect yourself under the blood of Jesus cause di envy will meck all friends tun enemy chile.

    Send over some pics of traditional dancers and you haffi tell wi how dem breadfruit taste ova deh. Bring back some Tahitian vanilla and tings, nuh figet fi eat up di exotic fruits, coulda eat a mangosteen yah now. Caan wait fi ketch dat side a di world miself.

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