This is dutty official twiz weh a use the man money a mine delly gal go put yuh money to good use bout you buy man car and put in braces any day that man lef you is a day bitch twiz yuh fren dem hate yuh them chat yuh like dog. B*tch go look a life and buy a bed stop rent furnished apartments


5 thoughts on “IS WHICH DELLY SHE MINING ?

  1. Apparently she can take care of herself, so senda she not worthless. But girl don’t spend you money to mek “unsure” comfortable and your future unsure. Gwan strive a Nd wish you the best.

  2. Listen!!!!! Delly topic a get boring now u guys are making him feel too special and honestly he aint!!

  3. But at least she hav her own place and she wateva she like with the money.
    How u kno she mind di bwoy …no sah unuh bad

    Leave the gurl and tek couple pills but don’t wake up back sender die die die

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