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  1. A long time this slackness a gwaan, for couple years well, this is more than shame and disgrace and to think how much money ppl have to pay fi medical a Jamaica.

  2. UWI is a semi private hospital and with the expensive fees that them always a charge ppl them should be able to buy wheel chairs.

  3. The 3hundred million, way u caah account Fe how u get it.dat could a buy.nuff wheel chair Mr fassy hole!!!

  4. But when mi talk bout di spending weh Portia a do one particular person ready fi trace me kmt…I think is observer have a article a few days ago on another community in St Catherine somewhere that has not had running water for years. They have to pay to get water into the community and the people who cannot afford it have to walk how much miles go river which is now running dry so dem affi walk even further fi ketch water, but yet somebody have the nerve, the nerve fi a defend Portia an ar big trip dem!!!! One ooman say a 3 days she nuh get fi bathe, 3 whola day…dem a wah, animal? I don’t care which party inna power…if u not doing right by the people den u jus not doing right!

  5. So a since portia come in a power,that community no have no wata or dem never have any before she did inna powa ?

    1. @Kng13… disrespect but in America, I like to think that we as Americans would not care whether there is a Republican or a Democrat in office…….there should be steps made in correcting the problem and if not completed by your term the next incumbent should pick up and complete.
      What an awful thing to keep fumbling the ball……out of many, you are 1, verdad?

      1. What qualify u Fe a dip your nose inna ,the politics of Jamaica.leave dat to jamaicans .is not like u even live a Jamaica.yow certain things u Fe just stay pon the side line and watch .doh run eheen .

    2. Nope…they have had a problem with running water in the community for many many years before Portia I think the article said…but if you know better then u do better. Nothing seems to get fixed until election time is coming up…this is true with all the parties in Jamaica…dem wi fix a one pothole out of three but di nex two nuh have no hope fi get fix till a soon time fi di nex election and by that time more pothole already open up. It is a never ending cycle!!! I am loyal to no one that is not loyal to me…dem better glad say di election nuh depend pon my vote alone cause none a dem woulda get voted in.

      1. Thank [email protected] is why dem Fe stop use portia as scape goat.stop meck it look like a she single handedley mash up Jamaica.das all me a try bring across.England who inna the top5wealthiest nation.a wha day Cameron full one plane load go a China go look business opportunity.but when portia do the same ting a beg she love beg.smdh.

        1. :thumbup :thumbup So cause di same foolishness weh she a keep up a gwaan before her time she nuh jus as responsible? Are you saying Portia is doing a good job running the country? Well I hope you never have to go to UWI…if so enjoy your wheelchair.

        2. Also, I have never been to England mi love, but if they are one of the top five wealthiest then they must have money to spare for trips like that…Jamaica just doesn’t have the money for that luxury.

  6. smfh…ppl can’t even clear wheel chair weh ppl send down becuase is like dem a buy the onw wheelchair three times pon spot b4 dem get like really come on nung..kmft

  7. Kin13 the blame game not going to work,portia and her government had the country for 17 yrs before bruce and holness short run, everything must be blame on the jamaican people, if they settle for less ,then receive less, if you dont desire change,then so be it, when election time come keep beating your chess and saying mi a pnp\ jlp and mi nah change, is hancart them going to use for ambulance nex, some of these psolitician been in office from the 70ties,and not doing much,without change in the political structure someone else is heading for swizerland offa poor peoples money,we must first be loyal to our country

  8. Portia spend ja20 mil on trips to china and eu to secure investments,quite normal .JLP (Young Jamaican) spent ja78million on the recent leadership challenge to try and remove Andrew .Donate a few wheelchair government can’t do all .Even the best hospitals on the planet need donation to survive ,

          1. Well Portia is just a pawn being used by the old leader n his friends plus a bare dutty gal behavior she display she does not carry her self as someone with knowledge or confidence to rule a third world country which holds so much potential personally mi no know how Portia turn PM cause her track record before that office did not show any qualifying traits either
            As fi Angel pawn between two man n swear say a she in control SHM poor ting not to mention the dutty gal behavior so they are both 2 peas in a pod if u ask me

        1. So chute.if she did a behave like a lady,and a behave prim and proper,even if she still a werk Fe the bigger heads,as long as she carry har self in a certain manner it would be ok?

          1. 13 no Hon quite contrary if she did know whey she a do n carry on like a common fowl (bird) mi would own har ten times ova but u can’t straight wutliss cross di board u get me?

  9. While growing up i visited an emergency room twice; bus accident and to sew the tip of my finger. Never went in for any illness or never even seen a dentist until i came to the states. Heath care in third world countries is a state of mind to rass. lol

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