This message was in my facebook spam box some months ago and mi jus a see it


Warning please don’t let even a female dog go close to Peter Bogle. He goes to church every Sunday and pretend to be genuine while he preys on young innocent girls. He’d better thank his lucky stars he moved his ass back to Florida, because if he was still in Texas it would have been a different story. How can you say you’re my brother my kids are your nieces and nephew yet you want extramarital affair with my child. Peter Bogle i want you to remember you have a daughter and would not like that for her. What goes around comes around. You’re nothing but a nasty ass piece of low life. I guess you’re useless at home therefore you try to seek out the younger ones. I guess i was the only who didn’t know what a dog you are since i didn’t meet you until you visited Texas 2003. Everyone is shocked that i didn’t know the scum you are. Don’t worry Peter Bogle i promise i will let the world know the good for nothing piece of shit you are!!!!!!!!! ‪#‎Peterboglelowlifenastypieceofshit‬. Stop calling my phone to apologize and trying to find out who all knows about these shenanigans you pull you might be able to fool your naive wife but Peter Bogle I’m on to you. You worthless good for nothing. Yes as soon as i sent you and your wife the messages you both blocked me from Facebook, but know that y’all can run but you can’t hide. You’ve messed with the wrong one!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I suppose putting him on blast on pinkwall is just as effective as telling the police!Wow the power of this site!!

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