Galations 6

5 For every man shall bear his own burden.

6 Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.

7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

Last evening I had the displeasure of listening to Ishawna explain the reason for making her song ”Glory”.. Besides being unable to explain the reason for the song she proudly said she made the song to cause a stir and while wallowing in her miseducation …she sent me from 0-360 degrees.

I want to first explain one point to the obviously unschooled Ishawna..>>Being a Christian means a belief in Christianity not necessarily adhering to the principles, but having a belief in Jesus means you are a Christian(by belief) and it is because you are of Christian belief hence the reason you claimed acknowledgement of ”God” and ”blessing” in your very blasphemous song.

You seem to think that because you are not baptized or a member of a church is reason enough for you to be excused from this atrocity. You are accountable baptized or not. A gospel artiste sings songs of praise to God and in this song, you are praising God with mockery.Almost like someone bathing you in filth , then say they are giving you a bath..That would make you a bit more than dirty yes? But it was a bath innit????

The magnitude of this blaspheme seems to be lost in your lack of understanding that is drowning in your narcissistic frivolity. God is not to be mocked!What you described as a blessing is sheer corruption and mockery. Were you able to explain that you made the song without thinking and you meant no harm or insult, the response you have been getting would be different. But, to say that you sat with another human being and came up with this rubbish with the excuse that you are not Christian speaks volumes about you as a person/an artiste/ your education/intelligence and aptitude. You are insulting God for the short of it.
The world, that you have seen since birth will be here long after you die and there is not a remote possibility that it revolves around you.The fact that you are in it and it is revolving simply means that you are indebted to it and not it to you. Whatever you put in you will get out. God is the creator of the earth that is revolving with you in it , so, you are indebted to Him twice as much as the earth, do you understand that? Acknowledgement of God means that you have opened the door to who and what he is so whatever His rules are, you must comply or try to comply!
The pastor tried to explain to you with good argument , the magnitude of this HELL TUNE, but because you are of the belief that you roll the thunder that has been here before you, you shamelessly did not allow yourself to understand what she was trying to say…Even as nice as she was !She should have explained to you the epitome of your doing(undoing).
You have mocked God , the sanctity of sex and put a mortal above God. It would have served you better to claim atheism , with that you could be excused but you cannot be a ”sinner” if you don’t harbor believe in God, so, whilst you have that belief, doing songs like this is setting yourself up for grave punishment. Which is the long and short of it. There is nothing to promote in this song because you are putting the music on a level that will cause destruction. The song has to be renounced and your stupidity has to be purged.

Does the limelight mean so much to you, that you would put your soul on the line? Or should God not count this mockery because you are a sinner? You my friend, know you have sinned and to know you are committing a sin and continue to do so……..means you are mocking the creator…….YOU CANNOT BE EXCUSED FOR THAT..FOR GOD IS NOT TO BE MOCKED!

I can’t believe she say dem a blaspheme behind closed doors and she a blaspheme pan a record :travel

ESCAPE HELL!! You have sung yourself to the gate of it! ESCAPE HELL!! You have thunk yourself into it! ESCAPE HELL!! You have sunk into it! ESCAPE HELL…Educate yourself out of it!!ESCAPE HELLL….FIYAH A GUH BUN FIYAAAAHHHHH…..ESCAPE HELL


  1. Yuh hear how she a justify har slackness by saying “I’m not a Christian…..I’m a sinner”. So dat means being a sinner gives you the right to mock God. Smh. Is like she a say like how mi a sinner God must expect certain tings from me. Is like presumptuous sins. Mi fren baptize weh day an she have a boyfriend weh she a sleep wid. She say God know har situation already so all she haffi do is just ask for forgiveness when she done grind. Smh. Ishawna needs counseling. She has no understanding an all now she nuh get wha di pastor saying. Yuh hear she say when she was writing the song, her intention was to cause a stir and controversy. Exactly Rev Dunbar……subconsciously…..NOT UNCONSCIOUSLY. Damn dunce. Kmt

    1. morning ooo…she say dem a blaspheme and she a blaspheme mi a wonder if she know what she a say she a run off har mouth and won’t even listen the pastor fi give a good argument

      1. Ppl who tink di world owe dem something doe usually like listening to ppl eno Shani. Dem tink tru YOU owe DEM….. then YOU must listen to dem. Kmt

  2. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others …

    Mi neva knw a suh cockyawna dunce tuh bloodclaat she noy even a listen tuh de rev nd av a heart bout yea she a blaspheme pon record others behind clothes door n she neva seh she single plus wan adda bag a phuckery…she lost big-time

    And yes I do b-lev the shower her wid blessings is the man a cum all ova har, suh she can nuh bada try cum wid har oh no anuh dat she a rhyme nd a rhyme sh! T

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    (Simpl )


    God’s favor and protection.
    “may God continue to give us his blessing”
    synonyms: protection, favor
    “may God give us his blessing”
    antonyms: condemnation
    a prayer asking for God’s favor and protection.
    “a priest gave a blessing as the ship was launched”
    grace said before or after a meal.
    synonyms: benediction, invocation, prayer, intercession; grace
    “a special blessing from the priest”


  4. Pastor yah sound like a freak notice everytime her voice changes when she says BLOW your mind and DELICIOUS…..mi like har stil. ……but if she soooo controversial as she claim where was she when the most ccontroversial artist (kartel) was in the streets doing songs like romping shop which was 10 times more explicit than the song in question……maybe a woman strenght she have,if when you married the sex is better then y so much married ppl cheating? …….

      1. Yuh haffi give kartel dat him neva cross dat wan nonetall fi real not even alkaline weh lub controversy as him seh….cockyawna wrong on all level

  5. If only she wud have open her eats nd not her mouth she wud av walked away wid a lil growth cuz the ooman nah done her she a seh the CONTEXT nuh sit wellnshe guh nd seh the PENNING cuz dis whore nah listen. .how yuh fi remix a Gospel song to dat low ass level a chat bout controversy. …de pastor all tell yuh seh yes sex sell but cum better dan dat

    Elephantman did shackle dip weh sell off as a God fearing country yuh too badwud badwud nuff now man

  6. A wen de man asknyuh married nd she seh no den guh back a seh how dem knw she nuh privately married…..why des awtist doah av publist cuz my wurd man

    1. thats what i want to ask..whey her publicist??? who giving her these arguments fi go embarrass har dumb self?

  7. A lot a dem nowadays “artistes” ya love de controversy. Whether it’s sexual lyrics, nudity, trying to be different, seeking attention…..whatever rocks their boat, they will sell their soul for some facebook, twitter, and ig fame. So Ishawna, concerning this “song”, in my Simon Cowell’s voice, I’m gonna say “It’s a little too much for me. I don’t see it. I’m going to say no” (to this “song”)

  8. I thought Ishawna had some degree of intelligence ….. that was until i heard this interview .. if shi dumb one more time eesiiiee mi will box har tru di computer … she need to shut up more and listen. Her listening skills are very poor and she cannot take criticism well. if in fact she did this song for the controversy then her attitude and reaction would be different… she clearly never thought about the response she would get from the god fearing nationals of jamaica.

  9. Ishawna you are one hoodrat… Yuh sound stink real damn skettel if I must say… This gal not even know how to do an interview shame.


  10. If u teach a monkey how to dress himself n put on makeup best believe he’s gonna do it really well BUT u can never teach that monkey to be intelligent enough to carry out a decent conversation I’m not calling Ishawna a monkey but GO FIGURE!!!!

  11. @ Chuet the gal just a gwaan so vulgar like she figet she’s life and have to still maintain some type conservativeness. She just a dash out so… Woeee! Me baddeee!



  13. Live***…. Yes ooooo Di woman say subconscious and she still insist Fi say unconscious :hammer


  14. Well Revi lubb she sex bad een? she ah freak..mi not even going to baddah wid di Ishalltekmimanfren she, caz mi nuh hab di time fi waste pan har, but this Revi yah nevah deal wid di intaview right, married Christian or not no one should be singing this mess and using nuttn fi do wid God innah is just a complete mess, she nuh deh a hell’s gate she pass tru it already..and bout fi tek di second step..

        1. not one di only thing mi see she come wid wah ok was to correct har wid di subconscious/unconscious tory..but she just deh pan how she love sex and hab marriage fi how long..dah Mrs deh lub har stuff man…MisS Ish she… :hoax2 :hoax2

  15. Hi Everyone. When I heard the song the first and only time I listened to it I was taken aback. It is my opinion that she should not have gone this far but at the end of the day a she alone going to answer to God for her deeds. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We all need to leave her and let her do her own thing. I read a lot of sunday dagga and most of you who are criticizing the girl a live in sin or too ole to do so. What a big bag a coolie duppy deh here (nothing cant tek unno off this girl back) She made a conscious decision to sing this song and although its not our cup of tea we have to respect her decision. Met I like you but you dont need to critisize the girl talent, If I could sing like her i wouldnt have to be sitting around a desk right, I would be on tour or so like her. As my ganny woulda say give unto Cesar what is Cesar – a her life please allow her to live it without judging her. She might not have said it the right way but she stood by here decision to sing the song.

    1. Maggie .. She made an unconscious decision actually.
      & if you think Ishawna have talent something do you ..
      Nobody is on Ishawna back .. Duppy clearly a ride har tho
      You agree the song is garbage and Ishawna herself is garbage
      She all a get ugly and tuff ! You clearly idolize her to want to leave your desk to go whore bout tour .. Which tour she a tour ? Ishawna a look attention and nobody ain’t looking in the direction she wishes …

      She borin like .. From when she fi buss and all now she can’t buss fi har balloon Mek out of Steele .. Can’t wait till she and her fanatics die down. What voice Ishawna have btw fix it Jesus

      1. FP do better please :hammer
        whey u seh bout tour? artiste tour when dem have a catalog so mek mi gwaan yah :travel

    2. Suh a how Sunday Daggah come innah dis? Who deh do wah Ish do wid har song pan Sunday…look like di coolie duppy a wuk pan u and knock u ass unconscious and u ovah yah lakka Zambie a write up dem crap yah…di whole a wi sin or have sinned that was not di issue, u duss as dunce as Ishalltekisha, bout u deh a desk job and wouldah change it fi tour..oftah nuh body nahn tap u from tour..gallang..ask u fren Ishalltekisha how fi do it, u and she sound like unu a peas innah pot…gallang and lef di dagga, caz it nahn baddah u a di coolie dem a baddah u suh gallang guh find a church and mek dem pray fi u and har…u luddy…

  16. Met me did member 1999 Fort Clarence when Capleton did come pon stage n say “BUN JESUS , BUN MARY ” n me did waan walk out n d baby fadda at the time say me fi stay – it never settle right wid me n when me go home me ask me madda how could someone say that without being afraid – ME MADDA SAY LEAVE IT DIS A D BEGININING OF HIS DOWNFALL CAUSE HIM A GO GET A HIGH DE U SEE N DEN DROP RIGHT DOWN A DUTTY….SO MET MET ME KNOW A D SAME TING A GO REACH DIS NO TALENTED SLUT BUCKET {N D FACT SAY ME DID CHEER FI DIS DEMON}

  17. This is exactly what Foolshawna want for us to extend her 15 ‘min of fame talking a bout her vile song. Who could listen to that creepy crap and get turned on? Only she. She illiterate and dark bad. And btw me tiiired of that same hairstyle with. Boring

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