It is your gift and not you that will make room for you
Someone! Anyone! in order for your gift to make room for you, your gift must be on display for it to be recognized. Your gifts are the keys that will release you into your destiny!

God in his infinite wisdom has already conditioned the hearts, sight, and ears of others to search and give special attention to the gifts he has placed in you…… In fact, there is someone, a particular group, a certain organization that is in search of what you have to offer. Please hear me tonight; your wealth, that nice home, a better life for your kids, being debt free and whatever else is all wrapped up in that gift that has been laying dormant in you. Why not take this moment right now and say to the Lord, “Lord please reveal to me the gifts you’ve placed in me and position me at the right places at the right times to display my gifts to the right person or audience that will catapult me as to where you desire me to be at this particular point in my life, in the name of your son and my savior Jesus Christ. Amen!

Sometimes, we become lost and confused as it relates to God’s purpose for our lives, that we completely neglect or misuse the gifts he has invested in us. In such cases we’re unwillingly introduce to a period of hardship and life’s difficulties all in an effort to get us not only back on the right course but more so for us to activate and display the gifts planted within us, for example. The loss of a job, the cut in your pay, the disappointment that relationship has brought you, the constant lack of funds are all sticks of opportunity poking you to exercise or begin operating in the gifts that God has provided you with which will automatically begin the process of opening the right doors for your wealth and your time to shine. Please, it is imperative that we keep at the forefront of our minds and that is, it is our gifts and not ourselves that will make room for us according to Proverbs 18:16. Many have allowed pride and arrogance to intoxicate them to the extent that they have convinced themselves that it is themselves and not the gift that’s creating opportunities for them. Nevertheless, there is a spiritual law that addresses this when folks fall into this category. The law says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” Proverbs 16:18

I don’t know who you are or where you are at this point in your life, however, what I do know is that the assigned folks that God has commissioned to promote and elevate you can only do so when you decide to step out on your God given gifts and talents…… Every gift from God has been accompanied by his hand-picked group (saved and unsaved folks) who may have zero idea of who you are or you knowing who they are but in any event they have been unknowingly spiritually commissioned and program to identify that unique gift in you all in an effort to advance you. In other word they’re looking and seeking for you and don’t even realize it… Wow!

You’re in a financial dilemma because you’re not using your gift, you feel as if you’re going nowhere in life, simply because you insist on not using your gift. You’re not advancing in ministry because you’re too busy imitating your pastor instead of exercising your GOD GIVEN GIFT!

The bottom line is this my friend, your opportunities, favor, financial blessings, dream home, dream car, your kids school tuition, the right connections to advance you to the right people and the right places are all locked away in a spiritual vault waiting on the keys which are your God given gifts! So, at the end of the day you cannot blame anyone but yourself if you continue to activate your gifts which God has given you to assist and bless others while advancing you at the same time.

The Lord said to remind his people, “IT IS YOUR GIFT THAT HE HAS PROMISED WILL MAKE ROOM FOR YOU AND NOT YOU!” Proverbs 18:16.

Written By: Kevin LA Ewing
[email protected]


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