9 thoughts on “TWINNY WHEY DI BED FOOT?

  1. Priorities not straight what a set omg rolling my eyes pass this poppy show gal
    They always put the options first and never the priority then they say people grudge them for what thou non ambition – gal go get a proper bed you dress everyday like dress puss and uncomfortable at home where you spend most of your time I just can’t with these wannabe fake rich folks

  2. The things are all fake or will be brought back to the store mos
    T of them are just fake don’t envy this troll

  3. Dis woman been doing di same
    ting fi years. Dance Dance Dance Dance. No job no ambition fi a woman in har 50’s . Opal is one wukless gal. Fuking shame maan. All she do a pose wid pure Filter pon instagram with her non education ass. All when she talk she cant construct a proper sentence. When video man catch har she a run dem fi somebody weh love pose pon insta. But a true video nuh carry filters why she always a run video man . Well confident pon insta but inna real life yuh well uncomfortable wid yuhself. Oh and you can stop di touch up now it a start look disgusting pon yuh

  4. Is a African boy she buy from, her tings dem fake . She find a boy a florida all shi a look a money fi goh dou sinting else to her body. She worthless is a shame .

  5. Oh God Met tek time wid ar. Mi did have one a dem bed deh to and did affi tek dem off a d wheeled bed frame put a grung. As you tun d bed drive off wid you.

  6. I don’t know this woman and don’t have anything against when she does her videos it seems like she has decent things in her apartment and it looks clean. Even if her clothes is fake she fills them out good. She need not to do anything else with her body. And if she’s in her 50’s is time she settle down with a husband and stay out the club so much.

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