Jamaica losing millions due to industrial relations practices of some Chinese firms
The General Secretary of the Union of Clerical, Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE) says Jamaican workers on construction sites managed by the Chinese have no employment letters and do not receive payslips.

According to Mr. Levy, their salaries are directly deposited to bank accounts bypassing the tax system.

“There is no TRN, there is no NIS. The government is losing hundreds of millions of dollars from these projects because of the non-payment of these statuary deductions,” he argued.

Mr. Levy chastised the government for allowing what he says are breaches of Convention 94 under the International Labour Organisation, to which Jamaica is a signatory.

“That convention speaks to terms and conditions under which government funded projects must be dealt with, international standards in terms of safety and all the relevant rules in terms of remuneration, etc, payslips…and it’s not being followed,” he contended.

The latest industrial relations incident happened on Friday when Jamaican workers employed to China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) mounted another protest.

It was the second time this week that they had taken action against the company to complain about working conditions on the Mandela Highway.

The workers used debris to block the entrance to the CHEC office, demanding that the authorities address their plight.

Up to late Friday afternoon, the more than one hundred employees were still off the job.

RJR News has been informed that the work stoppage will continue on Saturday.


  1. JLP or PNP same BS for the citizens of Jamaica.Nuff people love seh di youth dem nuh waan work but nuh man nuh waan work and at di end a di day him have NOTHING.

  2. The govt nuh care bout dat. Further, when has the Chinese made any deals with any nation that was not 100% in their favor? Black nations are just lame and idiotic, there is not one that can sustain themself without outside assistance in any regard. Dem trust every outsiders and the govts still have a colonial mentality. Regardless of what anybody want to say about Mugabe he was one of the few black leaders who did his thing his way. So JA sell dem soul fi di highway while interior roads are still crap, dem lucky.

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