A Jamaican man who attempted to ship cocaine disguised as deodorant has been arrested by members of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU).

The police report that the 54 year old man went to the post office with several bottles of roll-on deodorant, however, CANU agents, based at the post office found it strange that he was shipping such a low cost product from Guyana.

On closer examination, the agents said although the bottles were labeled as having various scents – they all had the same smell.

When the bottles were opened, the police found over one pound of cocaine .

The man, whose name was not released was arrested immediately.

The police say he could be charged before the end of the week.

The bust was made just hours after the police found more than 175 pounds of cocaine in frozen fish at the Cheddi Jagan Airport that was about to be shipped to New York.


  1. Dem ketching dem by that bag load deze days. All common deodorant that is everywhere dem a try wid. Hope him hab him lawyer money pudding.

  2. I wonder of is this case that I hear bout since week yah, this man name carlton jones they call him cj from central Florida. But I heard he was carrying up some from jamaica and got nabbed at ft Lauderdale airport.. When will greedy people learn, foo go LOOK a werk..and stop run dung hype yu toooo badmine.

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