A Hudson Valley woman was found guilty for stealing the identity of a person from Ohio.
According to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, Between February 20 and February 23, 2014, 29-year-old Simone Barrett Johnson assumed the identity of an Ohio victim to make online purchases and pay bills.
Johnson used the victim’s Marion Community Credit Union Debit Card number to pay for her $181 Time Warner Cable Bill and to purchase shoes from NastyGal.com for $342.
Johnson used the victim’s name and home address in Marion, Ohio, as the billing address for the order while using the victim’s name, but defendant’s Mount Vernon address for shipping.
In Westchester County Court witnesses from Ohio and Kentucky testified against Johnson. Thursday a jury found her guilty of 2nd-degree identity theft, unlawful possession of personal identification information, and petit larceny.
Johnson was remanded to the Westchester County Jail. She faces a maximum of 4 years in person when sentenced on June 15.


  1. Tell you bout them scamma gal an boy ya whey won’t work and scam ppl fi den hard earn money. A Suh mi wah dem ketch dem one by one. Ole jancrow dem. Embarrassing bombo ole dem

  2. Why dem ppl yah won’t stop give di country bad name chu dem so lazy. Wtf is 500 fi go earn? Simple $500 unno a disgrace unno self and get record fah. Unno know most every decent place of employment a run background check now, when unno spwile unno opportunities, wtf unno going to do? Not even fast food wuck some of unno gwine be able to get. Stop fckng up unno future and put unno children in shitty places fi live roun bums cause of unno damn messiness.

  3. I hope she’s a citizen cause any jail time over a year and a day will make her eligible for deportation

  4. If you stupid enough to use stolen credit card information to purchase goods and have the goods shipped to your legitimate address, then you deserve 50-years in Jail. Can someone be this stupid? Also, why pay your cable bill with a stolen credit card. The bill has your name and address.

    This must be PhantomPhoenix daughter or one of her family member.

    1. … go do something wid yu self. Me Na no daughta and me family far from hungry, so criminality couldn’t invade my family genes…World small keep trolling.

      Happy weekend ole pad 😉

  5. Old Sad gal..me nuh wish jail pon no one.. But when you too damn hype and act like u better than people.. Now your the Sad one Bitch… And you don’t even got no papers on top of it.. A now them gonna piss on you. You definitely gonna be praying now, Mona prayed up (Ig name).

  6. Dat fi happen to unnu too damn teef Mi nuh have nuh sympathy fi teef a di lady wah teef di baby milky wah day alone Mi would mek pass an a just cause a baby

  7. She change her name from Mona talk about to Mona prayed up smh anytime they do something like this they love preach on ig and Facebook about pray for them and bare bible quotes no one force unno to do illegal things just because unno love hype and show off do a regular job and save for designer things and get a bag once a year no not them they need it every week .. Mona sashi and unno whole crew record is long for shoplifting and grand larceny but unno is so called hot gal

  8. Omg. Her sister is my friend on fb. Me see the sister post earlier today say pple fi stop send her sister mug shot to her inbox. Me just a put the name together. Her sis name T barrett and then hype usi

  9. Mi nuh feel sorry fi her.. She gwan too hype well know seh a scam she a scam fi wear expensive shoes and clothes..look weh she deh now..they rest a unuh need to go too..all first impress people

  10. Don’t feel sorry for her one bit..just fi hype and wear expensive shoes and clothes. Lucky that’s all da find out because she would b living there in jail..guess it wasn’t worth it now

  11. All a unu dutty people a chat bout give jamaica bad name wtf jamaica done have bad name how unu a sick hood Ina party and a skin out unu dutty hole Ina dance n a wait Pon farrin man fe come mine unu..unu fe gweh n low d gal a hope she straight God bless her n her son..smh how Simone get her self Ina this mon

    1. Let me guess, you are that last piece of shit that just won’t flush, right?

      Try spin roun and guh dung dat sewer, and teck your foolish ideas wid you.

  12. Stop loud up the girl situation .You people big up drug dealers everyday .Nobody loses in this,that money is insured,not endorsing just saying .

    1. Another credit card supporting the f*ckry of another criminal. The money might be refunded, but it takes months and years to sort out the credit damage that these credit card scamming cause. But that doesn’t mean anything to you inbreed losers who prey other other people’s sweat and tears. I hope they caught up with you and your teifing friends eventually. BTW, someone have to eventually pay that insurance premium for coverage of these theft. It is eventually billed back to the average consumer.

  13. What happen to putting down a lil money here an there to buy what u want …because some gal nuh kno the difference between wants and need eno, everything Dem si dem want if a even fi teif fi get it. Meck a big example out a she judge nuff more to come.

  14. Anonymous 2:10 wah yuh mean ‘nobody loses in this’, so her freedom don’t worth anything? The victims money is insured but does this lady have a policy that will ensure her child is taken care of until she gets out of jail? No I yah

  15. Yes Simone is very tacky for this. Bitch don’t have no papers, leaving her son for something so petty. The person she robb only makes $400 a week from her job. SMH, jail throw the key away until the plane is ready to fly her ass back to Jamaica. You should of continued to shoplift on 4th ave but yuh luv the hype.

  16. Uno agwan like she’s the first to do this . Uno come and a bash the gal mek sure none a uno nuh thief are s scamma low di gal mi nuh wish it pon nobody .. Suck uno mumma big up yuh self Mona yuh soon do road

  17. Mona really for $500 then again you are so petty. I hope your frens are there for you now. So the boots me think a your man buy you it that you live with. After Uncle Sam pay your rent and light bill you mean to tell me say you couldn’t afford to pay a cable bill for $200. And you a tek man all live in a house with man shame on you. You forget you still don’t have papers smh. The fact that you pay a bill u stupid. You hype on ppl bout clothes and shoe. You see all the bad things you do to ppl see it comes around a different way. ( I don’t wish jail on nobody). A better you did go sell sum pussy or drugs bcuz u no want work. You Ina competition with ppl a bx that not even a see you. All this time you act like man a mine you. 4 yrs for $500 smh memba say the judge did warn you before so now them tired a you.

  18. Stop play with God. You is such a evil person look at yourself stealing from mothers like yourself. You steal Paris ( in a bk ) debit card then put up the gal pon pink wall you and your man kno that him not taking care of that boy ( him son ) and you think God would of help you out of this when you a steal from single mothers and poor ppl bad blessing a follow you. Ppl like you don’t deserve to have kids only if pink wall kno how wicked and evil you are. You lie to church to get money to pay your rent when government already a pay it and you think God should save you out of this one you wicked. Look how much ppl you do wrong too child you a sick person. I hope God guide and protect your child and show him the right way. I don’t wish bad for nobody. But you is a wicked person. Wait did you pay back the money to your ex fren that bail you, I guess not haven’t seen she post you. Mek me go fass pon her pg too.

  19. Why are people upset over other peoples white collar crime habits?
    Be upset over drug dealing ,gun smuggling.Hope she gets out and can do better.

  20. This is so shameful and petty, y go to jail for monkey money ,yu mean to tell me shi couldnt asks a man to pay har bill, look ow long mona in a foreign ,all she do a thief, she no serve no purpose here, so if dem dip a one less problem in america , look ow she fool a fraud and mak dem track it lol..dem girl here lov hype dats y she go out har way, now she gone prison leave har son..after she do time she a get dip..a me like she if dem give me bail me jus run way ..boy mona your case sad bad..no ambition

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  22. Mona a sell front,scam and tief from long time bout she live wid man whey ah mine har bitch Liessss. Mona you need to stop fronting for the gram and fb. All she do ah show off pon line wid har stolen name brand clothes and shoes but it just whala back pon har.She a hype evil gyal God nuh like ugly.

  23. Usually the scammers and coco girls are the hypest. Cause true the items dem get is free and the coco money tall them love hype.

    Dem gwan like people cant get those things. I have well over $5,000 right now to buy dress, bag, and shoes. For what? to impress fools? Please, bills have to pay savings haffi gwan for the family.

    She ah idiot fi gwan ah jail fi that little bit of money. People who are use to things dont need show off their things to the world. Show off papers aka citizenship, college degree, engagement ring because those are milestones.

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  31. If mi read the word “Wash up ” again u so dwfl and on a serious note ” is there something wrong with sending your child/ children to public school??? Because I sure did send mines to…. from pre k to high school and now he’s in Colledge got accepted to all Colledge’s he applied to.Such mi waan kno kmdt.

  32. No needleye public school is perfectly fine.. But when u up thousands of money giving man for shoes and clothes.. From state to sell a pussy and a carry drugs in ur pussy for man… With all that money ur child should be in private school.. The 1000 that she give him the other day to buy Loubs could pay for 2 months a private.. Get what I’m saying…
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  33. The two of you arguing back and forth needs Jamal! You both are disgusting and needs a life and something to do! Listen to the both of you? It’s all about who can buy what! Yet the two a Unu dunce as fu*k!!

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  36. Me know marsha and mona and to be honest ,mona eva a tell me say she admire marsha cause she on her grind. .a gal weh ever look it plus she do her nursing and run her shop business, if she couldnt maintain it ,it shut dwn long time,,mona and marsha no chat over the bail money that a true..but anybody woulda vex , cause mona was to pay bk the gal, me and mona use to par before she and marsha, mona is a f**k up gal and everybody know

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