Ok see the 7 top begga them yah!!!!! No matter how old you be , no matter how bad you look, no matter how bad you sharp!!! Once yuh Deh Farin and can send money or buy clothes Fi them yuh can get hype from them boy yah dancehall hoe them!!! Them will give you the biggest hype pon Facebook and Instagram but yuh affi pay fah! Sh*t them will all marry yuh tattoo yuh name pon yuh but a your money affi spend thou!!! Unno woman overseas need help cause it look like man dun pon unno a Farin so unno come Jamaica come look the young boy them! mine , clothes and feed them then tun round bawl when unno hear say them deh Jamaica a Gwan with the things them f**k yall expected???? Unno money only a pay Fi the hype on the internet and when unno come yah it nah pay Fi the boy them stop f**k after unno nuh look good a just unno money a red the boy them eyeB1-Optimized








  1. people a jamaica fool most woman who use their services give them less than hundred buks… have some fun cover up f**k go home destress.. no biggie.. doub hem even a think bout them till nextt sort out due thats all these likky likky Jamaican boy worth same way a farrin nuh yaad one…the script flip the way them cheap them a work all hour lick suck wash anything fi a fake name brand.. girl the joke is on them

  2. i have a likkle one adul age of course that drive me round go shop fi me fix my house ec et think he pimpin but pity him nuh know him nah see farrin thru meeee. cheaper than renting car or paying driver and him protect me him and him crew..All for less than a hundred US in cheap fake name brand I buy from China… Mi rass fly cant pitch pon me… Me cover it up and take the strong fuk cause mi nah lie him bad nuh fcuk..do wha mi husband nah do or cant do ..Anyway im a better and happer wife because of my litle man who a use me lmao

    1. It look suh fi true pepper cauz mi see 1 country bumkin pan it back in d days d way how that deh bwoy deh did rusty not even d spot weh d gal dem piss him never use to 7 know him all mek list a nyam out woman bwoy d tables really turn fi him sah, him knock off some a d rust & polish up him self likkle deh doah, him nuh look 10 bad compare to back in d days :ngakak Suh smaddy really mek shizzle a trick dem & nyam dem out :nerd

  3. They all look tough, dunce and ugly. Let them beg and I hope them get wey dem beg because only a low self esteem woman tek up money and gi man. If yuh find a damn fool, use it.

  4. Oh pls senda, not 1 of them say wow, dem say fish….who a merica, ago tek dem hard earn money mind them..pls..if u mek dem trick u,senda u need help…

  5. some low life really commenting today but do wah you husband nah do and fly can’t pitch on you bet you ugly nuh rass when unuh need attention unuh run to ja but putty u nuh know say the man have 10 a you low life just nuh carry the disease web u get go go you husband nastiness

  6. Jimbo fresh must mek the list cause him married and the gal not looking pon him, since she find out him hobby him ever a look woman a foreign fi clothes and feed him.ikel marvelous a regular thing that fi him.the list short a some more beggers

    1. Jimbo fresh talent is fi find and beg farrin gal. Wah happen to the wife who used to come dung a Dunkirk come check him? She stop the filing cuz how mi nuh reach Merrika yet? Like him fren Inchie Fresh, yuh see how inchie find farrin wife and dem come dung and keep dance and fly back. Jimbo how you feel, cuz a yuh teach inchie di beg gal ropes and him gone a lead.

  7. black knight you sound hurt a mus your son mi a use or your brother or maybe your husband .. poor ting a nuh my fault yuh cant even pay fi get fuk

  8. I met suh sick (he one with the colorful hair) a few years ago at a party when I flew down to Jamaica. I gave him my number and the boy don’t stop what’s app me begging. I didn’t go on my vacation to find man but this boy just very aggressive. I had to block him because he wouldn’t stop. From what I’ve heard all he does is beg and f**k old woman for things

  9. Yes my lady di bwoy dem a Jamaica buddy tun all the fu@&ing way up. Some big trang ting, I wonda at times if it is a genetic mutation. But it is a genetic mutation I can get behind, pon di side and infront of. Lol but you do me one betta cuz I don’t buy dem nuttten.

  10. This little boys making it a habit a job by sending women messages on facebook telling dem bout they look good and dem like em etc… Any time I get messages from these boys dem a jamaica I always shut dem down real quick fast and hurry… I’m not looking and I don’t want so try that sh*t with someone else whose looking for someone to sweet dem up… Some of these little boy dem think that the say some sweet things and that gets de gal dem everytime, not everyone women have fool written pon dem forehead… I shut dem down real quick and a hurry but some is really go hard to wear I have to be rude and tell dem for the last time I’m not interested…. Smdh

  11. unuh missing few a dem off di list lol all di dancers boy dem same shit dem do like di one name crazy hype

  12. A six me count an if mi a lef farin com look man a Jamaica dem deh sinting deh nuh redy yet. To each his own and let mi put it strait man nuh done a farin.

  13. A long time jimbo a begga him beg dwn di whole a farin fi money an credit ..caz him a look mi fren an tell mi fren a him an har when him come a farin!! shi SEH him beg to much an him seh him only married fi papers yuh nuh si a scum dat mi wau know dat DEH wife shi mussi duppy !!mi kno good looks man DEH a farin a wah dat she pic up a top begga man muss a begg him batty ..

  14. A long time jimbo a begga him beg dwn di whole a farin fi money an credit .. him a look mi fren an tell mi fren a him an ar when him come a farin!! shi SEH him beg to much him seh him only married fi papers yuh nuh si a scum dat mi wau know dat DEh wife shi mussi duppy !!mi kno good looks man DEh a farin him look bawki nuh rass a wah dat she pic up a top begga ,man muss a begg

    Dem batty ..

  15. Only 1 mi know & is pic #5 & him go by d name DJ Mental. This shocking bad!!!!!! Mi cant believe seh dem yah hypeeeee bwoy yah weh gwaan like dem work hard fi dem things & a dont mean bed wuk or lippings & nyamings; mek woman a mine dem, hyper than dem yuh cant find. My word!!!!!What a peice a revelation!!!!

  16. Sender it seem dem man ya f**k u an trick u an it amaze me how we like to bring dwn each other ppl on here quick 2 judge most time ppl sen in stuff on ppl is because ther r miserable with themself r hating

  17. No sah! It really look like man a farrin done can me really wah no if woman could a really leave farrin Fi look dem man yah? None a dem cah mek 1. Dem look horrible. Who much over weight, bleach out, and who nuh bleach out, hard Fi look pan!

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