<<<< attention this bitch who work at AIR CANADA EMPLOYEE TIEF $2610 AND HIDING FROM ME GOD NOT SLEEPING I'm not the only person try to rob after speaking with others she scam me bout she's is booking my tickets for my self and my families buddy pass { 9 people } and take us down from Toronto to Kingston Jamaica pls be aware everyone she's a wicked tief with her 5 hungry belly pickney dem she clean plane at the airport bout she's a manager. ..kmt 11099793_10155433038600077_1949694088_n


  1. OMG! Where did they get her work picture from? I feel it and is not me.

    Lady return di ppl dem money. Public embarrassment is not a good ting, not a good look at all.

  2. She clean up nicely though. Lady please pay back di people dem there money, nuh loose u little janitor work over 2grand.

  3. Sender, :ngakak mi nuh wrong yuh fi put har pon spotlight. But yuh knoe mi neva knoe seh ah suh buddy pass expensive….ah likkle under $300 per pass she tek pay fah. Next time nuh badda mention di children dem…jus cuss har wid har scam artist self. Har janitor vest tun up doe :ngakak

  4. She look like eve inna har frock, nice up she ah nice and cleen up. Next time look expedia or travelocity for yuh traveling needs.

  5. Sdyney still a tief the ppl dem money, a just last year dem report har ass to air canada. She dnt learn. The amount a ppl she scam ita not even funny. She go gwan till dem f**k har up. Likkle st vincent gal a gwan like she jamaica. Tiefing gal a nuff ppl a look fi har fi di same thing

  6. U all need to call air canada and report her ass. She’s on watch cause they keep getting reports abt her. Full time now she get wats coming to her

  7. She is a scammer her name is Sydney Goodman aka Sydney Stewart that’s all she do is scam people and when di kitchen get to hot she pick up her self and move Naw thrust dem gal Yea mon she will rob u and her own family blind belive dat.

  8. I’m sorry but she wouldn’t have a job if I know where she work!! The amount a call I would mek har bumbo buss!!! Pardner is another way of thiefing people money

  9. Sender u need to go to Terminal 1. Second floor and find the grooming office and report her ass. She has done this to too many ppl now. She was jus reported last yeqr for the samething and all she got was a suspension. But the bitch didnt learn. Sad to say a ppl hard earn money she a play around wit. I can give so many names of pol she defraud and hiding out. Sydney ur day shall come.

  10. Sidoney is saying that this case is from 2014 and she returned the money for those tickets
    Any ways she work for Air canada CEQ
    At 3111 convair dr. Mississauga
    You can contact the office at (905) 612-2039 her manager or [email protected]
    In any employees have passes as a privilege they don’t own them
    My father work at the same department

  11. Sidoney Goodman – IS A THIEVING, LYING, CROOKED SCAM ARTIST and will eventually get her just deserts – people like that cannot prosper and time is longer than rope

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