This guy is a hitman, he went to prison for gun, served 3 years and returned to Llandilo phase 6 last year, since then he has killed many. He is the hitman for a well known group of scammers in Llandilo phase 6. The 4 guns that were seized by the police in that area last year belong to these guys.


A man narrowly escaped death, after the police allegedly foiled an attempt by armed men to execute and bury him, in a grave they were digging in Llandilo, Westmoreland on Sunday.

The police also reportedly seized four illegal guns including a high-powered weapon during the operation.

Reports from the police are that shortly after 1 p.m., they acted on a tip that gunmen had been seen in bushes in the community.

The report further claims, that when they went to the area they were fired on and men were seen running from the bushes.

The cops later accosted and held six males, including a teenager, reportedly 13 years old.

It’s reported that the men were in the process of digging a grave for a man they were about to kill; however, their intended victim managed to escape.

During a subsequent search of the area, four firearms, including an unidentified rifle, a M16 rifle and a 9 millimeter gun were seized.

This brings to ten the number of illegal firearms seized by the police in a 36 hour span, adding to the six that were found in Rosemount, St. James, on Saturday.
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The killer’s name is Romeo Lindo, he is a rasta, his left or right hand is chopped off at the wrist, this ocurred some years ago in Flankers, St. James. His latest is Karl Lefever o/c Billy of Llandilo phase 5, this murder occured infront a brother and a cousin, the cousin held on to him after he shot Billy and was wrestling with him for a while, but ran off because another man was in the getaway car and he was fearful that he too was armed.
The case is being investigated by Detective Woman Corporal Evans at the Savlamar CIB…. the number is 955 2758


  1. Met mi love u…u expose the real frauds weh a try live fake lives. Tina Chin badmind…she is a blogger that exposes people and cussing you…the pot a call the kettle black. Jealousy is one hell of a thing.

    Keeping giving us the truth!! Goodnight and one love.

    1. And I don’t see it never. Mi discuss people and places mi never discuss animals yet pan JMG and mi nah go start so that one have to find a zoo or some habitat go ina and try evolve then mi will see it ..

      night oo :kiss

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  2. Kmt morning met,I love your page…you have a variety of topics on here.Some folks just get involved in what dem want get involved with.You are doing a wonderful job & am proud of you!Every Sunday morning I know I can count on some kind of inspiration or something from the bible.Wich I hardly see anyone commenting on…but anyway hun keep up the good work!

  3. A who a try style you mum?..A wonder hef dem know say some big long ting we shub out pon dem.dem not even know say a you a protect dem little life and dem no know.

  4. Please ignore her the time she a use her energy n time to fight gainst you, she try to use that time n energy to be with her kids for the time lost while she did dey jail.

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    1. 13 she a gwaan so from before and u know that..ah one a di biggest liars di www has ever seen yow …think mi cudda come from prison n a study lie fi tell pan people and mi have pickney whey mi did miss kmt :travel

  6. Dem suh blasted wicked dat all wid one hand dem still a kill. This says a lot bout di state of humanity when all di lame and maim eena evil sed way.

  7. Yow when me read bout this yah one hand hittist, me laff till me nearly kin ova. A so me know say a pure joker leff a yard trust me.

  8. Met, keep up the good work. I am a lawyer and everyday I read the gleaner, the observer and the pink walls. People wonder how I am always on the pulse of everything…lol. I have been reading your posts for years.

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