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Yesterday at 12:31am ยท
This man was shot four time by gun man who rob him of his car.. two police officers were passing moment after he was shot we beg them to take him to the hospital they refuse…. i stood their in shock still cant understand y they would refuse to take him.. in the service car… to the hospital.. i want the commissioner to know what happened… he was taken by a citizen in his private car to the sav Lamar hospital..

12 thoughts on “JCF DISGRACE

  1. These are the people who should serve and protect the citizens? Is it a breach of protocol to not take him in their vehicle?

  2. Long time this disgrace a gwaan. Remove them from the public trough.
    There will be no discipline. You will hear they were on their way to another emergency call. Happens daily. Waste of taxpayer dollars.

  3. A so dem dutty police deh stay! Dem nuh wah blood up “dem car”. Smfh. This really hurts

  4. If dem did tek him and dem video him a bump him head going into the vehicle INDECOM would a investigate. We need EMS vehicles.

  5. Regular occurrence in Jamaica. They probably all have meetings that delegate how to handle these situations, and they are doing exactly as they are told.

  6. Met this is a regular thing, i remember in 2011/2012 i was jogging on morning on the palisodoes from h/view to the light house and back…there was on accident at CMI gate, a student going to saturday class crashed into a truck…the police were on patrol in the area came on the scene in minutes and also refused to take the man to the hospital.

    After about 30 mins it was a student from cmi who had to take this guy to the hospital but doctors said they waited too long.

    the boy who took the man to the hospital both his mother and father are lawyers and he made sure that those police lost their jobs.

  7. What happen to ambulances ??? We cant afford them ?? Cuz picking up an injured person like that can cause serious damages, rightfully u nuh fi jus do that suh. From the JCapri video mi a watch an a seh even if she did live she goodly paralyzed cuz a di way how dem a tek har up rough and a put her down back

  8. Smh, another sad case and it needs to remedied. Same way (I may have mentioned before)a man was crossing Constant Spring road when a vehicle ran the light and plowed him over. I’m screaming for a phone to dial “911” and the rest of the people were like “no baby, we haffi rush him down a KPH. Call ambulance now, dem nah come til’ a mawnin’ dat a if dem even bodda.”



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