1. This mother want a f**king box..stop expllloiting the f**king kids and go get a job bitch.. And them dont sound good either keep them in schoo so they dont end up ike dem wutiss wicked father…I hate triffling ass bitches that use kids….RRRRRRRRRRR

  2. This mussi part a di therapy process plus dem haffi start mek money yah now fi help pay dem father appeal case or di madda oman whicheva one needed di mos’

  3. from di 15 secs weh mi juss hear, dem sound good fi two likkle kids.

    but i still will not change my stance that they belong in school and should be encouraged to stay in school and concentrate on being successful academically, something that eluded both their parents.

    1. anyway …………………………Lundun mawnin…………………dat a if a dem a sing…………….now weh dem a big up di fada and weh dem a tlk bout money fah???
      I thought they were intelligent enough to know what they want to sing bout….and I find it disturbing to hear children refer to their father as “world boss” and praising him for things that all fathers do ….obviously they are being pushed……….mi expect dem fi seh dem miss dem daddy …………………I guess they were dramatized

      1. disgraceful….this is supposed to be a traumatic time for these kids..wtf??…or probably dem nuh know him dat well, so him fifty years nuh badda dem!!!..

        1. a who tell yu?/ dem only see him four times fi di month …so dem a call dem daddy world boss…….dem supposed to know him as daddy

      2. Boom! “praising him for things that all fathers do”. The cycle of narcissism continues. Noting more than these kids and Shawty a vie for competition from kartel’s other kids who will come out of the shadows and replace these kids in their father’s “affections” lest they not dance to his tune.
        A narcissistic parent ONLY loves their children in accordance to how the children make them look. A narcissistic parent ALWAYS encourages sibling rivalry by setting up their children in teams of “golden Child/ren and scapegoat child/ren”.
        These kids are the “golden children” until they (if they ever do) gain an identity that is their own (if dem nuh coward). Then their father will do the best to sabotage them and the discard them.
        I speak as the scapegoat child. I thank God I wasn’t the Golden child…They suffer from the delusion that the parent/s love them more, but in fact they are the children that are most controlled ( unless the scapegoat child continues running back to the disordered parent/s looking for acceptance).
        In The Palmer family case. nobody, including the scapegoat child of a vice principal sister, the Golden child kartel isn’t prepared to deal with the root of the problem….. GRANNY PALMER!
        Generational curse in this family because I can’t spot one smaddy who isn’t a moral coward.

      3. real u si true a two likkle pickney, who obviously neva write dem own lyrics and are being lead to sing what an adult presented them with, i will not comment on the lyrics as it comes out of their mouths.

        but u si dat gal name shorty and di dutty battyman weh a help har push di pickney dem down dis path…FYAH!!!!! fi di ole scrummage dem.

        1. mi dear mah..di bible seh even a child is known by his deeds….so when u a grow u wi hear ppl seh…yu si da little gal deh…..shi very feisty” or she is a quiet child……I see the pattern from the facebook page of the aunt from the words of these children ………………..EVERYBODY DID JUS WANNA BE RICH …..DATS Y KARTEL DID FEEL SEH UPTOWN A HEAVEN………..HIM GO BUY WAH OL HOUSE A NORBROOK………………..

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