1. yea I think I heard that she use to work at scotia…don’t know which branch though….think I heard that she left the work for bolt,lol

  2. When I seen bolt snap I had said the same thing how come she ain’t at the opening but instead she’s on snap addressing ppl asking her about where she got her shit loooool what a stress……miss lady I hope to god that ur bank book fat with all that u gotta endorse and if u and bolt finally breakup all 10yrs later u still living off him because only God got that answer for u child.

  3. But it look like the person who send this in build a snap chat account specifically fi watch the girls who are always on here, damn that’s dedication.

  4. maybe she is nursing the sun burns she sustained while she was on her baecay. or maybe she nuh know fi use the new GPS in her new whip and it sent her to another location, so instead of her going to Ochi she ended up in JA, or maybe. . . the possibilities are endless

  5. Ppl the girl have a life I follow her on snap and it’s obvious she is back in school, somewhere a lot of us need to revisit!!!

    1. Dan STFU no family function after 3 years. WTF is that. Most people married by that time and you still no de way mommy de. GTFOH no rio no London no opening. So all she good fa is f**k on sponsor trip. I can tell these so call uptown people don’t represent for Jamaica. Cause a we say family first. ESPECIALLY US KUNTRY PEOPLE.

    2. A one shrink couch shi shoulda a visit bout school. Why shi a go school if shi nah put ar edumacation to use? Kasi cyan go weh Insane Bolt madda deh an it stop desso.

    3. Ochi is only 1.5 hours away and to how Jamaicans drive maybe all 45 minutes she would a reach. She could have made it there and back in time for class. Again she missed another important moment/event in her “Man” life.

  6. Why is the 1st lady Kasi missing from important events. She wasn’t in Rio and she wasn’t at the launch. For all those who keep cheering her along, I guess you will say it’s personal decision. That maybe true but how many of you would accept been on the back page of a relationship when a man tells the world that you are 1st lady??????????? :cd

  7. Kasi is a big fool if she sits there and watch usian build himself, and not even a do something for herself. Kasi opening shop to sell clothes nah cut it. Kasi wukliss bad bad. And fool

  8. God unno left the gal let she breath no, wtf is she Usain’s tail or him handbag? She no need to deh every weh him deh. Feh unno start say a watch she a watch the man cocky…….she had her turn smh

  9. Especially after all the previous speculation it would have been a good look to take her. I guess she is the First Lady in the harem only but def not marriage/wifey status.

  10. Mi nah lie more while mi tell my man seh mi cya bada jus gwan widout me and him straight up feel bad cuz him really want me there, it makes me feel good. And guess what its so deep that even if he says stay and I show up as a surprise he wont be upset with me. When these 2 get to this point then ill start paying them mind again, until then, the bitch is wack !!

  11. Dwrl, u missing the point. Y would a 1st lady be missing from all the important gatherings? Side chick would be understandable but 1st lady, hell no. This so called laya a real ediat.

  12. Woi unno rough sah lol…maybe she had a previous engagement? Lol what I thought was funny in one of him snaps where him mention “stalker” nobody never see di white girl inna di lef hand corner ah stare him down lol look like she want piece tru seh she know him easy and clearly don’t have standards :cystg

    1. He said stalkerS. He was talking about the photographers there which he had to have invited otherwise he could have had security or police escort them away.

  13. likkle buddy and boring sex. Him can share anytime. Dem very boring and someone can’t give him a soap fi wash him face – metasol bleach or it just mek yuh face cool ? I swear it better fi just focus on his success as a runner because every time mi think how this big giant have a small wutless buddy mi upset ! Like everybody did think Jamaican men are all good in bed and 1 sell front gyal just f*ck up standard

  14. People Kasi is not allowed at certain functions. That is the rule! She has never been to any christmas family function or anything like that for his Fam but bolt go old harbor every now and then. When bolt have christmas parties and so at his house she is not allowed to come! Bolt set rules and Kasi has to follow them. That is how they operate!

  15. He’s so ghetto and tacky, why him have on that button down shirt and a baseball hat? Kasi nuh go cause she know him embarrassing and nuff and she tired of the tinken mouth and cheesy toes

  16. Kasi have everything that nobady nuh kno bout. if she really do, tell her to keep it quiet because anyone with a primary school education is smarter than her. man treat her like side chick,choose when she can par with him, she misses all the top functions and smile when gully bolt say she is 1st lady. man come back a jamaica after sticking his tongue an likkle buddy in all these strange women n just pack her up n gone on exotic vacation. no check up…just jump wid gully bolt pan plane and gone. when ppl a try tell her fi wake up she give her favorite reply on periscope..suck unu mumma.

  17. which other jamaican woman apart from kasi would be wid a multi millionaire and nuh have har own house and nice vehicle. an proud fi a tell pppl say she buy all har stuff from asos. ur fist lady so wha happen to the designer clothes. how u nuh deh a club opening. kasi whell and come again. bolt treating u like trash and ppl will continue to ridicule u

  18. Maybe they want their relationship to be discreet or maybe Kasi likes to lay low just to keep people talking. We know nothing of what goes on behind closed doors. He liked her enough to take her on an exclusive break where he also shared the experience he had with her on his IG page. I see nothing wrong with her not being there.

    1. You see nothing wrong? How would you feel to be left out of every important function where family is involved? To say you are the man right-out woman but don’t know a man’s family? To be dating years and he never spends his birthday with you? You telling us you see nothing wrong with that?

      Or is it because it’s Bolt she should take anything she gets?

  19. I would feel a way if my mother in law nuh count me. As a first lady i should be with the mother in law celebrating the opening, a duppy bat gyal dat……… kasi duppy bat b.

  20. Gabriela I don’t want to be rude but you blind or what?! If bolt tell kasi to f**k off , to you it would mean” let’s take a break darling”. Gabriela I know u must be smarter than this. Come on man , cut the Shit!

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