Duty chanae Weh leave yu baby and Guh Ja guh mine man and Nuh stop a post bout she miss her baby before she guh up to her son and give him her money Sha mine man Weh can look a job , Gyal still a mine man ? Wicked Mada all when your son grow him must hate you ….. Stop mine the man and leave the man to his wife wicked freaky gyal .



  1. Is a dunce send in this
    Met need fi reject some a unnu when a send in post cause unnu dunce bad.
    I don’t understand half of what’s said right here.
    Why when unnu arguing with people u guys bring them child in it. The baby is so innocent , have some respect if unnu self and for the kids man. Stop bringing the innocent babies into unu dirty argument. Deal with the mother if unu a deal with her .it don’t sound good

  2. Sender go get a life …. Clearly this girl a mad yuh. She seems to be giving u sleepless nights me never know u owned America make u so anxious for she to go home to ja. Cause even if she go home mind you your husband still have to send off her remittance so give the girl a break …

  3. Even meka get your life together love hype and threw word and you is a wife and cant keep you man home yall weak f**k u

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