Good day met. For some reason I cant comment on your wall so mi affi send in da one ya.

I never know seh a so people shallow. Kasi face a fool everybody mek dem feel like she a smaddy.

Kasi is just a trained dog. Di money sweet har so anything Bolt seh fi do she affi do it because she nuh waaa get push down pon the list a gyal dem weh bolt a f**k.

Now look good into this met.

1) Bolt was publicly in a relationship with this American model which officially ended in 2015. Di girl seh she leff bolt because him want 3 some and all these things. Dr Honorable Usain Bolt seh him and Kasi deh fi over 2 years in his interview on profile. That simply mean seh she a fk the man knowing that other women were in the picture and she dont care because her eyes are on the prize.

Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame
Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame

2) The fool fool people dem a seh Bolt diss har. A pity dem nuh know seh she a bigger freak than Bolt. A she look the gal dem weh fi come inna di bed wid dem.
Kasi stay just like Deanee (Mi love you Deanne cause you naaa hide)

3) Kasi you feel like seh pple nuh know bout itsrichway ? Yes , you and har and bolt. Woiiii . I caaa manage. Now this girl come from Barbican/ Grantspen . And she nuh have it certain way. A bolt top up har credit. But at least she know weh fi do wid money. Bolt follows her and if you look u see she n Kasi very chummy. Cause itsrichway inna di mix 2.

4) Kasi damn lucky. She all giving fake info to media and a seh a bolt sister because she dont like the girl. Kasi love gwaan like she better than people.
A mizican or whatever she name bolt family like but bolt nuh want she cause him love the freakiness.

Kasi is so selfish. She drove a lot of traffic to her IG page using SEO and other marketing strategies. Tell me something Kasi. All a di mixup came out on Usain birthday in the night. You a rail up and a talk bout “mi babbbbbbbyyyyyyy” Why didn’t you also wish him happy birthday eeh gyal? You should have been the first since you have been so vocal and you are out there now.

You a talk bout self control? Just wait man. You soon explode because you are a brat that loves her way and when you cant get that the crazy will come out.

tick tock tick tock


  1. Ah wa do unu low life gyal..uno muma r pupa better..its apart off jamaican culture where mens father kid from different woman

    1. And it is obviously a culture and norm that you accept and endorse. This mentality is what keeps us behind. Too many children are fatherless. A father is suppose to provide and protect for his children and his home. How many kids have to go to bed hungry or steal food because the father is not around? How may children have to grow up without the proper guidance of a father figure? How many young girls go seeking love from men because they do not know what a father’s love is?

      You my dear is apart of the paramount problem within our culture. If you are not apart of the solution then you are apart of the problem.

  2. GM Met & Metters, only surprise here its itsrichway being a part of the threesome wid them, thought its was old men she liked? So is only top Bolt top up har credit? dats all she get fi her hard workings in the superstar bed?

  3. nothing more than a itsrichway send this in because she want followers smh, she saw how kasi followers went sky high…… followers cant feed you little girl!!!!!! cause she swear she a celebrity!!!!!

  4. Met, some of us are new to the site and don’t speak patois. Can you start translating your original posts please and thank you. :repost: :berduka

    cool site

    1. Good morning, I am sorry you cant understand but I doubt I would be able to translate my prior posts. Patois is a colorful, funny and beautiful language, it is not as entertaining using English

      1. Aunty u really respond?? :marah wen dem peers a chat patois dem naa ask for no damn translation! Dem love run come ova yuh come try and dictate too much! Kmt

          1. Dem neva rude Metty, but dem dyam arrogant fi put in such a request. How dem mean fi show up ah smady yard and ah request fi change di layout ah di menu??? Pretty soon dem ah guh have issues wid di Pink pon di Wall. Listen, unno nuh come back wid dem request dere eno..kmt cho

    2. Mek mi help you baby ( I will help you)

      1) Bolt dated someone official while he was with Kasi. It ended in 2015. The girl left because he wanted to 3sums. Bolt told a popular interviewer in Jamaica that he was in a relationship for 2 years. This was back in January of this year. Kasi knows about other women and she doesn’t care.

      2) Dumb people say Usain disrespects Kasi with his side pieces but they are the bigger fool because Kasi is a swinger. She seeks other girls like another popular Jamaican public figure’s wife. Except that wife let’s it be known while Kasi pretends she is a goody two shoes.

      3) Kasi, we know about itsrichway (Jamaican Instagram thot) but you think we don’t know. OMG, I’m dead. “itsrichway” is not from the best area so she does not have money like that. Usain pays her phone bills. She uses her money constructively. Kasi and her are very chummy on social media platforms.

      4) Kasi I pity you/Kasi I write you off. She put out the info to the media and pretend to be Bolt’s sister. She does not like Bolt’s sister. She loves to act like she is better than people. Bolt’s family loves the ex Mizican but he does not want her because she is not a freak.
      God know , this post easy fi understand. It’s one of the most “englisheddd” ones up here lol.

    3. it wouldn’t be up to Met to translate, it would be up to the senders and commenters to write in “standard English,” since most people who frequent this site are from the Caribbean diaspora we write in a language we understand, if we were to write in S.E. I think most things would be lost in translation, in patois there is a certain color(as Met said) and flavor to the language that wouldn’t be the same in S.E. good luck, and come again, it nice ova yah suh.

    4. KMT What are you doing on a Jamaican news site if you have no interest in learning Patois? How dare you ask MET to translate all of her posts, cho! Smh

  5. Alot of women will do what ever it takes to make her man Happy.. So if that’s what she wants, Who are you to be judging her. Leave d people dem..ur sound very very jealous.. #stophating

    1. You know, whenever you people come over to a GOSSIP site a come preach stop hating, and judging mi just can’t understand. WTF are you even doing here? Sip the tea and move the hell on or just stop coming here because we nah stop.

    1. U rite, one ugly pig nose pickney whe thank God fi makeup and the likle money she a whore fah. So young and a sel her soul fi IG Fame

      1. mi she mi click pon on of her pic an see someone write,”i’m ur biggest fan.” mi waan know fan of wat? one bag of makeup, filters, and cheap clothes? wat are these ppl looking up to these days?

  6. It’srichrush this bitch look dead stamp a alkaline KASI I thought u were better than that bruh .. Desperation and isn’t she too young to be in bed with you and usain these type of relationships never last ! Smh if u can’t stand your ground and let the man know he must respect you he never will ! I was told men never wife up the women who gives the threesomes .. I’m not sure how true that is but I heard men look at their wives in a pure way.. Idk I’ve fallen victim to this same thing in the past been w a major drug dealer who always wanted threesomes I would give him all kind of girls diff girls every weekend … He would spoil me like a princess but did he have other women ? Getting other threesomes ? Yes he was .. We still together? HELL NO u know why me did a mad secretly .. I was doing it to plz him ruining a few friendships to plz this egotistical man … IT NEVER WORKS OUT ! Trust me KASI ME KNOW U A DEAD u just a try save face cut the shit and u look like miss piggy

  7. Bolt was not in any relationship with the model.If is what I read in the Sun you guys are calling a relationship something really wrong with unnuh.
    They meet three times in three years and unnuh call that relationship?
    Twice it was accidentally. There only one arranged meeting?

  8. Leave the woman alone , the people dem Weh a chat her so is her same friend dem unuh bad mind di gal becuz unuh want har man …. Bitchez like unuh sad lonely and bruk KMT.

  9. So how it go innna 3sums? U (main girl) haffi eat d nex girl cooch too? or u watch him fux har? Both a dem lie down and him jucks one then switch and juck d odda? If him eat, u-main girl haffi watch him eat out d nex girl cooch?
    Lawks onnoo young people stumuck trang

  10. Somehow this post explain nuff likkle things mi did notice! Sender I don’t disbelieve you!

    Keep it coming! :thumbup

  11. I will be here sitting and waiting on Rochelle….itsrichrush to come comment over here in 3..2…1 watch, she loves when her name is mentioned over here and lives for the attention. Don’t mind she is busy on one of her escorting paid vacation as we type and sip tea!!!!

  12. Yuh know say from dis ting stawt mi neva yet go pan kasi page go look yet.. But sure enough Dis mawning mi go look pan ig an mi pass har profile mi just click see fewer post like these. Hey gal kasi Yuh marketing strategies naw pull nuh strings ova yasso.. Mi nuh falla ppl much less ediot ppl lol a wah dis.

  13. That itsrichrush chick is mad ugly fam lol. I scrolled and scrolled down har IG fi find a cute pic & a pure ugly pic a pop up mi just hurry up and come off a har page cuz she nuh cute one bit. My girl delete di very last pic pon yuh IG cuz it ugly bad no joke

  14. I won’t even hide my name lol. For you guys information kasi and I are just social friends, unu bitter and envious nuh bloodclat. Met it’s 2016 and u still can’t find nothin better fi do all when tony matterhorn light u up.. U still a post people business. What if me a sell? Nuh my pussy? Nuff a unu big and sour nuh bloodclat and no man no want unu. Leave me alone man and leave people business alone. Unu miserable and hungry like. But while unu over here killing up unuh self am on my escort paid vacation like what that girl said lol. Follow my business page on iiG @richway

    1. Matterhorn light me up?? Maybe if mi did feel dah light up deh mi wudda shift up so dat light up need a redo. If man want you then you dont have to sell anything chile and dont come over here come advertise since things so good wid your selling

      1. :ultah :bola :salahkamar :ketupat ,pp,g,sweet,needleye,mifedup,cindy,wrappie,simplicity,bammy this want more ppl yanow,max,heavyd,spoon,latty…no sah!!forward yawdy4life

        1. RaaaĆ s mi bredda mi deh yaaa! Yardieee! A when since women proud to seh dem a sell pussy? Lilly gyal u naaave nuttn bout yuh! Can imagine the amount of yeast u ketch fi every year!

      2. Mi did tell unnu sey the fly was going to come pitch pon the wall, what a way this topic mek she loose her cool so. Likkle girl why yuh not in school by the way, never mind the question cah a see the whole a unnu think that unnu agoo young forever!!!!!!!

        1. She fi stay young fi eva cause god bless that nose when ole age lick it!

          I Neva see data type a nose yet!!!

          Then it go have mole and earring…no Sah…never

      3. No Yardie. The poor thing used Matterhorn to vindicate herself smh. Not touching her because clearly she has no clue. When I think of the amount a dunnings Matterhorn used to get roun ere – she needs to be glad we mello now & that’s why he’s no longer a topic more than suh & she won’t be either….well unless a juicy file get sent in about her. Plus Met answered her perfectly – no selling roun here!

    2. Girl, you are one proud slut fi true. Me see you page and not an ounce a shame mark pon you.

      You look like you tek man and dog. You are the ultimate likkle black whore fi de ole nasty white man dem play pon.

      Mark me words…you nah go mount to much beyond being a mattress. Don’t kill up you self fi prove me wrong me done see yu

    3. Stretch out hole turbit don’t brite yuh stink self wid Metty. Matterhorn can neveeeer light up Boss Lady. Is weh yuh hear bout skank????? Fi yuh escort paid vacation nah shot if yuh find time fi respond ova yah. Guh sell some more ranstid front and guh look ah hype elsewhere….

    4. Tuh bloodclaat a di said gal dis wah did get drop ova yah b4 Mi memba. But what a bloodclaat di gal come ova yah a advertised di breed a sellings. Mi luv nuh advertising dat a rass cause Dem man deh pup inna all Yuh mouth… fi wah fi look good pan ig dem naw just f**k Yuh dem all piss pan Yuh an dem tings foot clawt style gal nuh hype all pussy Yuh a suck out… A just cause a white man why Yuh batty nuh buss up an yuh still a hold Yuh shit inna yuh batty cause yuh suppose to anal all the way out…. Gal duttycrush nuh dweet again bloodclaat u levity nuh nice gal. Met fi all stawt ban certain breed a roach from di wall like dem new breed yah wah fly…

  15. Met a weh dis turtle looking bitch a try seh to yu? Mi mine tell mi seh she deh pon pink wall regula!ugly bitch love de suss like every body else.

    1. Morning all. Of course she is here regular. Artically just post. Her name is nowhere in the title and yet…..di front sella dem deh ya

  16. Rushell guh suck u mada idk u but i haaaate egotistical ppl like u

    Di ppl dem knw u like book bitch u r too predictable di time u tek dehya inna mixup u go try find sumn do

    Boy all the one aneka di whole a unu a d same bungle a trash eno..a bbc met sen een d stories dem?? F**koff n lowh met a met mek ppl knw d scurmage dem like unu weh a gwan like unu a tings

    She ugly fi tru me a pretttttty pretty gal suh me nah fi hate….i am not exaggerating but r face part shape like grinch own especially d nose n mouth

  17. Nuh rushelle she name? Bitch ntn on you rich pare cheap tings u fck fa like been saying u fava alkaline bitch mi realize all d front sella dem a Jamaica stick together.. Bolt will never marry Kasi bet!

  18. @MET this rattid ole before she young boy/girl really a tek u on….look how much time yuh say it betta fi sell than teef…all you eva say to she was she too young fi a sell fi no reason ….to how mi pity ar mi not even a go dunne ar tiddey

  19. Jah know Bolt u stomach strong still youth. U smash a gyal weh u bredda use to smash before u and now this Rushelle girl. Yow Don(Bolt) when u a go start deal wid some International celebrity female or dat outta u reach?

  20. A she send dis in, she like d attention. Gal a barely 18 and lives for the drama. She feel she a live good but give ar time, come she a come she will know

  21. Kmt, Yardi issue like dem deh deh u leave pon the tissue, toss or flush. Nuh mek sense waste time argue or try encourage dem fi do better.

  22. can just imagine the posts dem weh she a go put up bout haters now, aint nobody hating on u bitch, no one wants to be sucking dirty old smelly white man dick and eating shit for cheap Aliexpress clothes and drugstore make up.

  23. Lol first n for most, just seeing this. Second idk who comment n use my name up top cuz they know i normally comment n call my name cuz idc. Three i have never met the guy and i have never met kasi. Kasi n i r just social media frens. U kno those ppl u cool with? Yea. Four, i am rarely if ever in any environment to hang with ppl or so. I stick to myself n outta the limelight sooo y ppl feel the need to come at me ? Smh stop put ugly ppl pan unuh head man me nuh worth it smh lol. Later yah

    1. Hey bloodclaat bumbohole gal Yuh can manij bipolar? doh play it round yah a bumbo. Yuh tek back Yuh speech an Mi just reach. Mi know yuh bawl more time when yuh come back from some a dem trip deh cause some a di shit Yuh did affi do duh? Likkle young pussy probably run chu so much Yuh probably caah f*k man ur age duh? But den Yuh go buy some hair an do Yuh nails an post it pan ig get some likes to feel betta duh?… Nuh dweet a bloodclaat gen… An run een wid battyman as ur idol gal a hope yah visit di docta cause Unnu young gal nail clean hair clean an pussy full a infection… A you name light Yuh Too bloodclaat brite.

    2. loooooooool Met alie she a tell a she comment up a top she just neva expect dem fi done har suh, bout bout somebody use your name like yaw somebody LOOOOOOOL

  24. It’s so sad when a girl wants to be what she’s not. Dressing up and powdering up trying to look like the white and Persian princesses. Weave long, hair long and ambition short. All those fairytale filters were not made for you. This is demonic. None of these girls look good yet still they are up front and centre. Kasi nuh cute stop talk bout people grudge ….mi agree se sometime ppl go ova board …but these create an audience for attention PS please stop over use the word vacation..lock up inna room pon Di north coast is not a vacation

  25. BOLT FOLLOWS ME?!!! Wat a piece a lie! Frm unuh see tht stupidness unuh shudda kno the sender making up shit to start drama! Top up my credit?! Mi bruk n hungry like dog lol mi well wah a credit top of fi tru lol sigh. Y wen mi cum pan here its always some bullshit eyy? Kmt

  26. Drap a Grung and kin over at aliexpress and drugs store make up… She ugly Fi true me did a look for cute pic but couldn’t find one… Miss piggy oink oink

  27. There as a mosquito buzzing in my ears hole. Nuh wah ketch Zika so mek mi zap him wid mi raquette. *zaapp *zzzzzz*

  28. Mi reach…rass a suh much mi miss from morning!

    @Rich life fairly simple…If the story nuh guh suh or guh near suh den u nuh need fi jump an run come!

    If you above everything and everybody and all the mix up, if u are so unfazed and unimpressed, if u are so over pinkwall and Met and all a di dutty ppl that are here then u shouldn’t be here…but since u here doesn’t that make u one too (but that’s a discussion for another time)!

    And u mus hav manners, Met is a big woman to u and she never seh a ting fi put u down yet! Met always a seh if a dutty things u do u must stop and uplift urself! Smh!

    The stories that come in is not Met mek dem up u hear! And don’t feel who u call friends/social media friends are a 100% there with u! The same ones there as u say “social media” friends are the same ones who send in these things and the same ones who over here a done u!

    And Matterhorn is a bitch who walk and cuss like gal! Because him get knowings the hype get to him…but nuff ppl will remember him as di bitch weh used to end up inna tracing match a town wid di gal dem down deh…that’s why him ratings a town nuh deh deh, jus uptown who a try di mix thing nowadays! If u collar him, him scream like a bitch and then gwaan like him bad wen u let him go! Him caan done a soul, jus run him mouth like woman!

    Ppl mi out till later!

  29. RichRush, you know why your name so easy to call in mixup? Because yuh too NUFF! Every IG post, your name is under there in the comments. Every little sus, you have to comment on snapchat? Why you so expressive and opinionated? You can’t be like the rest of us and read and maybe pinch our friend and say “You hear such and such?” Everybody you up inna and you don’t know the people!

    Same way other day Bolt and Sadiki carry on wid dem woman on snapchat and you couldn’t wait fi morning light to run in. “Big up Kasi, mi baby!” “Di man dem say no side chick tonight!” Now you don’t know and never met Kasi. Don’t know Bolt. Too nuff! Same way you run in on the Millwoods. Stop run down hype people. People don’t bother people who are humble and mind their business. That’s why your name won’t stop call in foolishness. There is your answer.

    1. what a whole heap a comment a so much people no like her lmfao no sah… while she deh pon snapchat a watch out the jdk girl snaps bout she a wait pon the moment fi sumn happen n how the gyal love chat bout man weh no want her, her business ova yah so a spoil no to bloodclaat LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  30. Lol no sah this is serious. Am I being a fool by pursuing a degree in psychology perhaps I should be an internet star aka groupies,famewhores. Maybe my mother would be proud to see me sell my soul for supposed fame. All in the name of putting myself on a pedestal and create a fanbase. In Richflush defence her dark complexion isn’t what makes her ugly its her character..beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but in society’s eyes she coulda kindaish pretti ish….just look really hard till your eyes cross

  31. good fi dis bitch dey pan SC a rant out hell lmfao. run up ena everybody tom dick and harry n all di run in she a run in her followers still like dead sea. unu see di snap wen she sey she wuda get car but she nu hav nuh where to park it!! if me lafff me pap up in yah. BITCH PLEASE any baddi wuda tek di cyar all if dem ago park it pan dem head top bout spoil. bitch where? it NAAH SHOW if u di suh spoil y u affi a con man fi anyting? if u suh spoil y u ghetto room suh liddle bit? cya even tun gud inna di room pan SC. if u did suh poil y u live a ghetto? who u try trick. gwaan guh change di hospital roll up lint up looking sheet of a yuh low bed.uno nuh see sey dis bitch cyaa even change hair the one straight hair from jesus was a boy til nung no masa yaah hot gal n a tek man change yuh hair!!!!

  32. Kmt right now ntn rich bout har, drop the “rich” from your name! A pure pharmacy rich off a you Yuck! These girls living dangerously just to go shopping and travel. A couldn’t your pussy cause it look like yu tek loan pon it and a work hard fi pay it back.

  33. Lol member when me a go wolmers “richway” rich with green arm, stinking mouth and uniform smell like barrel…. She had to find away to make a living.

  34. Damn. You people dangerous. Who can trace like Jamaicans. Mi shame. Why she boda come ova ya. Yikes :bingung :mewek2

  35. This lil girl been whoring with old white men from
    She 16!! All deh wid 68 year old man!! And her parents nuh seem to care as long as dem get likkle likes! Sad!!

  36. Lmfao yowwwwww all are going in on her. I know her personally and the “rich” comes from her first name which is Richie-Ann. Lola she is 20 years old. Just for clarification. She definitely doesn’t have a good reputation at all and she ugly innna reeeeaaallllll life but damnnn unuh neva affi nyam har up so!!

  37. Bolt neva have no cocky principle from mornin him use to f**k some stay bad gyal. a since him start tek him bredda leftovers him start get good looking girls

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