0 thoughts on “KETCH JAMAICA

  1. Interesting Metty, never really knew about the Misery Index.

    It sad doe. Portia a mash up dis rassclaat place ya with the rest of har poli-tricks friend dem. Fool dem still ago vote dem back inna power. Di odda one no much better.

    We want a reform of the political system from like 40 years now. People can’t be career politician and live affa government and people fi life. We need term limits, a system weh mek MP accountable to the people, but none of that exists here.

    We deserve what politicians we get in power, just a reflection of the masses. Nuff dunce deh a yaard. Dats why I man tell the youth dem fi focus on your career – yuh can choose fi rich or stay poor and continue fi live inna MISERY!!!!

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