10 thoughts on “KETCH WEIR PAGE

  1. Di girl comment right still, no matter what him do ppl will always remember that comment!

    And n matter what nobody waan seh, I hope people realise seh him a karma box Warren down to size! And that’s why u nuff gwaan certain way and a hype pon ppl!

  2. i agree with the “fan”, warren got a one hype with that bronze medal & think him did reach. He is very disrespectful to women & acts like he is special, him tek up di big foot plank gal lexi who looks very manly & dem hype pon IG like dem happy. Me tired fi tell ppl fi stop idolize those instagram relationship cause 95% of them not real. Weir flop out bigtime, dutty lexi get some ambition & stop run dung di dry head ugly face bwoy. kmt unuh look foolish. I hope 2017 is the yr yall IG thots get a life.

    PS. gm MET

  3. Weir it sticky pon u but fi tell d truth u did too hype and a dat mash u up. U win d bronze and feel u mek it and it was probably luck .

    I guess now u realize that a lot of hard work goes into maintaining good results.

  4. Karma box him down fi true, remember when him was so f****ing hype and all diss him ex girlfriend the one who he was with before him get the little fame. Not sorry for him one bit

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