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  1. She’s so whack. Labeled out and still nu look good. She need fi use the people credit card that she uses to buy her “designers” to fix those tumor looking bumps in her face. Skin uneven and bumpy like and where is her husband who look like him have Down syndrome? Why she stop post him? So many questions!


    I laughed so hard because after the whopala of unveiling the fakes the the Louis wheels has a big ole iron cladding on the front. DWFL…. I thought she was off for a trip around the world…only to see the arrival airport in Chicago.

    young lady you are LAME and WHACKED….you so eager for a come up. poor ting.

  3. Met Weh dem people do fi can afford Dese things ? Because I make 28 an hour. Me and my mom split a $1400 Mortgage, I have one child a 2015 car and maybe 2 credit cards. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Well, i’m Fooled! I really thought she was on some Kim k rich-bitch-ness or she is the wife of a Rich Causaian or African American man .she sure enjoyed her besty BD get away in Chi-town.. it seems well spent with the Rude Boy Corey. a weekend filled with champagne and designer wears. Hopefully she is not engaged in any illegal actives. Even though most of the elite dancehall celebrities are her IG fans.

  5. so a dat she sell di liqour store to Rainforest seafood pork place!!??Yuh really tek the money go buy fake shyt Fi stunt Fi di gram sweet lady!!??

    Anyway mi looiikkee yuh shoes n tights dem look fashionable n real.Anybody sey dem deh fake mi will tek dem on Fi yuh cuz ppl too wicked more while!!

    1. she never own the stop yardie, a leash she was leashing it and she left a bagggaaaaaaaaa a debt inna Jamaica mi love !!!

      1. spot*** lease **leasing *** a good thing mi a stroll through again and see my grammatical errors thanks to my smart phone that type whatever it wants …hmmm

  6. I was wondering where the white man where who she was flaunting gone! She stop post him n show off.

    A she a shamiele Singh mentor it seems lol

  7. Met only thing real from her is the LOUBOUTINsokates nothing else & more while she will buy & return but 95% of her stuff is 100000000% fake. She made herself hot like bitch u just came from Jamaica who u think u fooling?? bcus ur own friend kameisha said u get the china stuff from her u made it hot when u buy that birkin ma we know that shit fake. Smh
    Wait ur turn

  8. Only certain people she can fool cause there are people who knows wah really a gwan. Bloodclaat life fake like. Set an example for your child and go back to working an honest LEGAL job.

  9. She is a bit much, some a dem 2 frighten. I must admit I am bias toward some but this 1 just comes across 2 showoff.

  10. was wondering the same thing where does she work for her to buy soo much stuff, her stuff is real because i did see her in the chanei store buying the the bags with the light , i scent scamming plus y she hiding like its not she n corey n the other fish in chi town pls n she really not popping her clothes

  11. She couldnt go back to yaad, she had so much debt, so she make up her mind and run off then she met and marry d white looking guy , but she was playing him and him find out , now she is having hell to get her greencard, she have lawyer on it now, but the boy mother is threating her with immigration, because she used the boy and she did nt love him , yes most of her stuff is fake , she act like she was going to JAMAICA ppl all bout line up to welcome her home, only fi sah a bus she take gone a chicago lolololol

    1. My fren was waiting patiently on her, but this is wat I don’t understand she have money fi buy birkin bag but cannot settle pon one a har debt them. pppl want them round robin money luv plus the bank need the money fi them credit card.

  12. If she did legal ina Merica it wouldn’t so bad! I wonder if she stop post the husband because people round her know se him broke and nah no money ina real life? Kb stop now while you’re ahead, prison nuh nice gal. I understand that once you start do illegal things to look good for the gram it hard to stop but use your daughter to motivate you, so much more to life than pretending to have what you don’t just to fit in.

  13. Met a same she come in the nail shop Friday bitch not even wuda tip the lady fi do her foot.. she just volgarly say how much much the lady say 40 she gi the lady the money the lady give her change and she just walk walk with fake green Chanel bag and slippers she fava ediot. Bitch go and give the lady a 5 dolla tip so call rich bitch u crawny like

  14. Which married woman go pon vacation with a set a gay man.. the one all Jermaine royal come yah and turn one scammer cause him want in a the rich life little 21 year old go have several seat him Mussi glad the day him get the J1 visa cause him want come to him man Corey Weh always a mine him and send the wear and left come give him from him deh a ja:.. Jermaine royal be wise and get u shit together walk a thief out the people deh clothes and want gwaan like u rich

  15. Big up pon the pink Chanel slippers she posted on Instagram with no Chanel written in the shoe. My girl do better Chanel write their name inside the sole of their shoes my love SMH ‍♂️ yours just big and pink no writing inside fake knock offs

  16. It look like she did leave di white man and then had to run back to complete the green card process cus him look like he really in love all while she a use him fi papers. I believe the stuff is real cus she always post when she in store buying. She inna di scamming like Robbas and the rest a dem. Shamiele is har new sidekick, she a teach Shamiele how fi scam too. So you mean to tell me unu leave Jamaica to come America an tief di hard working people tings jus fi showoff on instagram..wat a set a wutless jancrow!!!

  17. I’ve discovered the world of fake shit and dem gal ya can’t fool me again when me seh d boot dem look real met the boot dem come wid di box di dust bag and even the FAKE RECEIPT with the 1500.00 price mi BBC

    and the number one fake boot is the Giuseppe cruel summers FACTS ! You won’t be able to tell if it’s real or fake

  18. This girl ex husband worshipped her n her family. When her stepdad was here for Christmas n new year, EVERYDAY they went to upscale restaurants, packed many barrels n shop like crazy. She had the ex husband spending money as if he’s a very wealthy man. He filed for her first, then her daughter n brother (he adopted him n he’s going to school here now). He was doing what a good man should do. BUTTT Kfab was selling pu$$y behind the man back even before his funds started running low n he could hardly maintain her lifestyle. He found out n cried, fell into depression n more. His family HATE her n warned him about her. She ran up His credit card on things for her whole family in Jamaica n on designer things for herself leaving him in debt. He wrote on her IG that she’s his life n he will do any and everything for her n her child. All that wasn’t enough so she start sell pu$$y to elites. She takes care of a old wealthy woman that her ex husband knows so that’s how she got the job. She used her him n leave him broke n took out credit cards using his name as consigner. He ended up giving her the older model Benz.
    Karma is a bitch causen sey she used the man for hers, her child n brother papers, to support her mom, sis n stepfather. Run up his credit cards n leave him in debt while selling pu$$y behind his back. Kfab, look here is a conditional green card u have, so I guess u are going to make amends before you get the permanent one. Is your pu$$y selling money but why every time u go anywhere especially designer stores you haffi film/post it? Very tacky n frighten never see come see. I had to stop following her on IG causen sey it was just tacky and annoying.

  19. She’s a wack bitch looking for attention. As for the white boy Mr.hannigan they are not together. My friend told me she f**king on him. They don’t sleep in the same room and she fronts. Notice she put him only on Facebook never ig. She shame of him he works at the supermarket and she told her family he worked for cooperate America. All she wants is the papers from the guy. Kfab is a wanna B. Poor white boy fell for her trick. She use the white man to watch her daughter and brother when she go f**k dick tom and Harry. Kfab you not afraid immigration catch you posting on ig like you Beyonce. Girl bye.

  20. 6:46, u need some lesson about these instore picture, cause u sound like u just a come , nuff a dem take up , or get old RECEIPTS, and goh inna d ppl dem store , open up the things dem and put down d receipts side a d stuff an make videos or take pictures , you EVER see a video where nuff actually walk out with the goods or give the cashier their credit card?? Nooooo

  21. She is a escort and whore yall didnt kn?? She didnt want hannigan all she wanted was the greencard, she mess up the guy financially bad bad, till d guy going crazy

  22. I don’t wish ppl bad but if she really did those things to that man she deserves her bitch of KARMA smfh I can’t stand these superficial women from Jamaica di jus come dem … shamiele why u run off and a kotch and wear poooopeeena mygirl gwan ah u fcking yard

    1. Anon she use the man n put him in massive debt while she selling pu$$y to elites. The poor man in deep depression n she cuss n disrespect him all the time. She max out his credit cards, while she use him as cosigner to get hers. You know how this gal frighten n never see come see? She even video n post getting a Brazilian wax!!! Who the fck does that? And that is reg thing for some women to do. And nobody badmind her either, causen sey I would rather work 3 jobs and walk in hot, cold, rain, snow n sleet to survive, than to sell pu$$y, where all kind of nasty man a request all manner of nastiness done to them. And jermaine asshole stretch out more than when a woman delivers a 10lb baby vaginally. Him just reach a US and him inna the people dem high end stores a shop like crazy with no job. Him batty working overtime. They have demons in them for selling their bodies n souls for designer clothes n shoes. This bitch annoying as fck, please guh brush yuh tongue before sticking it out. Tongue should be pink not crusty white.

  23. 10:13 I don’t need a lesson in anything because I’m not a scammer nor do I aspire to be. Seem like you know all di tips and tricks though. I could care less how it’s done all I know is it’s not them money or card dem use to buy di designer tings.

  24. America is very very hard so many bills people cant afford to pay. Yet still dem frighten friday gal ya just come a farrin and think say them can trick people not people in america but only people in jamaica. Dont believe this foolish gal she here cant afford dry shit.She rent them and wear fakes. Jamaica people another dunce liad from seaview ghetto. please f..k off whore and go pay all the debt u runway from a jamaica. dutty gal.

  25. America hard fi lazy, dunce, uneducated, wukless n criminal people. Nuff a uno up dey bout life hard is because uno dunce n uno mindset wrong, get off uno damm lazy rass n go look wuk or go get uno damm bsc, masters or phd. Bout life hard, kmt. Life in general is what u make of it, all uno duh is find excuse. While people live diffrent life styles some may a little hectic but nuff a uno r ass lazy n bad mind like.

  26. She sucking guy mr chin o g people see them together all over but they never on each other’s I g what an example she setting for her daughter and the whiterboy an idiot for putting up with her shit

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