News Flash.Konshens bredda Delus just kill him self infront a Big Ship



26 thoughts on “KONSHENS BREDDA???

  1. him insta page

    nutziihenHeard about ur lost kon…jah knw…my condolences to u and the fam..keep strong @konshensnewgovz

    islandbodii_shanziiJust heard about your loss r.i.p to your bro

    i_am_zj_kwengistSo sad man…….

    happygirlsherOh my his bro just died @mini_qveen

    cuteface_sassybooRip dellus

    gretaihewittCondolences to you and your family stay strong

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Met they are saying he killed himself at home in his bathroom.Irie fm n zip has confirmed he is dead..oh dear,such a loss!!

  3. ricovibesnaturalvibesJah Know I interviewed you back in December and you were so upbeat and full of Life…smh R.I.P Bro….#delus

    la.ochiMi hurt man he was a cool person just chill never hype sigh

    If yuh hashtag delus on the gram yuh see pure rip,really sad indeed

  4. Aye depression is a wicked bumbo ole inno, it do some things to your mind nuff people wouldn’t begin to understand. Somebody may see this bredah and think life good but dem no know the mental demons him a grapple wid. Trod on young lion, hope you make it to zion and best regards to his families.

  5. Even in death he should not be only known as Konshens bredda. He was his own man, in life and in death. The story shoulld be about him, not about Konshens

  6. Yes he had and will continue to have his own identify however he was probably known and introduced to most as the brother of / Konshens brother. It is by no means meant to take away from him as an individual.

  7. Now the speculators start run amok. First they said it is over a woman,he killed himself.Next they said he came from the Doctor where he got some bad health news.Now some persons are throwing Shade at Konshens that he is to blame becuase he and Delus had a fall out.

  8. Pressbutton we know he is,but is a way people identify people faster, dem will say Jackie Son pass GSAT,it no mean he is not his own person. Met I hear someone say him go doctor and find out something? Is there any truth to this?? May his soul R.I.P

  9. I am hoping this story is NOT TRUE… If it is my goodness… So so sad !
    FAME IS A MONSTERthat eats up even those that are not in the limelight, often the less successful sibling may feel inadequate or a failure and the lack of money as much as they famous sibling or difference in treatment, can lead to depression amd resentment.
    Suicide is a form of self inflicted violence. I pray whatever he was suffering from, that his soul may be healed

  10. someone just wrote on Koshen’s page saying that Koshers should DM them because the man neva kill himself. hmmmm

  11. Boy I tell you……Depression and demonic oppression is very real. We need God! This world needs God! R.I.P. Young man.

  12. Big pussy Konshens u suppose to feel fck up in ur self eeh. U betta reach billboard ole fart. A music kill the man, depression nuh easy, but what about the kids he wasnt thinking about them when making the decision?? I have mixed feelings about people who take their lives because there are people I wish could be here who died fcked up ways and here u are killing ur self.

    1. R.I.P Delus I heard that is girlfriend told him some bad news saying that his daughter is not his & he heard that he got some health issue

  13. Ppl are ridiculous making their own story on why he died. Just hold on, the cause of death will surface. For now may he rip.

  14. May the Almighty cover his family and each and everyone of us. Today is promised to no man. May you find peace with God and his angels and RIP.

  15. Bwoy it very sad . Personally he is selfish because him have 2 daughters.Even if him find out is not his he has been their father. Now the children fatherless.

    If is a health problem ppl go tru dat everday

    Only thing mi rate him for in this situation is that him never kill his babymothers or children so that mean him care bout dem.

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