Dancehall enigma L.A Lewis and his associates say they are putting up a cash reward for the whereabouts or return of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

According to the controversial enigma, persons are claiming to have seen Lizard in Ocho Rios on more than one occasion.

“We have the warrant out because people have been approaching us saying they saw Lizard in Ocho Rios. We have been working behind the scene with Gaza Federation and we feel like the evidence used to convict Vybz Kartel was tampered with. They have no blood stain, nor forensic evidence, so we thought this would have been a pushover case, but the results were shocking to the world,” L.A Lewis said.

L.A Lewis says any person who can bring Lizard in to the police will be paid $1.6 million.

“Vybz Kartel is innocent and right now international people are saying Jamaica’s court system is foolishness because there is no way you should convict a man with tampered evidence. These police should know that Vybz Kartel is a part of the illuminati and whosoever is against the illuminati cannot prosper. Money is not the issue for us because people are willing to contribute to see Worl’ Boss free,” he said.

The talkative entertainer said some Jamaican artistes are happy to see Kartel’s demise because they want to become relevant. However, the Gaza camp will not fall as he (LA Lewis) will lead through his Gaza Federation body.

“A same suh dem did put fool fool case pon mi and wah charge mi fi graffiti after mi fans dem write up mi name pon wall. How yu fi charge a man for something that was done by the fans,” L.A Lewis said.

Persons who have seen Lizard are being asked to contact the nearest police station or email [email protected] and [email protected]

“Lizard nuh dead, man. Is a man wey wanted by both police and shottas so him nah guh show himself. Yu wudda show yourself? Then look how long the United States did think sey Busy Signal dead and him did alive under a next identity. A di same thing wid Lizard,” L.A Lewis said.

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  1. Rofldwbcllmao! Yes Mr. Pussy, a choo Lizard change from big lizard, to polly lizarx a it meck him cannot be found. If God was like man, him bumb yuh! A pussyhole like unnuh woulda cover up fi whosoever kill mi bredda 6yrs ago. Dunce as phuck, bout [email protected]!?

    1. Not one rass of a satire! Just damn self-promotion.

      L.a go sit your ass dung and go drink some a yu basin pon juice and die. Me use to pity yu but yu a tek serious things mek joke and I instigate inna whey you may become a victim of one a these fine days….victim or prisoner.

      1. Yuh nuh raMP A wid di people dem comment ! Mi like yuh, yuh facety like wah. Yuh nuh pet, powda, lotion ar potion.
        Mi haffi learn fi draw fi di emoticon, gi yuh. LOL

  2. LA Lewis you batty seh it jealous causein sey more shit ah come out ah yuh mouth Dan dung deh… Please to address this jealousy ting suh dat di shit come from Di right place… you are welcome in advance…

  3. He needs to charged for being a public nuisance. Thus shit ain’t even funny! This no talent will do anything for a mention waste of space piece of shit must be ignored. Enough is enough of this lunacy.

  4. Him a wagonist a ppl like dis a hold dwn JA when dem threaten him wah
    Day caz him chat 2 much him run 2 police but a hope wi good good taxes
    Nuh waste an protect him mek him defend d shit weh come outta him mouth

  5. somebody please check in this man at nearest mental facility…. this shit is not even funny no more. LA Lewis find a bridge ova Gaza Federation and chuck right off

  6. F**king ASSHOLE, a when di USA did think Busy dead???? Dem knew all along where him was

    Ole craases a tek serious ting mek joke

  7. Him know the man dead so him ah offer 1.6 million ,Yuh really tek people fi idiot mine it back fire on you!

  8. Met gud evening BUT WHY I MEAN HOW MET HOW………LOL how u fi gih dis yah man time pan JMG das why him nah cut d f**kery KMT right now mi bex say u put up dah story yah jah know bless up sed way mi still love Met lol

  9. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    mi nuh mean fi laff but a tr88 comedy dis yah dwrcllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  10. so him a say di US did a look fi a dead man??? so a busy duppy dem tek up??? desperation fi illuminati membership does not make him a member…..poor ting, him is jus a wanna be everything.

  11. A wah day(March 11, 2014 to be exact) mi see dah irrelevant asshole yah up a Children’s Hospital like him carry him daughter come up deh, a wait to be seen like everyone else and have a ole address book a look inna, nobody not even did know him, a me affi seh nuh La Lewis dat and the ppl dem aseh a who name so, hear smaddy nuh d idiot man weh a write up him name all bout the place. My son him seh La lewis, yuh waan see him like him glad bag bus and a wave like a some modelling contest him inna. One porter go up to him like she a beg him a money, and yuh waan see the f**ker face like him a gi the woman a horsedead and cow fat story, the oman just kiss har teeth and walk weh, yuh waan see him bout him in a full white, and si dung and affi wait like everybody else and all tek off him cheesy boot and bend dung the back a the boot like it a squeeze out him baxide, if him did a celebrity him wouldnt affi wait, yuh waan see the likkle ole Japanese deportee weh him a drive and a gwaan like him a big celebrity. Mi nuh know how Belevue nuh pick up this mad man yet.

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