Yesss met the 4 ah dem add a new member nesha crazy…too bad she been on the seen.she’s the girl weh love play innocent and disappear whenever Mixxup start.she’s another skrum confused.nesha spend her hard earn money and mind them plus she give them her car to drive just to keep them around,nesha dnt have nothing bout har,the whole a dem are lost souls that cyan reach no where…poor nesha mi tink yuh did change but yuh cyan turn a skrum into a house wife!!!

0 thoughts on “SKRUM CITY RE-LAUNCH

  1. Mett oh

    The submit a story buton not working mama?

    well lastnight Daymeon in Philly Party tunn up and over. All of the convicts came out. Including Iyoka . she came to show di worl she no stress out or pop dung. She look nice tho. Is Marsha still out or not? Cause Iyoka a seh enjoy life and so should she.

  2. Every single last one ah dem look dutty like dem need shots, spray down with Lysol & wash down with a gallon ah Dettol!!!!

    1. De females or the males inna de video still?

      Honesly, de girls aren’t ugly ,but looking at the dudes goosh…the pp money one, can use de dettol wash.

  3. nesha you need fi leave out dem hoes dem go around and f**k fi nutting in life. f**k and duck bitches nesha you look good nuh bloodclat BARBIE YOU WALK AND SUCK OFF BRONX MAN COCKY FI FIVE DOLLAR FOOD A 228. ONCE YOU BUY DEM GYAL DRINKS A DANCE YOU CAN F**K DEM LATA QQ LAST NITE MI SEE QQ LISA BARBIE & PURPLE A COME OUTTA DI F**K SHOP PON E GUNHILL RD THE ONE NEXT TOO KFC. FOUR SOME HOES BRONXHOES.COM

    1. :ngakak GTFOH! :ngakak Yu serious bout de location a de phuck shop and the kfc? or a lie yah tell? DWLNNNNNNNNNNNNNNn….that is one rass combination.

      A wonda if a one a busta kfc? lolol

  4. No seriously nesha…yu really mek dem put yuh up dere again no muma yuh fi do betta.dolla mus feel shame like mi tell the nigga yuh cyan wife ah scrum trust me the YHOTS r out fi tru!!!! Lmfaooo

  5. Who Eva seh dem so di gal dem a cum out a motel too f**king lie di gal dem deh a queens inna onyx…if unu ago talk shit all facts

    1. @Mi pussy…lol (met i just had to type that, sorry) Me know something did off causen sey me can’t believe KFC de next to a phuck shop…lol that is just wrong…lol


  7. every body a bronx kno weh di f**k spot deh next to di kfc on gun hill same side weh q lounge deh real bx people kno di location it deh deh fi years.. google it and street view di ting dat place not going no where a tru di ppl dem a talk dem gal deh a waste gal long time and dem a only 21 & 22

    1. Thanks @ what…lol. So de customers get fed going in or coming out? lolol. Me couldn’t be arouse and a smell chicken a cook next door…lolol

      Dem need fi step up pon dem location…poor girls. Their not bad looking either; hope dem catch up dem self soon enough.

  8. I just feel sorry for these girls, especially the one name qq. It’s like she proud of the life that she live. She has no papers, she walk and f**k for money, I once saw this girl in a dance half f**kin naked pu**y and everything showing. She had a photo shoot with Kurt from 214 and f**k him and suck his dick for a photo shoot.. She all up in every body party like she is some kind of celebrity. I would be ashamed to walk pon road with these girls..yo if I’m walking my dog on the road and see these dirty skrumz I would not make my dog walk next to them…my dog cleaner than them…it’s not hard to get your life together this bitch need to go back to school and get her life together….Smfh and her f**king teeth look so damn nasty like all the money she ah f**k for she can’t get little money fix her teeth???? That’s how u knw she prob have something cause if she had insurance she would have gotten her teeth fixed….nasty bitches pu**y stink….I DONT LIKE HER SHE ON IG ACTING LIKE SHE XUTE WHEN HAR PU**Y HOLD MORE MAN THAN THE CEMETARY

  9. oh lord not the “4 of dem” again. which man hasnt f**k or get dem cocky suck from one of dem. dem life sad baddddd. smh. like grow up already. unno nah tired fi deh pon JMG? c’mon grow up. Mi would never par wid none of dem. dem reputation gone baddddd and they so young. such a shame.

  10. hold on a which bb him ah talk bout? di one and har batty look fake and she have di bull ring inna har nose?

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