0 thoughts on “LA LEWIS ON KARTEL

  1. This man is so dumb….do u know what is circumstantial evidence sir? he is always trying to be relevant..

  2. gm met n bloggers……this big dunce bat yah in a this blessed sunday morning when dem chat too much dem chat pure shit i swear

  3. Idiot shut the f….ck up, yu a try be relevant and nuh body nuh rate yu…di only defense unu have is dat police tamper wid evidence,commissioner Elington come clear up da part deh fi wi and even if the cop di tamper wit di evidence a still after di facts because video evidence and everything else was there to prove dat yu sociopath fren dem did guilty, yu have all di heart fi cum a chat bout obeah tru dem waste dem money do all kind of evil and it nuh work but a good ova evil wi seh….jus kno seh a only one world boss wi have and that is GOD himself and none other…

  4. LA Lewis, is he an artiste? Cuz im need some chune real bad, he is a troll, just jump pon anything controversial inna dancehall fi get a hype and some press. He needs to spend less time media baiting and more time writing and creating. Idiot.

  5. To see all these ugly niggas riding Kartel’s dick more than the groupies is so telling of the sad state of the culture. I am yet to see one of these dancehall duppies that would reject an invite to give Kartel a BJ.

  6. La Lewis … you DONE KNOW SAY you are a damn jackass… my excuse to the other jackasses out there …kmt … smaddy caan carry him up a hope zoo go cage him up…kmt

  7. Leave him alone he is an artist and a very good entertainer. One question has anybody ever seen him act normal or is this a sickness?

  8. Morning MET…This lunatic didnt just comapre Jesus to Kartel did he?? When everything else comes out his mouth we may laugh but me draw my line right ya so

  9. Why do fools continue to entertain this Bipolar patient? Not once did the Feds thought Busy Signal was dead due to the fact that Busy change his name. He was just another wanted man until he was caught. Sheesh! I wish they would stop giving this fool a platform to speak, because noting good comes out of his mouth.

  10. A wah do da pa funky dread deh,shut up yuh stinking mouth and go get a life and stop talk out a yuh batty hole.

  11. it is the idiot that raised the mike to la luuuwis mouth that is deserving of a slap!

    that fool had nothing better to do?

  12. Poor la lewis still trying to be relevant. Hey beenie come finish the box and the kick them that is due to la.

  13. Liad Lewis ur such a kiss ass ur reasoning is pathetic. u damn brown nose u. Apparentlly Kartel still left a lot of sh*t fi u feed pan fi di nex tutty five yrs.

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