Mi nuh understand how ppl fly pass dem yah mout’ condition yah, and reach inna name brand car, clothes, and shoes. But tell mi something, none ah your man dem neva see di condition ah your mouth???? And why are you behaving like this, school children in England knows that you are UNHAPPY and SCREAMING for attention, preferably that of your baby dad (weh NAAH LOOOOOK!).Yuh have Beauty Supply, Benz truck (latest at any given time), condominium, designer bags, clothes, and shoes x infinity, suh mi wudda like know ah waah gwaan inna your mouth!?!?! DSC_3713-Optimized




0 thoughts on “LAVERN DEM SEH DI MOUT

  1. My girl since u money tun up so if u caan wait pon braces fi straighten u teeth, invest in some veneers. U will have a nice, white smile wid straight perfect teeth

  2. :travel :travel :travel my girl u mouth yuh mouth yuh rass mouth need to do up mayneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :bola

  3. It isn’t mappie. Veneers only go on the front so as far as the back them would still black. This lady nuh need no cosmetic dentistry she either needs several fillings or need fi go replace the ole metal fillings with porcelain. Dental health is a good indicator of heart health. Some ppl only concerned about them outward appearance.

  4. Me a look fi see rotten teeth or kong dog teeth…….senda go find something else fi hate de oman fah……kmPorcelainteethdem…..

  5. Yuh no me huh see nuthung good pon this lady ,she is not attractive to me ,and she too light I think a girl with ah more brown tone have nicer feature! I looking really hard but I can’t find it,

  6. Mawnin Met & Metters.

    Senda you a hater BAD!!! How yu see so far inna Laverne mout fi now what work she need doing?!?! Senda go look a f’n life. Fi ar success in business a MAD YU TO BLOODCLAT!! Everytime I go in her beauty supply & Laverne is ALWAYS NICE!! Senda wah do YOU!? Yu neva have enough money fi di 2 pack a Sensual hair or maybe di castor oil? How you give backhanded compliment. Di teeth no worse den yu bad mind!!

  7. Her teeth just jagged like edge that’s all, it can fix it mug look that bad. She just have a R and B group teeth, Jagged edge dwl

  8. But zeeeeee zam no sah lavern u good like gold cause this man here sucking out your tongue and u haffi a mine Paul range no man lavern

  9. Nobody nuh badmind Lavern fi har miserable days and sleepless nights, weh she tek a bawl and STRESS ova DWAYNE. Everything ppl say, unnu jump and talk bout “badmind.” Some of unnu bloggers are a set of HYPOCRITE. Lavern suppose to nice and pleasant, she operates a business, so ever time someone goes into her place of business, courtesy is expected. Now mi know why she can never give a full smile, and she perfect di art of quarter smiling wid an over bite. Whether she nice or not, har condition waan shampoo, and some Crest 3D White, teet’ yellow BADDD. If ah did Apple or Kerry Ann, unnu wudda DUNN dem wid a quickness.

  10. Unno ppl kill me. When a WOMAN has children & her belly bang you judge dem. When women get tummy tuck you judge them. Bwoy women can’t get NO peace in life. *Tuh*
    When women wear Spanx you judge dem, no Spanx you judge them. I’m DYING to see what ppl look on JMG b/c I think nuff a unno love to throw rocks & hide yu hands. :cd

  11. lavern dont have no money she bruk like dog dwayne treat lavern like dog shit and she still a run him dung wait a way she go find new man poor thing Lavern u confuse u don’t know if u want a man or woman. u really need fi go fix u mouth fi real and stop hype the sender was right di world know say u unhappy bad u just a put out u best BIG HOLE LESBIAN LAVERN WHA NUH STOP LICK OUT BATTYHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Leave Lavern alone..unoo too bad mind n envious. If a ppl man she deh wid, I wouldn’t want to be DAT gyal bcuz him all ova Lavern…abayyyyyy…pics last forever, gwan run thru dem n Mek it blind unoo rass eye…everything she do,unoo wish it was u. She good like DAT, she has it all…go find ur own life bcuz u lost Inna Lavern own….waste crotches gyal den….abayyyyyy

  13. Godbless it sound like Lavern a suck u pussy to nobody Nuh bad mind or envious Lavern cuz she don’t have shit anybody can get material things car,clothes,etc and di man all over har cuz a she a mine him. He don’t even look good him favor mongrel u need if go be a real friend and tell har go fix har teeth dem

  14. Stacyann how much teeth Lavern have? As for anonymous, ur anonymously unknown….everybody for sumbody…if Lavern a mine him,she nah cum ask u fi no money. If she suck or no suck pussy,she nah suck urs….dwlll…by the way, u have man or mantu? Cause dem say him no stop piss n shit inna u mouth,so tek the beam outta ur eyes cuz Nutn nah gwan fi u…Abayyyy…Lavern the gyal dem Luv u daily..but a MAN TO U TING…DEM JUST WANT JOIN U….SCOOBAYYY AWAYYYY…LOL

  15. god bless u stale cause if i ever talk some tings yah so yuh see awwwww bowy. lavern teeth dutty like go tell har fi clean it there is nothing nice about her she nuh cute har mouth dutty har belly bang a bayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  16. We’ll as for Lavern mouth mine was worse and me fix them and I don’t think she don’t fix her mouth but it also have a lot to do with how strong her teeth are and if it’s the right thing to interfere with then health wise… Me happy me could fix mine cause they not a pretty sight… Leave the girl and go do you own thing kmft….. Badmind!!!!

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