HMI Pinky this gal Lia Vazz is a uptown groupie/Yam head she and my sister is friends and everyday she call mi sister a complain bout how Jahvillani nah pay her no mind she have to text and call him first and she not sure if she want to continue talking to him and stress out Pinky she is almost 40 years old and jahvillani is 24 years old and she make him a mad her. She don’t understand that him don’t want her, she know the man live with his woman yet she a force in herself. She is a disgrace to her family first she breed for a convicted murderer who’s spending life in prison now she a run behind Jahvillani. Look wat she post in her story


  1. She’s only 25?! Wow. Anyway, this is what happens when Daddy is always working, defending ruthless criminals and Mommy is too busy chasing Bob Marleys Duppy to care for her little girl. Looking through her IG and she looks so lost and sad. Lia definitely has a type when it comes to men though.

  2. Yowwwwww I live in August Town Gola and I see she bring him up there he was afraid to even come out of the car lol this gal is a bitch first she and squash a parr now she and Jahvillani and a bring gunman around Jahvillani to let him feel secure when him come Kingston lol Jahvillani run as far as you can this same evil gal will set up your life because she a fuck another bad man in Gola all she duh is fuck the little boy them, nobody respect her only the hungry youths dem Wah parr wid her who she can buy out, disgraceful Lia mi hear say u make Jahvillani breed you a Suh you desperate fi tie him down??

  3. I just went on her page I see she tagged her son picture to jahvillani story how desperate is that?! Why are your forcing your son on every man you fuck? Your family must be ashamed of you, Go find a man your age group and leave the little boys alone because they only using you for the little money your brother gave to you for upkeeps. Why would you think that little boy would want you Lia? You’re really lost and looking for love

  4. Why bash d woman ? Is it REVERSE RACISM ?
    She supports a lot of good things like pushing for peace and unity in August Town and anti gun violence.
    She is very IN TUNED to Jamaica ‘s roots and culture and the music and genuinely loves the people and the Rastafari and reggae music and the guitars in s ghetto …
    Lowe d woman .
    She is a great mother. She has a lot of friends from d ghetto and enjoys both sides of life and has lots of friends that are poor too .
    So every pic with man she post means dem sex ??
    NO … because she has lots of pics with many artist and people posted.
    Obviously she seeking a BLAck balance for her son and to raise him knowing roots and culture .

    We need to stop judge people and let them LIVE

  5. This Is Lia Commenting Bout Lowe Di Woman, LoL No Bitch u fuck too much you too careless what about your husband who you post up on your IG for Father’s Day he’s isn’t good again to raise your son?? You’re confusing the little boy and you’re very evil and instigated a lot of evil things among the youths in August Town and another thing you cannot win anything so go back to Canada. People know you a mad over jahvillani because your own friends are laughing after you, you’re a sad old gal

  6. . From what I see she is a very humble and down to earth girl. She realer dan nuff ah dem so call uptown fakes u see like Nicole and di like. She don’t front for the gram. She post the good and the bad. She don’t act like she’s too important to be hurt! . She tag her son pic to her bredren page not Jahvallani page. Her father represented squash with his legal issues wha day. You story far fetched sender. Dis girl ah real peace maker. She a try her best in di community, mi hear a lot of positivite things about her to be fair.

  7. She is just 24? That is very hard to believe. Seems like she has lived three lifetimes already in her very short life.

    Leah, you have the means to aim higher, why you always choosing low hanging fruit and complaining afterwards. Seriously, you need to do better man, you already gave your child a dishonorable heritage, at least do better so they can at least say mommy made a mistake, but she did her best to make it right. Aim higher man, no reason for you with all your privilege stooping so low. If a obeah dem obeah you go look spiritual cleansing and a good wash off. Go baptize or summen, but if you cyaan do betta in 2019,then make a pact with yourself fi do betta in 2020. There comes a time when you can’t blame nobody else for the quality of your life anymore, this is all you and you are deliberately choosing to live a self destruction life that will only consume you one day if you don’t get off this road you have chosen for yourself. You have a child who is looking up to you and depending on you to make wise choices for them. Rise the hell up from your self imposed gutter livity and aim high. Yikes!

  8. Wonder if a she him sing d song bout. Me a real bad man that’s y she love me,she no wah no money she just wah fuck me lol. Look like she get a artiste baby like her mother.

  9. @ Sam, no love is NOT Lia commenting is me a regular Black woman trying to be fair in the criticism.
    Let’s be real . A lot of women carry hidden secrets about dem front . So why we chose Lia ?
    A lot of women with way less privilege and money as soon as they get a little upliftement forget where they come from.
    So what if she finds JOY in places like judgement yard, August Town and around people with less opportunity and upbringing than her ? They human right ?
    From 2010 she say Vybz Kartel is her artist and she always claim love for d dancehall.
    We not name mattress, who she sleeps with we not sure and is her dam business .
    Not because she has her son means she exposes everyone to them . She thank one youth for helping her raise her son and understandably so, she probably wants the child to be exposed to Black dark skin people like whey he come from and the music culture too.
    How much woman on here have FIVE plus baby father ?
    One she make and if she chose five more, her life. Her hole.

  10. Lia Is 35 Unu read before Unu comment the sender say she’s almost 40 and Jahvillani is 24!!!! Look good she tagged Jahvillani in her son picture she keep looking a father fi her son and look who she a look Fi be father to nuh Lia u Issa cruff why you think Jahvillani would want you? Why? Make we see if you a breed fi true Yamhead Fool Fool Gal, i heard is fi her money buy Jahvillani the BMW

  11. Lia my sister is not a man mascot! You are the biggest mascot because you same one complain to my sister that jahvi dick soft and him have dick issue for a young guy and him only fuck you good when him takes pills and you’re sure of when he takes pills to fuck you because him can’t come!! You said his dick is half dead when him nah look pon you, you call your friends and scandal him. Him soon done wid you so save your money, stop forcing your son on every man you fuck!! Stop fuck little boys who don’t want you. Do better idiot gal, nuff people hate you because you’re very evil

    1. Bitch, I am the one who made that comment, NOT LIA. I don;t know Lia or any of you cockroaches that are trying to make her feel less than a woman for the poor decisions she made where men is concerned. You crab ass bitch, go find yourself and stop trying to highlight a next woman’s flaw sin order to feel important. What kind of woman are you to do this to your own sister’s friend? Dirty scum dogshit. You must be jealous of her to be doing this low shit.

  12. Same commentator @4.32, 2.23,12.32 and 11.06. Guh look a life. Yuh clearly have an agenda. No real proof that they are even together.

    And as for the comment from 2.32 – dishonourable heritage? You sick stomach. So you think because she white/ high colour, she should not mix? It’s many white woman who breed for black man to get pretty pickney alone and then they want to ignore the black side. It’s not like she breed for black man and then ignored the struggle. She’s out there in the ghettos. She campaigns. She gets involved. She lets her son know of his culture. There was a comment on her page where someone say something about her being rich. She say yes, she did a privileged upbringing – and she say that is all the more reason for her to give back and help where she can. Lowe di girl man.

    1. You have no self worth to even assume my comment had any racial reference. Who the hell cares if she wants to take black dyck, are there not quality black men to associate with? Some a unno too blasted frighten, my own grandfather was a white man so mi nuh frighten if white ppl want to mix with Blacks, cause a black person’s value and worth does not begin when a white person chooses to mix with them. Leah need to grow the fck up and aim higher. If she wants to open a foundation to make a difference in ppl’s lives and continue on a humanitarian path then I applaud her, but I will never applaud any woman especially a single mother not using common sense in the men she chooses to enter her and her child’s life. Maybe her stock gone down from her past choices and pickings are slim, but she must do better and aim for a man of good character and high moral standards especially in light of having a young child. And yes, Leah, such a man is out there for you. Even porn stars and prostitutes get married to decent men everyday, so how much more you.

  13. In my opinion aka Lia
    You need a life it’s clear this is you because you have no shame you’re shameless and careless you take you money a mind young boy who nuh want you and to make it worst they say you’re pregnant let’s see how that goes because you is a uptown clown

  14. Jahvillani reposted her son on his IG story. A story never get send in here bout Jahvillani soft penis? Do better young man. Go to the doctor and sort it out. Nothing can’t go so you are a young man. Stop go round the gal dem if you don’t have no cocky fi fuck dem. Or a man you love so bad so till you can’t even fake it for women.

  15. I was just about to say the same thing jahvilani is 24 and most of the females them weh him sex complains about the same soft dick. No sah something is definitely wrong. You need to go sort that out sir, can’t have dem a tarnish what lef of the little image you have.

  16. Omg I keep hearing about his soft dick!!! Every time he come on here females talk about his dick being soft n can hardly stand up, you need to go see a doctor jahvi this is not good and this Lia girl look like a crackhead

    1. Is all the weed smoking causing it. Men who smoke are known to have erectile problems. This information used to be put out there so much in the 80s and then the public health depts stopped, they started talking about lung cancer as that seemed more important. Smoking will lead to erectile problems. Men with erectile problems will also eventually lose interest in sex and having a relationship altogether. So, when you see those dudes rubbing out dem hand miggle day and night run far from dem cause nutten nuh dideh. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research on the topic.

  17. Jahvi go see the doctor it don’t sound or look good you’re too young
    Or is man your dick get hard for?? Because Lia look like a man

  18. He has ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. My cousin deals with him and says she loves him but that his d is soft like feather

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