Some people will just never learn their lesson it seems. This little girl named Selena is at it again, After the whole scandal with her ex jaheel hyde and sleeping with his rival michael ohara. After sleeping with Asafa Powell just for a little hype, She now is switching sports from Track to football. She is now sleeping with Leon Bailey of Genks belgium team, a young and promising 18 year old,who is also affiliated with Raheem sterling. Leon is here in Jamaica on a break and is seen in ochi having fun on his snapchar the same place seliej is posting pictures from in the pictures below. When will she learn that these hype boys mean her no good,she feeds off fame and flings her little coochie at anyone who is famous or has a little hype going for them. She is such a beautiful,why does she do this? Poor thing.





16 thoughts on “LIGGLE GIRL YUH NAH HEAR??

  1. Mi never know a suh dem likkle gyal ya did bad. If u see her u wouldn’t even know she can talk. Dem is a set. Wolmaz she used to go. She and har Fren dem look like dem love the athlete dem.

  2. Suh a everybody u hang out with u a f**k? sender shut up u sound bitter. A u did wah the star dem fi uself?

  3. STFU sender anytime di gyal dem look good and unuh can’t compete wit dem unuh carry belly. Gweh a bay di Athletes dem nah fart pon you!!! Low di girl dem

  4. Omg I Dont know what type of athletes y’all are talking about. Look good? How long will her body stay like that to attract what she thinks it will give her? Who’s bitter I just feels sorry for her. I Dont know how met deal y’all ignorant fools! Keep it up y’all doing good inconsequentially.. Bye bye I will not outter another word. People trying to put sense in y’all head and them badmind for what? Bye bye carry on with cursing. I will be somewhere achieving my goals. Y’all have a wonderful day. And be safe. One day y’all will learn life will teach y’all

  5. second picture… all that makeup her has her looking like a tranny. Let the young girl distribute the vagina as freely as she pleases. Great-granny used to say “all who can’t hear will feel.”

  6. Met yuh need to do a post on the ne HIV status of girls and boys between the ages of 16-18 living in Jamaica it is alarming…..

  7. Let the young people them enjoy their live and do not wish any bad on people . Always remember the young boys and girls are the men and women of tomorrow.

    1. Anon 1:35 they are young that’s why they need guidance, is not animal to just roam around & sleep with any and anybody. If they aspire to be the men & women of tomorrow you can’t do it with tainted reputation & a body full of diseases.

      You not talking a ounce a sense

  8. Sender….smaddy had to give the man dem some pums. Are you doing your share? Yu tink seh di man fly into Ochi International to jerk off? Sender, di time yu tek a write Met nuh betta yu guh help the likkle girl hangle some of di hood?

  9. Lowe di Bloodclaat Gyal u sound Badmind di girl Naah barrow ya pussy no matter how u class har gwaan sweat cuz so u Naah go ever bingo bye Felicia!!!

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