8 thoughts on “LIL KIM SEH A DI MAKEUP

  1. I knew it because as a board certified plastic surgeon stated yesterday it would be impossible for her to go through all those surgeries and recoperate so fast to be doing all this. :hoax :hoax

  2. Did the blogger purposely spell “chameleon” and “Brazilian” incorrectly? You cannot be chastising people and inferring that they are stupid when you yourself are insipid.
    Either way, surgery or not, the message Lil’ Kim is delivering is one of self-loathing and that’s why people voiced shock and concern. Put on a wig and play seductress or get faux locs and play earthly, that’s simple stuff but to revamp your entire physical appearance beyond recognition and not for a movie/play or some other creative venture (role play/temporary)?? That’s madness!

  3. I hate ppl like dem who wan come diss people. When they themselves r the real fool. The fact that she walked out her house looking like a damn fool shows who the real clown is. With all them people around her no one could have told her she looks like a damn joke.

  4. She’s were hanging out the kardashions of course she must enter that circle a white girl LMOA . Yo ketch she and Kim k selfie in Miami in the truck Kim can’t even speak with them juicy inject lips ” so sad how the Queen Bee look like wasp bite her in her face .

  5. All that nose surgey n she still have to contour bitch is crazy delusional the industry will fuk your whole mind up!!

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