A family photo was pulled out of this male chicken named Trooper.
Freedom of religion is enshrined in our nation’s founding documents. But every once in a while, someone overdoses on the Holy Spirit and goes way overboard. Like the 22-year-old Tennessee pastor who exposes his congregation to deadly snakes in the name of Jesus. Then there’s the Amish sect leader who went on a terrifying hate crime spree. Or just Google “jihadi.”

Here in Miami, many of the most shocking spiritual snafus involve Santería. We’ve seen skinned puppies, dogs nailed to crosses, decapitated animals strewn across the street, and even a human skull or two.

But perhaps none of that is as crazy — or cruel — as what a Parks Department employee found earlier this month: a live chicken with Santería charms sewn into its flesh. Warning: These photos are pretty freaky.

Here is an email sent by the Parks Department employee, who does not wish to be named, explaining her hideous discovery:

Hi [Redacted Name],
Hope you are doing well these days. We haven’t talked in a while, but a very odd thing has happened that I thought you’d find interesting and wondered if you have any suggestions.

About 10 days ago, I was at Larry & Penny [Thompson Park in South Miami-Dade] and a young chick walked toward me along the right-of-way. Alone and out in the open, I have no idea what he was doing there, how long he’d been there, or what happened. I offered some food and he let me pick him up. Upon inspection I saw he was injured along the knee bone. I didn’t have much time and thought he probably wouldn’t make it through the night, but he did.

I cleaned out the “wound” and did 3 days of dewormer, then several days of bird biotic. He is eating well and looked progressively better each day.

I had to go to my mom’s for several days, so I took him with me and he’s been a real trooper. As the swelling has gone down after several days, I cannot figure out what is going on with these injuries. There were 2-3 round open marks on either side of the keel bone plus an odd injury right at the top point of the keel bone. As of today it looked as though the keel bone was protruding out of the chest!

My friend the chicken lady [Katha Sheehan] stopped by today to help me take a better look, and we wound up finding the most odd thing. Someone had sewn into this poor live bird some kind of religious artifacts. Unbelievable that this bird was even alive.

Trooper, as the chick is now called, is doing well. But a central mystery remains: Why in hell would someone cut open a live chicken and sew a family photo inside?

Seriously, we’re curious. If you know what this is — a curse, a blessing, etc. — let us know.

Even more important: Who are the people in the photograph? If you recognize them, please contact us.

Here are closeups of the contents of the stuffed chicken, including what appears to be human hair, several drawings of skulls, and the photo of three seemingly happy youngsters.



  1. obaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cum yah mumz cum rite yah..plz many many question nd i know yuh have a clue…a three pickney de smaddy a hold dung yuh knw sass crise man

  2. Lord if yuh not busy. Voodoo and evil meddling is everywhere, remember the bible warn of the workers of iniquity…Any Spanish on here who know about that Santeria stuff??? Met yuh ever watch the movie the EYE with Jessica Alba??

      1. The only person that can explain this is the con artist that did it, I know a few Santeria Priest one that I spoke to regarding this since night and i am told this is not a part of the Santeria religion……not by a long shot. But I will leave this to Obara as she is more educated on this matter. I will add where I am familiar. By the way Quena is Catholic…..not every spanish person practice Santeria.

        1. Quena you are correct, this is not supposed to be the practice of any Lucumi priest, priestess, oriete, bablorisha, babalawo< iyanifa, nopes, not at all…I may not agree with how they do initiations, incantations, rites, rituals etc…but this is not supposed to be apart of them, any ah dem do dis, Orisha will deal wid dem..Orisha is righteous, IFA is Righteous!!!

  3. Eating my extra buttery movie theatre popcorn..and not saying a damnnnn thang…more reading, less typing :siul …popcorn anyone? I made more than enoug :beer: ..always looking forward to an educational and all so refreshing session with Lady Obara :rate :peluk

  4. Pretty fowl…ignorance is a b1tch…lol Wish har luck wid “Trooper” inna har house….lololllllllllllllllllll

  5. buenos noche a todos……..I am also here. metty this is not Santeria, this is Brujeria (Witch craft) the person that wrote this is bias or some ‘ish as the community in Miami must be primarily spanish so……..

        1. The Spirits of Santaria as to what I know are used for good and evil …the fowl is a common thing to it and the picture thing too..but mi neva really know bout di picture ina live animal it closer to darker side fi true

          1. *wink*Justice, prosperity, longevity in good health.

            Thou shall not seek to destroy but seek guidance, fellowship and Justice.

            If only these people know wha dem tek on as a house pet…lol.

          2. Yes…he should have let the chicken alone..from what I know u cannot disarm those things without some sort of ceremony ..what dem set fi someone u cannot pick up as to what i know

    1. No bias. The truth is Cubans and Haitians have Miami canal dem lock wid vessels which cannot be consumed. They’ll always pick on Santaria because the Lucumi church told Miami which part direction the wind come from in their land mark law suit in the Supreme Court granting them freedom of religion.

      Yu gwan lo de witch dem, thank yu very much.

  6. This thing that whosoever did by to the bird did this out of trying to cast some evil onto the intended targets. Everything is symbolic and has it’s meaning and message in the spiritual world, this is not to say it will work, it depends on if the person who did this has any REAL knowledge and has completed the ritual, The chicken is a living breathing thing, and in most cases it is a willing sacrifice for human consumption and for spiritual purposes, (not only for bad intentions). In this case whom ever placed this MESSAGE sewn into the chicken and left it alive and walking meant to harm these persons by whatever happened to the chicken would affect these people. For instance, if the chicken walked out into the road and a car hit it and it died immediately, so would the life of these people go. If the fowl was hit by a car and suffered before it died this is what would happen to these people. If the chicken, left on it’s own was struck, by stones by children and couldn’t find food, the same would happen to these people. Whatever this animal would face, this is what the enemy wanted for these people. If it would work is the question, because often times these things does not work, WHY? there are many reasons some I mentioned above, the ritual is incomplete, someone has conjured some lot to do evil and juss ah try ah ting, there is the reason which is there are people who are so spiritually strong whether through their good deeds, the deeds of their parents or grand parents that the very same thing which brought this story to our attention happened, God send some one to do just what this writer did and remove the bondage. Now removing the bondage does not meant that there won’t be complications for the intended victims, (if the job was done properly). These people may feel the wind of the work cast against them but may never see any real much to explain.

    Santeria is not an EVIL religion. Not ,not at all, It is not to be feared. It is the people who use what they have learnt regardless of religion, (MAN! HUMAN BEING!!), to do evil, It is the Character of wicked human beings. There is also Palo Mayombe practiced within the diaspora by many Cubans, but which came with the slaves from the Congo’s, which features a gead spirit they call Zarabanda, none of these spirits are bad, they are used for bad by BAD PEOPLE..MORE TO SAY BUT MI NUH LIKE TYPE!!…MAY SEE SOME TYPO’S BUT MI TIAD!!

  7. good over evil see how the chicken live to tell the tale whoever did this is a wicked son of a bitch.what them going to tell god thats what i would like to know.

  8. If a person id a spiritualist/traditionalist such as myself, and competent, then we must be able to command any evil spirit to do GOOD!!..In the realms of spirit all kind of beings will look to work for knowledgeable people here in this realm, IT IS UP TO US, TO DENY PEOPLE WHO SEEK TO HAVE US USE ORS KNOWLEDGE FOR BAD, At the core of every religious/spiritual/traditional teachings/initiations persons are taught NOT TO PRACTICE EVIL. Evil has it’s place in the world, ought it not so God would not allowed it to be. Satan has no Power of his own, It is God who has given him power and the authority to tempt man. Yes this is so, who can stand up to our God? God has no enemy!!

  9. Met, de bird in this case is a “vessel” but through “PETA people” dem nu known nu betta. Trooper and de deworrming medicine only delay/yield fi de moment. Trooper need fi go sleep.

    1. Old time people always se dont pick up what dont belong to u..The bird was used the same way dem set pot fi people if it was the picture alone den I doubt if it dat bad..there is a writing behind the picture..markings and some likkle tie up tie up…So mi a wonder if a all 3 people dat person after..and why they set it in a live fowl and not dead..dem cudda bury it

        1. Morning…yu neva notice sey no life line no present fi de fowl? lol It funny because them a fass wid whey nu concern dem. Trooper isn’t a damn fowl anymore as in the sense of the word. The main thing inna de picture me notice Mad Head mention it.

          The cross roads are present…but me nah look pon it nu more than wha me eye glimpse.Somethings are best left alone *wink*

          1. U know me a read the thing n if phantom Neva mention the absence of the blood mi wouldn’t notice this fowl is not a fowl to rawsssssseee dem betta kill it but suppose dem kill it n the 3 ppl dead sed time boy oh boy Jesus Christ son of God we NEED YOU

  10. This may not be Santeria but rather a hybrid. Obeah, voodoun or science is not practiced by only the Spanish, the Haitian but includes the African, East Indian and others. The picture and pieces of personal effects along with the picture was to bind those in the picture as said earlier. This may not have been designed to kill but to certainly impede growth and success and bring disharmony. This is either a lovers ritual: to break the bond or that of a wife of the father of the young people present. The goal is to tie and bind and have them do the bidding ( whatever it is ). The other effects are scraps of personal effects belonging to the intended. I agree that simply taking the item out of the chicken is not enough and the person who interfered needs to be also very careful. The chicken is a symbol and a natural deity. This is not light work done here ad suffice to say there were other things done along with this.

  11. Met: as a spiritualist I believe it’s either the action of an older person working on behalf of someone else. It is a jealousy issue. The step mother did this. This is deep rooted and the person will not stop until successful. What is dangerous is that they have access to the people they wish to hurt. They live with them. They need spiritual intervention.

      1. The picture is of 3 young people. Watch the picture good met. That is a family picture. The piece of things is pieces of clothing. My heart tremble for them because they are not safe. They need a lot of spiritual work to rid their home of this energy. This person sit with them, smile with them and want to crush them below their feet. Wickedness.

        1. LOLOL…nu badda read dem too hard. Me know it shouldn’t miss yu but that maybe wha Trini read offa because its a divination “language”. Remember we tribes did symbols and not written alpha so these are ancient markings.

        1. Morning, me think a it yu did read from. Yes to you and Met, it serious. It wasn’t a kill it’s a long term and all when it get tek out a Trooper it done de yah. Me still petition fi de death a de fowl me nu want de a Miami and dat rass crass me path. Me want fi know if “Peta people” nu see sey nu blood nu present?

          1. Phantom di more mi think bout it di more mi agree…the person whey tek it out cant do anything because it already set..di fowl fix already das y no blood..but this look like sorcery

        2. Met, of course is sorcery…no matta wha name people want fi give it- It is still one and the same. Difference is the methods, deities by name and transformation and which ends inna Africa it originate.

          if I’m correct white doves are when good is being done…fowl of the earth (earth walkers) can’t be all good.

          1. Observer, yu can’t just remove the things and say all is well. After all the servant (s)/spirit has already been summoned. You must do something to end their service and this is where madda, fadda, prayor warrior come in. I like the prayor warrior thing cause a su yu know yu true god annoited them pastors and all…lol.

          2. bwoy phantom dats why ppl wi alwayz hav up dis stigma against “workers” caw a dem same one mek greed mek dem deal inna bad wen dem suppose to lend only good smh

          3. lol…Met your sources are on speed dial…lol. I love Santeria and that is no secret. I like it because unlike obeah and vodun de practioners nah grant you the favor of doing harm so easy. If these 3 inna de picture were to go to him/her they will be happy to help because is justifiable.

            Ones that I know don’t like to help people with obeah/vodun spells because they say it takes too much energy to battle the evil whey these two schools of spirituality performs. Santerios/as would rather read dan spend dem nights inna grave yard a do wickedness.

          4. She said they use fowls but not white they use a greyish one and a redish one to take spirits off people but the arrows are to create discord


    mi tink neck a fowl fi get chop off n blood sprinkle n prayin an all dee tings haffi gwaan

  13. Met, who is Kony? and speaking of madding white man…That and the poisoning a dem ratid mek dem but ban pon obeah/vodun/sanatria and the likes.

    If black man slow fi mad white man quicka fi mad…lol

    1. kony is a man in africa whey dem seh do many wicked things and made many disfigured child soliders. di whiteman did decide fi do a big thing fi get government attention so dem cudda go after kony and a little before it happen dem find him ina parking lot naked a run up and down….dem did claim a stress but all when the day came fi di big demonstration like him neva come back to

          1. Yu friend right…Santeria powerful if the persons have direct African ancestry to them gift…other than that the Motherland rules Supreme.

            The arrows may belong to elegba- keeper of the crossroads. He was a prince who died as a boy-poisoned by a relative. In death the creator took him as his right hand because of his young age at death.

            Him mischievous that is why you must plan in advance so that you may choose wisely when you come to the crossroads.

      1. Don’t mess with the Africans :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
        Before it’s taken differently I’m just joking……let me say it from start! This was funny to me about the man running up and down. This ‘ish is reeeeeeal. I hate to even speak of it, I’m so scared.

    1. Thanks Met and Interested…I just saw the TMZ version of the meltdown and will start looking at the Kony videos. I remember seeing Kony on the Interpol site.

  14. Again, this work was done from what I see by people who do not know what the hell they are doing, the paper with the arrows and all kind of write up is suppose to be a seal, If this work was properly done, nobody would not be able to see this chicken, pick it up and remove it’s content!. someone tired a ting and now we discussing it, it does not mean that it will not have some negative impact on the person (s).
    Also anything used positively can cleanse, white doves/pigeons, fowls, sheep’s, goats, pigs, cows although these are four legged animals and what the are used mainly to remove is death, Anything used positively can be used for good, not so for the bad. It is the simplest work that can create evil, death and destruction, it just take a finger to squeeze the trigger of a gun to kill or maim, if the person live after the shot look at what he has to go through to heal!..but whoever said up top that removing the message from the bird will not diminish the bad work, you are correct!!.

      1. YES THAT COULD BE MET, AND THIS MAY BE WICTHCRAFT, WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM SANTERIA, MEK MI BRUK IT DOWN SLIGHTLY, THERE ARE MANY SECTS TO SPIRITUALITY, There are the witches (Aje), Yes they are REAL!!. there is Palo.. (this seems like an attempt at palo to me), there is Oro..(to big fi go inna) Ogboni, Aborigine, and ruff Ogboni (a secret society of which I am apart of) many levels of Ogboni, and so much more…this while it looks bad and maybe it is, but mi feel it is a job gone very wrong, and even so the doer will have to ansa to God for it!!

  15. that chicken work is NOT the works of Africans…nopes..If It was the works of Africans, nobody ooden and cudden remove dat!, and also that picture would not be found whole and wrapped like that into the fowl…Nopes, not true!!!.. first Africans do not need pictures, hair, nails or any othr items to do any rituals!..most of any work good or bad are done through incantations (power words spoken to invoke and open up the world of spirits), after certain rites and rituals are done, In Africa candles, oils and powders are not used, they way they work here is not so there, totally different there…any African fix this work for somebody it id 4 1 9…SCAM!!

    1. One thing fi sure is not ametuer works or that chicken would be bleeding and the contents bloody wid the chicken dead from shock. If not for the divination spell I would have said photoshop.

      If nobody else don’t give an exact “house” that this belong to I will in the next 2 weeks when I have off time and go to Miami, Met.

    2. Obara speaks of what was said to me by the Santeria Priest last night. This is not Santeria, it’s tried Brujeria by a con artist. He said con artist because if it was in fact Brujeria by someone that new of what they were doing the fowl would not have been found, oh.

  16. Obara I agree with you, in terms of being evil, it is what we choose to do, most every culture practice some type of religion, but the people are the ones that distorts the religion by doing evil.


  18. ELEGBA IS PURE ENERGY AND IS THE WORLD POLICE, CLOSEST TO GOD IN THE HEIRACHY OF OR PANTHEON OF SPIRITS, ELEGBA IS (ESU (ESHU) IS THE COORECT NAME) NEITHER GOOD OR BAD, USED BUY LUCUMI PEOPLE AMONG WHAT THEY CALL THE WARRIORS, (NOT SO IN AFRICA), ESU IS CONSIDERED THE WORLD POLICE (this explanation is plenty), HE ACTUALLY CREATES BALANCE IN THE WORLD AND THROUGH HIM ALL OTHER ORISHAS ARE FED. The character of Esu is found in every culture, in India he is Ganesh, Jamaican Brother annancy, Haiti Legba, and so forth, he was never human being born of any parents, however because of limitations of the minds humans have developed stories of deities and humanize them in order to understand them!

  19. Thanks Obara for the insights, the first thing I thought was why this chicken have no blood and if it was opened up (presuming that some indentation had to be made) why it still alive,,,,,, people wicked though

  20. 10 years+ ago my son found something in a tree in prospect park during the summer. We were at a bbq, next thing you know all the kids were around him and when I looked it was abottle with a man and woman candle figure. I took it form him, I said a payer and took a long piece f wood and put it like a see saw on the bottle and broke it. I wasn’t afraid, I just kept prayer over my son. Then in sept he got hit by a car. I didnt connect it to the finding at the time. But at times I wonder if it was because of what he found.

  21. There are many ways to place something inside of something without incision, there are times when I give medicine (anything we use or prepare in tradition is called medicine, regardless if you ingest it or not) to animals, pigeons or fowls and no incisions are made.. (never bad work, I do not do that), also medicine has been given to me many ways that people who do not understand would be shocked!1…I once had a medicine given to me in Nigeria, the medicine was for me to ingest, it was as big as the biggest egg you have ever seen, I had to place it in my mouth and hold it there, then the Babalawo has to say some incantations and knock my chest as he did de sinting slipped dung mi throat!..smooth like butter..caws mi was fretting how dis ting yah did aguh guh many ways to heng dawg wid out put rope roun him neck!!….@Quena the priest is correct, this work is if a cobbler or scammer, or the same person who write de story mek de whole ting uo, mi nuh buy it!!,,This world is my life, I can basically teach it, yuh ah dat mi sey!!….Obara meji..cyaa sign in, de chicken ppl dem lock mi out!!

  22. I do have faith. But it did cross my mind and now I read this. It brought me back to 10+years. ThanK God my Son is fine. He’s attending a great University and nothing weird has happened to him. He’s a praying young man as well.

  23. Ive just read this look the person that has the bird is white not african and this supposed spell just feels as though it was written by a non african I do not have to much knowledge about african spirituality but this is very mix up its not santerian or voudou and obeah if I could see a bigger picture of the spelll maybe I could tell. But onething I will say is this shit just does not work if u are not african!!! And the fact that the bird is alive speaks volumes

    1. My african friend said they use pictures or water and call (summon)the person in a bowl of water so they do use visuals


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