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  1. Mawninggggggggggg Metty n Mettyers :peluk u juss noe wen you see tessanne you see bath n body workssssss :ngakak


  2. Morning MET, funny bad, mi always wonder why Tessance never reach international stardom before, she can truly sing. Check out the song “The Conversation” with Stephen Marley, wicked tune.

  3. @itsme with ky-mani marley………Dis funny baddddd poor ashley di piece a bulla against di good good cheese patty an cocoa bread Tessanne

  4. hahahahahahaha no sah, diss ave mi weak, di man seh wen tess ann ruff up di song dat is like eating a dry piece a bread, den wen she slow it down an mellow it out, dat a di butta a touch di bread ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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