15 thoughts on “LOL WHO DO DIS TO YUH JODI?

  1. She did owe the make up fartist? So she decided to give her George Michael inna di 90’s look,the 5’o clock shadow is spot on.

  2. Jonah whale Kay be making them look like a transvestite. Jody is a cute gal she don’t need all a that I be seeing Sponge bob Kay’s work and most of these chicks be looking like a tranny

  3. You know when sun a tise and it hit some places first and the light slowly starts to creep in signaling the dawning of a new day? Well give her a few minutes and everything will will come full circle.

  4. Smh Kay I’m sorry but y all the faces you do either look the same or look so drag Queen ish smh girl them hands aren’t blessed they are possessed….. You need more practice you and that other so called makeup artist in the Bronx skay makeup always look so drag ish….. Jodi jodi and you sat there and let her do this damn fool with those baby teeth and sleepy breast

  5. The worst part is that she post it like it look good…..come on Jodi…it’s true you have a nice face..but you wicked to yuhself fi mek Gyal clown yuh out wid da makeup man…it do not look good..seriously

  6. Mi want the person wearing the make up and the make up artist come tell me what’s the look they was going for here. An nuh seh Kim K or Nicki M

  7. If I laugh today. This girl is a sick person. She just seems as though she wanna be down and she’s trying way to hardddd

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