A full time now fi some gal get wise and stop use dah p**y ya, don’t want to work just wa sit down and use people gal pickney and walk and suck out di foreign gal dem p**y fi money and clothes. Duran Palmer yuh licky licky and love likes you and yuh father a di president fi badmind..Ya wicked yuh breed up di people dem nice nice pickney dem and now a treat them like rubbish and na gi dem nothing nor spend wid dem but yuh can go out every night guh buy moscato God ago beat yuh…Di night after Gold Slug yuh guh lock dung wid Shawna think nobody neva see well me see and when done yuh gwan like yuh nuh like di gal yuh fi stop it…

Nothing yuh du cya hide red eye bow cat bwoy yuh run guh put in braces guh cure yuh fishy breath. Sorry fi you bout yuh guh follow and teck out license gun smh yuh just love follow yuh need a mind of your own fam!!!!

11 thoughts on “SIR YOU GOT CAUGHT SIR

  1. BomBBC,PC,RC a who send in the General?A which gyal give him a 1suck and get duck?The yute a him own boss with his wholesale liqour business.Glad yall know he has his licensed gun so DONT Run een.

    Shawna deh yah to cool all a wi koki so what’s the big deal?Met is style dutty badmind a try style the general.Starboy palmer name never call pon lickings yet,the man English whitey wifey a mad dem!

  2. Seems like this sender get a f**k and the boy no look back pon her so she caught up in her feelings…hush u girl some of unuh no deserve wifey nor side chick position.

    Drop a sleep and die bitch

  3. Licky licky, suck pussy how that pick dat neva in a it….gurl get out of u feelings,
    He jus wanted a f**k, weh u think he was gonna keep u for a side chick knowing he got a wife….No bitch ur jus a f***r gal if he feel like no strings attached

    Abaaaayyyyy so die now bitch

  4. I know more than 500 women who speedo pass through and counting.We know that the sender is the midget babymother.Midget you and duran’s sista a close family so why you go breed at such a young age for the King of one night stands?

  5. The first poster sound like a Di man, don’t worry babymother, “English, Witey” wife will only put up with this fools bs for so long, meanwhile she be sucking all his friends and family on the low, then when he’s ready to get mad, she will walk away with half his assets and leave him completely broken worse him frighten over har whiteness, yuh mussi think white woman care which black cockie dem a tek as long as it black, the same reason why she choose him will be the same reason she leaves, plenty dumb niggas where he came from, babymother just look after your health and wealth so you’ll be strong enough to laugh at his ass when the time comes

  6. First of all his second wife is blk his first wife left yrs ago she was mix race she left wen him have up the little gal pregnant his sister family and he dont do nothing for his first wife kids girl and boy 12,8 not even call them every time I see his first wife I ask if him call she say noo soo dis hype life is a joke mind ur kids

  7. Hello his first wife was mixrace his married to annette burn up gal 2nd wife and he don’t even remember his kids in england and him suck mi pussy and give me money

  8. Kerry ^^^ gwaan a yuh bed yah man. Di gal a talk like a nuh she write di comment dwrcl And all di short likkle squash face bbm too Mi genna need fi stay far fr dese crosses woman dem mi all hope him wife nuh tun mad too cah dat mus kill him she already gwaan uppity she av har tings so wen she ready she jus cut

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