Defense lawyer Michael Lorne this morning continued addressing the jury in the Vybz Kartel murder trial, raising questions about whether the events surrounding the murder could have occurred in the time stated in court.

Lorne is representing Shawn Campbell, otherwise called Shawn Storm, who is one of Kartel’s four co-accused in the matter.

As he resumed in the Home Circuit Court this morning, the lawyer told the jury that he was alerting their minds to what he called an important 15-minute period in the matter.

He pointed to this period as occurring between seven minutes before 7 o’clock and eight minutes past 7 o’clock on the evening of August 16, 2011.

Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams is alleged to have been murdered on the same day.

Lorne said the period was crucial as at that time phone calls were made by Williams to his girlfriend.

He said the calls were made in the Caymanas region of St Catherine.

He noted that the prosecution presented a photograph in evidence that at eight minutes past seven Kartel was at hospital with bandages on his leg, nursing a dog bite.

The defense lawyer questioned if it was possible for the taxi driver to transport Lizard from Portmore to Kartel’s Havendale home, then for Williams to be murdered and Kartel taken to hospital during that period.

According to him, it could not happen within that time.

He said the prosecution kept saying a trial took place at Havendale but questioned if that was possible given that at 7:08 Kartel was at hospital.


  1. How long does it take to murder someone? Especially when it’s several people inflicting lethal blows? How far away is Havendale from St Catherine driving? Wasn’t it after 6 that Clive expressed fearing for his life and stating that he was approaching the Havendale house? Shawn already placed himself at the house so what the lawyer is disputing is exactly what? How long it takes to murder a man?

  2. fact is shawn put him self at the scene on the day of also chow put himself there too with lizard an everybody else that was there can seh how they lef except lizard an nobody can say if they seen him leaving but they can say they seen him there so one way are di other something happen to him dat all dem did was see him there but not seeing dat him lef if di time nuh right den how big lawyer like tom tavares never pick up dat lol lol

  3. These idiot lawyers just trying something Shawn storm already place himself at the sceneplus aadmitting to take Lizard at the house. So wat happen to Lizard from there on?JJustice need to be served because these guys are killers so why because of Money these lawyers hustling to try get these killers off?

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