6 thoughts on “LUK ERE LUK ERE

  1. Calling Diana King & Tanya Stephens, come do unno due diligence to unno organization that you constantly defends. Put unno money weh unno mouth deh!

  2. Yu see like how a mad, mi mean insane individual like me, wey sick inna mi head from mi come outta Jubilee, a betta mi nuh say nutten! Caw wey me a go say about dis subject matter here, a go get me banned for life from dis JMG website, and me know dat! So, a betta mi jus leave dis one alone ya man.

  3. Carpet muncher Diana King towel tongue toilet paper tongue Diana see u ppl dem hear dem need u a this fi focus pon Diana send on the bikkle give dem so u n dem can stop perplex the place legions of germs n bacteria like unnu kmft

  4. Use oonu batty n getti

    Di way how oonu can hype, oonu nuh pose fi ah beg. 1 smaddy shudda can dash out n get dat amount….. di moas 2

  5. Morning metty an folks…simpli…mi pread rite out @ ur comments everytime….sunday nuh good again…dem batty an di scamming nag bring een nat a thing…

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