AN angry mob yesterday descended on the Princess Margaret Hospital in St Thomas demanding to see the body of Solomon ‘Sala’ Johnson who they claimed was murdered in cold blood by the police.

While the boisterous residents admitted that Johnson was their “don” and “protector”, they insisted that he was unarmed when the police entered his home in Dumfries in the parish, sometime after 1:00 pm, and pumped two shots into his body.

His 12-year-old son, they said, had only moments earlier stepped out of the house.

The boy, apparently traumatised by the incident, was too distraught to speak as he, too, milled around among the throng of residents.

Several armed policemen stood guard at the entrance to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department as the situation threatened to descend into chaos.

The angry crowd decided they would not disperse and stayed put for the more than four hours it took for the funeral home to send transport from Kingston to St Thomas to pick up the body.

It took the threat of tear gas by the police to keep the crowd at bay as they tried unsuccessfully to get a last look at one whom they dubbed their local ‘Robin Hood’.

“Holiday done. Yuh nuh see dem slap out di don head,” one gloomy-looking young man lamented.

“Him death nah go so, yuh hear,” said a young man as he pointed accusingly at the police. “Unnu wicked, an’ dats why wickedness nah stop.”

Another young woman said the police had killed the one person they had to protect them.

“Who ah go protect we now?” she questioned.

Sister of the deceased, Maureen Johnson, said she heard that her brother was inside his house when the police shot him, dragged him outside and threw him into their vehicle.

“Him little son would ah did in dere if him never leave the house just shortly before,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

Some residents recounted that they saw four policemen enter the yard and, shortly, after they heard two shots fired.

“Ah guy was dere an’ him say the police run him out ah de yard. But de question me have is how ah two shot fire and the police claim say ah shoot-out?” questioned Johnson’s sister.

Another resident said the police killed “Sala when him a cool”.

“Sala nah gi nuh trouble now, yuh nuh,” the woman said, adding that she had spent a significant part of last night with him on the phone.

An emotional man who said Johnson, believed to be in his 50s, was his best friend, defiantly accused the police of killing him in cold blood.

“Me caan believe say unnu kill ah man inna big daylight and a nuh shoot-out,” said the man. “Dat well hot.”

“Ah cook de man was about to cook because you can see the things dem weh him have out,” said a woman who only identified herself as his niece.

Some young men also openly threatened that the police will have to pay for his death.

“Him death nah go like that because ah good man, an’ di whole ah St Thomas love him,” said one of several dozen young men gathered at the scene.

The police themselves were tight-lipped about the incident although one was overheard saying Johnson was the “big don” in St Thomas.

“I grow up around dem man dere an’ me know say ah nuh lickle people him mek bawl,” the officer said.

Merrick Watson, head of the St Thomas Police Division, declined to provide further information.

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  1. Same ting dem do a Mobay last week. Dats y when mi si the open letter from one a dem last week mi just kiss mi teeth. Dem a cool blooded murderer! Yu do have trouble makers but dem always kill innocent youths.

    1. How you know he Sala was innocent? As the policeman said, ah nuh lickle people him mek bawl. I have no problem when Jamaican police assassinates these thugs on the spot. You don’t become a don and remain one being an innocent bystander. There is a reason they went for him and exact justice on the spot, like they do innocent people every day.

      Do you have anything to say about the 7-month pregnant woman that was murdered yesterday in Portmore? Shot one or twice in her head. Or is it only when the police kill badman yuh have anything to say? We need them to hunt donw all of them and shoot them on the spot….a dat mi seh!

      1. Anon….amazing how the post fi de legal clerk (Not a idling woman a tal) 7 months pregnant EMPTY . Chances are the gun was rented to the shooter by some “DON”…Selah! to de demise a one of Jamaica notorious blood suckers.

        Wonder if this is karma fi de woman and her children who were murdered and then burnt in there homes 2 yrs ago around this time? Justice is a muss and yes to the blogger who wrote that “time is the master”. Big up ALL lawful people of JAMAICA! Much LOVE.

  2. The police did a great job this time.Truth is he is a thief,rappist and murdera!!! That bastard been getting away with wickedness too long. Nast hungry belly protesters just because they probably could beg him a little change they are there.Time is the Master and the murdera finally feel the bullets he has used to take other people life go rest with the devil you Demon!

  3. Thats why the poor stuck in a rutt…always standing up for the murders in the community they know are criminals..maybe they are forced to do it idk… But it’s time for the poor to change their mentality.

  4. Well you should have problem with it cause just like they kill him infront his son coulda easily been you…an who without sin should cast fist stone

    1. Okay, you are so right in defending the death of our innocent criminals. When heads a get chop off I won’t be upset, only if is de police doing. lolol

      When people get murdered inna dem house and it get burn dung to I won’t be upset unless is JCF doing it.

      When 18 month olds getting raped I won’t get upset unless a police do it.

      I won’t be upset about the recent report of this 7 month old pregnant woman death because it wasn’t a police who do it.

      Onu have strength fi de police but NONE fi fight criminals. Me ago dead being one wid de trengh fi fight dem…don’t worry you won’t recognize me because people like me go unnoticed.

      1. My point exactly!!!!! Dem ah defend de hand outs, here and there, but not the law!? Everything the law do dem wrong, but CRIMINALS are hails as angels, dons, etc…kmt :travel

  5. @ms moderation shut your rass! Who feels it knows it!
    If I did not know him I would not make such a comment but because I do and have been a victim of his wickedness I can talk he was no innocent Truth is he is a murdera who like make duppy now he is one.

    1. I hope Rameish Simpson is next. He has gotten away with too many murders and rape of underage girls. I wonder when MP James Robertson is going to stop protecting this SOB. He rescued him once, let see if he attempts that shit again.

    1. Thank de heavens fi dem sickness! Cause SALA BOI GONE….. :selamat

      one ache never to see earth again…dis yah duppy yah will be bottled forever. So to the mourning familes live free and prosper. :peluk

  6. If is a situation where di man was unharmed an di cops life wasn’t threatn den di cops is jus as much a criminal as di suspect. If In fact it was a shootout an dem kill him den job well done simple as dat nuh argument nuh inna it.

  7. Why is it when these so call don get killed the ppl in the community go all crazy, this man did not become a don because he was just a nice and innocent person he became a don because of wrong doings thats why our island is so messed up. What about the innocent ppl this don has killed and rob to provide for these ppl in his community because I am sure he does not have a 9-5 job. Yes our police force is corrupted but our ppl are also being unrealistic. Its all good when your don rob from the innocent to provide for you but its wrong because the police take his life.

  8. Sometime bad police haffi do a job wey no one want to do ,to mek things better.Unno see di justice system all the courts corrupt no rass.All di judge dem do is gi dem bail as so as dem murda people and the little man wey thief because him hungry him cant get bail.From u tek people life u fi dead,period.If u a defend uself or family dat different …….Karma is allways a B itch.

  9. @phantom pheonix a nuh lie dat a st.thomas mi family come from left there when mi young but from mi a little gal dem man deh a kill ppl.whole a dumfries kno say him a murdara him a 1 a d most notorious gun man.a nuh likkle ppl bury dem pickney bcuz of him.a nuh likkle pickney fatherless bcuz of himso dem caan talk bout innocent.unnuh think dumfries a nuh lil lane a up in sum hillside police nah left morant bay bcuz dem haunted a dem job fi serve and protect.thanks to the police for doing dem jobs ppl in st.thomas can sleep better knowing that 1 of the hoodlums dem gone

    1. :2thumbup Exactly tweety who cares if him did a cool. I guess it was the perfect time to cool him forever
      His son traumatized? I was young and traumatised too and it still hurts I only hope his son won’t follow in his fathers footsteps.

    2. Me love yu community. Eradicate de bad breed dem and Dumfries is a gem. I love sitting on my friends Verandas or just standing at a road side to look out at the sea. Love it.


  10. If you are in the business of duppy creation, den nuttn nuh wrong if yu join di gallery. My only hope is there is really a “Hell” for his soul.

  11. the police kill sala when him stop bad.. sala a ole man now… yes him do him dirty deeds n guh prison how much in years n do time n come out why a now dem guh fi him

  12. why when bad man get old them cool out and them friend feel say them must live in peace. What happen to the crime he done commit, shouldn’t he pay for it, I think he should even when he’s old and on medications or in wheelchair

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