Now this big fool gyal wah name Jamie always deh a road a fight gyal ova Rory from Portmore Society. When she ready she fight di bwoy too!! If the man did have any respect fi yuh him wouldn’t deh a road wid him gyal dem mek yuh haffi a fight him and if you did have any respect fi yuhself yuh wouldn’t deh a road a act like a big kayliss waste gyal! Unnu a proclaimed “hot” and “uptown” gyal who gwaan like unnu have unnu shit together but haffi deh a road a fight fi keep man. You are a business woman(She own one clothing line name Yahdie Coscious) it nuh look good fi yuh deh a road a behave like a big waste gyal…correction “girl” cuz woman nuh behave like you! Satday night one party name 100 bottles keep and di bwoy come deh wid him new gyal and before di eediat gyal Jamie go one side she a look fight wid di gyal and di bwoy. Hear sey she all wet up di girl and a bag a excitement all becuz it bun har sey di man move on from har. All she a talk bout di girl ugly but guess what boo…she still get him!! Get your shit together because your behaviour is really sickening. Stop go road go look fight wid di man and him ooman dem! You’re sad!


  1. Very attractive young lady. If only they had some self respect. Why would you constantly be fighting over a man? Business owner as well? Oh dear…

  2. fight the man not the girl. she pretty but insecure. poor ting sender post a pic of the man n new ooman

  3. She shouldn’t be fighting anybody period! I know of this girl and her antics…if a man giving u bun or leff u and move on do the same. Don’t be outta rd fighting or wetting up ppl. She famous fi the wetting up part. But a cuz she nuh meet di right gyal yet fi mek she know what a fight is! Have some class and more importantly some sense!

  4. a lie !

    never thought i’d see the likes of jamie on pink wall

    but me tink it was dimznificient she was throwing it up on —not rory !!

    come een like evry gyal in kingston want rory – hes a cutie

    jamie yuh a fight over man ? LOL if i laff tideh – dem love gwan like dem nice and decne t

    and i like her clothing line so it soun bad fi hear yuh a fight over man – dont let your business become marred like fashinista she

    rory cocky mussi well sweet

  5. Rory don’t want a soul, why fight over a man that don’t even acknowledge yuh eeehhh why !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dat mi sey too Ispy…a lie, u wouldn’t know she and rory deh cuz him nuh own har a rd & u woulda tink a denva she deh wid fi tru cuz she hitch up unda him under the guise of getting close to Rory. A nuh she alone exist but a she alone a gwaan like ediat

    1. so whos the new girl she fighting rory for ?

      nuh party pictures nuh deh a road wid the play by play ? lol

    2. These Portmore society boys are all userssssssssss users but a dat dem fi do some a dem eediat gyal yah weh love spotlight. A chubby alone mi see show up him woman and all, Rory eva single, smh women can fool fool so ? fi wah sey dem deh wid hype party man, weh nah give dem shit

  7. lmaoooooo wasn’t tuff face fashionenira posting rory as her MCM a few times? all reach a football match and ish she must couldn’t get him why she settle for community penis kitt

  8. First of all I dont know what the hype ova Rory weh life inna a bed room with his son. Denva ugly as fk. Jamie get a fking life you a look gud gyal man will dead ova you. nuff gyal tell me Rory sex last 3 mins so is cant that sweet. Look how u have your good good name a call a road. Over some broke niggas. How can Portmore weh dump land have a desireable society????? Boo it no look good Chicken head is real

  9. no sah.. a dis name hatttt.. jamie pretty face but foolish character. She is forever fighting ova dis short hype fi nutten boy. Like mi cant stand dem nigga flop like dem parties. Unu cant hype and live inna family house thats tacky. At least move into a one bed room even if it seh a hagley park road lolol. Gyal get u self togather woman with man a buy dem benz no so fool ova man. Rory eva buy u nothing yet. Him gi u hairdressa money??? him mussi suck pussy sweet and proppa lmaooo.. #sad

  10. This is bad. You are so better than this. Look how people talking about you. Well if you lay wid dogs you must ketch …

  11. she used to date deane shepherd, better she did stick with him smh, good business woman a fight over man weh nuh want nobody

  12. A LIE!!!! Please not every gyal want no frigging Rory. Well yu rite a gyal alone want him. No lady or woman. ok carry on. Jamie di ting ruff pon you babes juss bag yu face an go new york

  13. Lmao.. how di gyal dem a duh ps suh. Di gyal seh broke niggas!!!!.. James Black how you if a fight ova man weh buy won bokkle a dance and tek tur holdin it in a selfie hahahaha one more ha!!!!!! Day doin it fa di gram. Ya we see u ova here fake flossin on 9 to 5 wages. Jmaes Black how you so sexy an pretty and so fool. No sah mi no believe u neva dida fight u were having a hardcore convo a mus dat. Nope doa believ it.

  14. Is lie! The girl was having fun and thing at the party. She never look or trouble no one. She and all of them are friends. Sender if you want to know what the connection she and them are all friends. She is a good designer and her clothes does well. I would not want to believe that the competition would make up such a thing to drag down her brand. I would hope Fashionenira that this is how you attack people, constantly using pink wall for troubling people. Same way when Kitt stop pay you mind picture and story reach. Now you can’t get out the competitor so this. SMH. Stop using this wall to tarnish people, it’s unfair when these are hardworking people.

  15. U see the problem is ppl see others on social media and out in the streets and think they know them. A pretty face etc does not make a person decent or a good person. All of those defending Jamie I assume are her close frenz since y’all know so much. So since unnu so close call her and ask her abt the altercation in the parking lot at 100 bottles. Ask her abt how the one weh name Mitch did haffi hold her fi calm her down when she calling the new girl ugly bitch etc. Unnu neva deh deh! Me witness it does! Ask har bout when she box him a one party a giscombe! Is not di fuss or second time she a do dem ting yah! And for the record no I’m not a hater becuz as ppl sey anyting bout unnu “friends” weh is only unnu seem to know sey unnu and dem a fren dem is a hater…kmt I have no reason to hate the girl but call a spade a friggin spade!

    1. Rory a real gallis…fullstop dem love him so dont knock him hype memba dem man ya ckme from nohin and a hussle fi rch someweh….some gyal a jus ediat….a man will always b a man the diff is him popular….n me feel all yall a haters

  16. @I’mappalled im with you. U na hate a true. Have class and lef loose gyal life. If the cap fits #shameonyoujamie

  17. So how mi neva see this fight? just came back from Jamaica.Mitch is my cousin and mi roll with all of them so when this fight pop and mi neva see???? Me and Jamie aren’t close but from the little visits and paring from 2012 until now – this is not her character. just have to shake my head at people weh love fabricate story.

  18. @wrong she always fighting ova him in public. Suh yu guh bakk inaa yu corna tryin to mek every1 kno yu juss lef off a plane. Bout I juss lef Jamaica a fren yu a lukk u cussin knee knock like u should really be hiding that family link. But yo any gyal si har man a par wid a dog face gyal like di 1 him di wid woulda get mad lol shi ugly fi true.

  19. No love not loooking friend , especially from runeeen queen or king like you. I didn’t send for you hoe – Dont grudge me for my frequent flier miles hoe. *gaffaw*
    @I’mappalled…okay – just saying I was there the whole night and no bad vibes ..Rory is quite alright Jamie have quality man trying to talk to her so……….

  20. @wrong dwl bitch chill how i muss grudge u and u cum frm monkey mitch family line bout flyer miles if i laff i piss up maself. Woiii lololol this ugly gyal doa god. But this is not about yo wanna be ass bakk to jamie b di star a di show.

  21. This wall is not for you baby girl. Pick yourself up. They cant break you. Stay away from Rory and the hype he brings hes bad for you kinda like poison. Walk pass him next time you see him a road. Then he’ll know he aint nothing but shit.

  22. Mi a look pon some a these comments and some a unnu really grieve mi! Yuh have a problem wid di man dem a fake floss wid dem 9-5 wages but I guess unnu woulda rather dem fake floss wid dem f**k batty or beg money wages eeh! Mi nuh know nuh badi wah can drink a bottle a Hennessey by demself so if dem buy one and share I guess that makes half of these niggas out here fake flossers!

    So what if him sleep inna 1 room wid him son?! Nuff a unnu kayliss gyal nuh even know weh unnu pickney dem deh. As somebody sey I commend him for taking care of his son cuz mi nuh know many young single fathers. Bwoy have him masters nuff a unnu neva finish all age school! I guess more than half of Jamaica is tacky living in family house…makes way more sense to go live in a 1 room roach pen somewhere kmt

    Bottom line is if yuh have yeye and sense yuh will see sey di bwoy have nuff gyal and nuh waan nobody. If u as di gyal waan stay inna it u a fool. If yuh present uself as fool ppl a go tek yuh fi fool! But don’t act all brand new when u see him a rd wid a next gyal like u neva know wah yuh inna! It nuh look good as a young gyal fi a war ova man inna 2015!

  23. Mi cant bodda!!! lol So long and short of the story we can conclude that is tacty to fight ova man an when is a ova hype nobody dat doa wan yu it mekk mattas worst. #loosegyalaroad. Big up Rory fa taking care of u son but thats your job tho suh??? non the less doa stop. Yute liv u lif an do u ting u cant stop thots from warin ova yu.

  24. I have a simple question for the sender. You say that you witness the scuffle in the parking lot, so why didn’t you take a pic or video of the incident because most people here don’t believe.I’m not saying you are a liar but a pic or video evidence would make much easier for you.

  25. She ain’t all that. Scrubs will always be scrubs , she gotta fight because she ain’t worth fighting for #NEXT

  26. Nah her and Denva not together they are “bff” lol. He’s involved with the kymmakeup chick sshhhhhhh

  27. Chatty mouth move yuh bloodclaat bout di gal nuh look good if yuh waah sey she nuh fi a fight ova man sey dat but don’t come pan di people dem website a hide behind computer a talk bout di gal nuh all dat… Can bet yuh ugly nuh bloodclaat n fava supm wha donkey bite up n spit out hssst

  28. Anonymous just like u , I’m behind a screen . shut tf up . she isn’t all that . she’s no prize ..we have seen much better . lol your insults mean nothing , so please continue. De girl is a common fowl .so let them fight over the dash out boy lmao .

  29. Please Rory wack gyal wah u a war ova. Memba seh di gyal dem seh when unu a fk dem haffi keep silent cause yu son will hear on di top bunk dwl. Use dis weekend ochi money buy a bed.

    Stop war a road it no luk rite likkle gyal.

  30. This is sad! And he is now f**king kandi king let’s see if she will get mad too as I’ve heard she is very unstable and needy! Same upt girls weh bash ppl and walk like dem betta Dan ppl! These guys don’t have shit! Chubby show him ugly woman yes but still a f**k around and a look ppl .. So don’t be fooled by there little “fame” waste society

  31. None of these little boys in the “waste society” are worth it ladies stay away! Kandi king your next always wanting people man I hope you can handle the germs Rory will bring into your little flashy life “karnivalbykandi” hahahaha these upt girls ️sick me!

  32. @unnu grieve mi Im guessing you are a fan or a friend? But lets face it if you are almost 30 and you still live in a one bed room in a family big yard you really should not be flossing and hyping as much Rory does. So moving right along right from your epistle. Because hes no catch not sure what the hell she fighting over. And its his child he should care for him why unu ready to give a man a prize and crowd for doing what he is soppose to. But this is what unu little girls get when unu love run down hype man. NOTHING BUT A NASTY SHAME AND POST UP ON A PINK WALL. When real men who turning dem own keys into their own homes holla at them they not interested in the love and respect he is ready to give, instead unu chasing hype broke niggas who no respect or want unu. Why cause unu no love unu self and unu love hype!!!

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