Yes Fashionenira yuh claim yuh life private but yuh still a put everything out deh! A who yuh waan see sey yuh and yuh man a match??? Kitt a dutty man him a deny yuh to the whole world and nuh stop Nyam yuh out. Gyal mek yuh fool suh yuh a buy cocky, boy a dress a duh road and yuh caan go nuh where caan the money haffi stretch. Schev yuh need fi dun wid Kitt yuh nuh tired a disgrace look pon the ugly gyal him have a hype pan yuh! Kitt yuh a tek the gyal things and sleep wid the gyal every night and she haffi drop yuh off when yuh think nuh baddy naw see…Fashionenira finally have a bae yayyyy you!


  1. unnu really luv hype up dis bitch eeehh.KMT wi tyaad fi c har ova yah. Di yute buy him tings n doe want dis attention seekin whore.senda stop mekup story.Mi neva c a gyal luv ATTENTION SUH. As di bwoy post him pic she well find pic a fi har watch flingup fi try mek connection. she wiicked fi even mekup dis send cum ova yah to how bad she want knowings. Dutty Devarine is like if yuh nuh see yuh face pon pinkwall yuh nuh feel good? All wen di yute walk pass har shi still a look knowings. DEVARINE MCLEAN YUH IS A NOBODY!! Guh put furniture inna di pieca apt wehh yuh can barely pay fa caus di store naa mek nuh money.mi doe kno wen wi aguh see yuh carry yuhself like a “Business woman” oo f**k yuh stil a likkle pissytail gyal. dis gyal jus luv boast bout wehh she nuh have. wehh di car dehh wehh yuh claim yuh muma buy lyaaad gyal. affi run guh rent car. TOO DAMM LIE. YUH NEED HELP UGLY TUFF BLACK GYAL!! Humble yuhself siick stomach like. instead a stalk di man dem caus him anno di ongle one yuh a stalk find a hobby gyal..Pickup a book nuh!

  2. Again no sah da fashionenira gyal love dissa wall ya sah Metty yuh fi charge har man..she n har battyman fren dem will duh anythin fi be seen. di boii ne even look pon dis gyal thru di corna a him yhii a SANDZ launch she get mad a run guh home. babymonkey a suh dis yah boii ya have yuh head lock. everybaddi kno dis boii nuh want EDel. yuh nuh stop text off him phn den a complain pon IG how yuh inna “brat mode” caus di boiii naa ansa yuh. “BAE mi rasss” gyaal guh sidun an find a good dressmaker/tailor yaaa idk wehh yuh a puton guh rd.a dat yuh fi focus pon n stop run dun cockie.

  3. Edel a who u a try fool wid u man clown self. Me sure u know kitt don’t want you. Kitt down even respect him own baby madda much less fi respect or own u. Right now kitt deh wid my fren and tell her everyday how him love her. Kitt u is a wanna be all u do a DM gal pon IG and left comment under gal pic wid ur thirsty lame ass. As ur bitch Edel said before go look a job cause promoting nah give u no $. Hamptons was Flop and a u and 100 man keep sandz so u don’t mek a $1. IG liar all u do a trick the gal dem including my fren lol but me leave her to time. I don’t know how u no catch aids yet cause a u say f**k and suck without boots lol a ya so nice.

  4. but is what this inna the sunday…kitwahna vassel aka kittbruckkynz u really find another idiot fi nyam out edel u did really think mr kingz did really a go own u ???? u is a little girl wid a penut brain and nasty attitude it look like as u sell u piece a old bruck outta u tenement store u hand it over to kitt lmao little gal go buy some decent stock and stop mine worthless kitt shev cah say ntn she haffi a mind kitt fi hold him cause him nah look at she kitt must have infection to how much pussy him name call pon a wonder how ms shev feels about this new mate of hers because you know a shev say nah let go of Mr Vassel baby stop hold man shevypoo lol

  5. Yes nasty kitt, every day u a drive up the gal car and u nu stop hide and f**k. Ugly edel u nuh stop talk bout u fren diss and fren that and kitt disown u to all dog. U no stop mine kitt and u haffi a drop him off a 6west wen nobody na look. All him own fren dem a laugh after u and u a nuff up Inna dem. As for shev she unu no notice she finally tek her daughter from whoring kitt. I couldn’t tell the last time she comment a pic fi him. Kitt wen are u going to change. U still a f**k nyah and is u and a big man a f**k her cuz u know ur no $ ass cah tame she. Cuz a soso f*k n suck u say freaky kitt. Edel stop mine wah na claim u. Shev come defend u baby fadda

  6. if a laugh a weak MET weh yuh deh? speak of STALKER..di gyal know sehh man dem a duh dem likkle linkup fi tiggy pon di beach and she n har shapebad UGLY british fren reach ova deh…smh dese bitches will never change. All wen di man a run dem dem still a look knowings.@tammy27 MAN TELL OOMAN ANYTHING FI GET WEHH DEM WANT FRM YUH. ur fren a real poppyshow dem boii only luv demself. everybody jus see dem “promota boii yaa” n jus a run eeen fi knowings senda jus tek yuh f**k n walk yaa. wi tyaad a hear bout edel wi kno nuh man nuh want har n will neva own har. unnu stop bring har ova yaahh cum swell har big head caus weirdly a dat she like. she lack luv frm har family poor thing …,try luv urself hun.

  7. I REALLY PITY THESE GIRLS. I SWEAR MET DEM AMBITION IS JUS BELOW DI GRUN. Senda y yuh mad? YUH shuddnt b caus everybaddi kno the truth dat dis boii naa look pon dutty EDEL. unnu fi stop mek man clown unnu. AN STAP MEKUP TINGS CUM OVA YAH inna di big sundeh yah unnu shudda a eat sundeh dinnna or guh buy ice cream. if yuh a one of him bitta victim hush learn frm it move on. Unnu a call Nyah name like a unnu have har front caus di gyal naa look pon unnu n mi sure yuh nuh see har a chat bout nor run dung nasty kit. Kelly get a life man caus wi kno a yuh n dutty nasty samantha nuh stop send eeen story.COME WID FACTS NUH..caus look like unnu up all hrs a watch di common boii. Unnu kno di nasty boii like likes and unnu want hype n guh lay dung wid him n him stil naa gi none a unnu knowings unnu need fi guh check if unnu have nuh disease unnu suck cocky too much and a pay fi it at dat. Unno sidung a watch di ppl dem IG fi c who comment frm who like ppl pickcha…like really?? unnu nuh have nuthin betta fi duh. WI TYAAAD A DI LAME STORY EDEL STOP STALK DI MAN DEM. wuk pon yuh brand. guh visit yuh muma often n give the credit to yuh sista fi a feed n provide shelter fa yuh. i swear unnu IG celebrity jus mek it get to unnu head.

  8. Di baby modda wake up she tek har daughter suh she nuh have nuh reason fi come Jamaica. She use to send things money ec cause har daughter was there. Suh Kitt have to find a replacement fast suh him draw fi Edel wey nuh baddi nuh waan or waan own to how she UGLY and har personality stink. See Edel run Gwaan over Fort Clarence guh hitch up pon Kitt. It might a did tek Shev sometime fi wake up but she did. Drop Kitt, tek har daughter and a make a life fi the 2 a dem a foreign. Kitt is a dutty man and him a do the things cause him nuh waan wuk. The same gyal we dis him baby Madda a she him a kotch up wid. Go look wuk so u can have some pride. Stop walk n beg borrow ppl money. Be a man is a daughter yuh have, yuh waan she grow fi nuh have nuh respect fi yuh. Shake up yuh life 2015 a come be the father and man yuh daughter can proud of it nuh too late. Shev mi gyal keep yuh head up yuh nuh di first or last fi pick up a dutty man.

  9. Dun pussy charm aka shinyah Grey aka kitt cum box… Aka i need a daddy,Wat a way u a own up nyah hole like a u and kitt have shares Inna it. Nyah aka 3some tete a u we a talk bout cuz we know kitt still a f**k u and freak u out. Facts!!! So stop call next gal name a months we nuh see kitt and Kelly so we a talk bout who we see which is u and Edel. U forget say a regular u tek chichi bus from u sardine board house a port royal cum f**k a portmore. Fi a little 19 year old u mileage highhhhhh pon u cratches so stop come pon pink wall like u cute. Is only a pity u cudn filter out ur vagina like u how filter out u grater face. Wid u twist up self. Go do u batty if a so u wah batty u look handicap like cuz every pic u tek u look like u wah shit. Ppl with ass don’t have to try so hard bitch. Yes nyah come tek me on. U forget how u man nearly kill u wen kitt cum Inna u hole idiot nyah so till him start cum Inna u mouth a him talk it so a FACTS say a lie now f**kiesha.

  10. Hush puffy if stalker kelly or samantha a yuh fren. But dis aint nyah.. if she a hyde n f**k di boii only yuh wudda kno caus a u hve har pussy…wi nuh c dis gyal a post bout kit nor a claim him a har bae…edel waa to b seen…unnu sad bad!!!everybaddi c di screenshot dem n di whole outburst bout di incident.yuh seem fi hve a tracker pon kit hood. It dat good?? It worth it?? Unnu meet kit a dawg n him f**k unnu n leff unnu same way once a dawg always a dawg too sad unnu pussy cuddnt tame him. Di boii is a known nasty boiii wehh jus tell unnu wehh unnu wahh hear f**k unnu, tek unnu things chat wid him fren dem, dem same fren recycle unnu to n move on to the next!! If unnu nuhh c sehh unnu lifestyle unfortunate then unnu sadder dan funeral!!! Not even a pass to one a dem party unnu get, unnuh pay guh ehh sameway n di boii nuh even look at unnu.Guh grow some ambition!! I are not di one!!!!! Unnu inna cockie war n it evident!!

  11. Mi agree. Mi don’t see har a mention him or anything nor post so how unu jus deh Pon dem suh . Dem Boi ya too wicked . No man jus f**k f**k and f***k

  12. But Petrina a dem ediatt gyal yah fu wiseup serious times now stop run dung nasty boiii wehh naaa look at dem n naaa change. Him n him fren dem jus a laugh affa Dem. Di one Edel know dem a watch har suh if a even fi she build a story she aguh duh it fi di attention but Met kit,nino n di whole team is jus laughn at theses sad hoes n a promote dem party sameway wehh all these thots aguh run guh same way n pay fi guh eeen to. Edel mi sorry fi yuh gyal like gaynor really salt yuh up..nuh man nuh want yuh hush mumz..Mi dehh pon di beach n di edel gyal affi stay far. A dat she run dung di boii fah!! Dem jus love try prove pon ig. Nuh hide n chat to di man claims him mi dear n that yuh cant duh caus him cannot b seen near di infidel!!hahaha sadhoes!!

  13. Me tired a dis tuff turbitb she and her friend bristol who dexter no stop diss her and take her money and naw own her up wid birds of a feather flock together bristol need fi worry abt the mop pin her head and rap mine man and Edel need fi go find somebody who want her and tap mine man me shame a uno a hustle fi mine man

  14. Edel me sorry for you because all the mine u a mine him, him still deh with king kels me nah ask christ a wah day me see the two a dem inna portmore. kit look like him tie she cause him and that girl naah no left a leff. so shev gone but kelly is still there.

  15. @anon 10:49 is true me spot dem an did a wonder wey a Gwaan all she naw nuh shame cause to how him did dis har pan him IG
    I hope all these female get some PRIDE fi 2015. Build unno business if unno a do business. Learn Life

  16. yes chile me say @ anonymous 10:59 me nuh know who tie who cause she dun him to and him still itch up with her. a regular me hear say a car park up outta him gate. A him own fren dem say a she tie him and so dem war so she back over the yard a sleep.Kitt a wah kelly she a do so? the two a dem deserve each other because they both dont have no shame as me can see.

  17. Kitt & Kelly deserve each other because the two a dem dun dem one another. She did a throw beer word pon him pon IG so if the two a dem still deh them must know. So a the two a dem nah no shame. But to how kitt him behave me surprise him and her deh back. She use to throw tings Inna him baby madda face and shev jus haffi bawl. Kelly dry eye bad and kitt cah controll her that’s why him did a try dun her. But as him same fren dem say is like kitt cah left she no matter wa she do him. So Edel me sorry fi u lol

  18. IF I LAUGH I DEAD INNA DI MONDAY YAHHH. suh KELLY yuh reach ova yahh to a defend wat?? a mekup story fi ppl look pon yuh?? oh plzzz yuh wish yuh cudda paass di boii gate.Afta di boii affi get restrainin order fi yuh n all post it pon IG yuh all mek yuh fren a digicel block him phn frm get call n all sorta foolishness pls nuh even mek we put it all out dehh…get ova di boiii n stop look hype. hahahah damm fool no young girls unnu stop it. Kelly yuh shudda a focus pon yuh pickney n stop run dun man. yuh mek fake profile an a post bout aneeka n odda gyal a mad ova kit.. n all post pic of him n him babymadda tattoo pon each odda finga fi wah fool?? like a fi yuh name him tatoo pon him, one gyal can fool suh…yuh did all del yuh IG an really a come look fwd pon met page …she dis fi charge yuh rass …oh god unnu gyal wicked bad ehhh…kelly guh look a wuk n cum offa pinkwall…OLDNEWS….NEXT!!! caus yuh nuh want wi really run yuh dutty profile ova yahh!!!

  19. Charm please to shut the f*k up u seem more concerned with kitt more than everybody on the page. You are a sad bitch. A wah kitt promise u a extra cum Inna u month. U seem like u a stalk and a look knowings more than all the ppl name wa u a call. U nuh have no baggy fi go wash. Stop watch Kitt its so f*king obvious u are nyahs fren because why u a defend nyah but a dun edel and kelly. Low ppl life and go make sure urs well shampoo. U too f**king nuff now. Its like if u no talk bout kelly and edel u no feel good. Kitt no wah nobody so why u a defend kitt so? Since him no wah edel or kelly why is u mad bitch. U sound like a u kitt a f**k straight. Go read a book and come off the ppl page. Only a pity kelly or edel don’t know who u are fi throw some piss down u throat. Stop pick up wah no concern u. Is what the gal dem nah give u no suck affa dem good good a wah so bitch. I am not a fan of either girls but u going too f**king hard like u a try get some hype. F**k off and go suck u madda stalker charm low the ppl dem. U a send in book fi justify why the boy no want the gal. Me see kitt and kelly wid my own two eye so a mussi u and him go put out restraining order. Since kitt a u fren charm ask him why kelly car park a him gate now. Unu jus love ppl business. The same fren dem wah kit keep from round him yard a the same ppl dem him chat him business wid. Yes me know cause me a tek one a kitt fren and mi man jus a laugh cause the gal deh right inna 6west park up. It bun me fi unu man. So when u a come ms charm come with ur facts. A nuff time me go link my man and him tell me kelly over kitt. Low the rass ppl dem big hole charm. Kitt f*k who u wah f**k cause it a mad bloodclaut big pussy charm.

  20. Edel need fi go soak her body it wha soft up … Wha day Bristol text Dexter how she sick and Dexter diss her the most way on ig say hum glad him nuh f**k she from when so him nu have ntn a worry abt … Tap follow dun out edel cause edel haffi mine man to stay eid her cause nobody else no want her

  21. Poor you SADAMITE KELLY….SADBAD.only yuh wudda mek a man cum inna mouth all ova yuh daammm face fi dat matter ONLY YUH…HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA MI SURE YUH DEAD PUPPA A ROLL INNA HIM GRAVE TO HOW YUH DELUSIONAL and jus siick stomach total disgrace to yuh fambily!! ONLY a fool wudda argue wid yuh yuh HOPELESS. yuh cudda change yuh name 1000 time fi comment undaa di same post. Mi dear mi nuh want nasty kit and neither am i Nyah fren CAUS DI WHOLE A UNNU A SUFFA FRM DI SAME DISEASE LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Mine yuh buss a bloodvessell caus evidently the TRUTH get yuh aggravated HAHAHAHAHA. YUH A DI REAL STALKER “di gal car park a him yard now” “mi deh wid kit fren”?? how sensible is dat thou??? SMH and delusional at dat anybody wehh even much read will realise that ONLY YUH DUMB DONKEY FACE UNAMBITIOUS KELLY WUDDA PICKUP DIS POST PON YUH HEAD FI KNOWINGS… HAHAHAHAH DUMB BITCH….Gwan throw cockie partner Kelly smh. After di Saga pon IG and how yuh affi stop guh road. a only behind keyboard yuh hyde gyal di long cockie argument ova boiii wehh mi nuh want unnecessary and knowing you every second a di day yuh aguh mek up story cum ova yah!!! Dats wat you live fah keyboard badness instead a spend time pon yuh pickney SET SOME STANDARDS FI HAR. yuh shud use dat imagination of urs and put it to good use guh back to school duh some short story writing.LIKE A sumnthn fi proud of f*kin stalking a common hood and a try dis di odda bitches fi give yuhself props bout tie man and man naaa leff hahahaha ur same exact words yuh use pon IG …hahahahahha KELLLLLYYY hush MUMMA yuh shudda sHame fi cum ova yah…. WEHH DIS BOII HAVE FI TIE…EEEEHH???? a kill up yuh self fi try prove to ppl sehh boii want yuh…DUMBASS DEM LIKKLE BOIII YAHH ONLY LUV DEMSELF REAL MANCLOWN LIKE FRM DITRENDS YUH STIL NUH LEARN……BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NEXTTTTTT!!!!!!!! GTFOH :dp :dp :hammer :hammer carryon BITCH…

  22. but @hmmmm Bristol really mek him guh bareback pon har???.OMG where all the smart girls gone? mi did like how she seem humble enuh…smh

  23. Met please to confirm if à kelly a send in post. Because charm just hot fi the gal so. No sah since it bother u so much seh kit a tek kelly. Please go tek kit hood outta kelly whole. The story not even bout kelly and u a call up her name give the girl a break come off her name. Clearly u nuh have a life go bac to the beginning of the story and see wat it was all about. Cause one nasty gal cant hot fi the gal so

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