A woman created a stir in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court recently after it was revealed that she was arrested for plastering the face and mouth of three children with faeces at a primary school in Kingston.
The court was also told that Ruthann Wilson, who had armed herself with the bag of faeces, had also smeared the walls and doors with filth and had caused some of it to catch a guidance counsellor’s clothing.
But the Kingston 10 resident, who defended her actions by claiming that the boys had dragged her seven-year-old daughter into the garden and had pushed their penises inside her mouth, ended up with a 30-day jail sentence.
According to the Crown, on the day in question the guidance counsellor was at the school dealing with a dispute between children when Wilson was contacted.
Wilson went to the school and during the dispute, went inside her bag and took out another bag containing faeces, which she used to smear on the walls, floor, door, on the children’s mouths and guidance counsellor’s clothes.
Wilson was subsequently arrested and charged with assault at common law.
When she appeared in court, Wilson who was emotional and at times near to tears, denied going to the school with a bag of faeces and smearing the children’s faces.
But Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey was not moved by her demeanour and asked her why she was crying.
According to Wilson, she was home when her daughter came and told her that three boys pulled her down in the garden and put their penises in her mouth.
Wilson said that she went to the school to talk to the teachers but they took the matter lightly.
“The teacher dem a say why me a gwaan suh fa and a say a regular dem do it suh why me a gwaan suh,” she said.
She said that she was talking with the guidance counsellor and two of the boys as one of them had gone home, when her baby’s pampers fell off and she, having heard one of the boys stating that he had placed his penis inside her child’s mouth, got upset and flashed the waste on the little boy.
According to her, she was not aware that some of it had caught the guidance counsellor’s clothes.
“I am not letting you get way with it,” RM Pusey told her. “Pretty soon we won’t have anybody teaching our children in school.”
“I am a trained teacher and I know what the teachers go through and we need to put a stop to it,” Pusey added before sentencing Wilson to 30 days in prison.
Schoolboy beaten for refusing to bathe
A man faced the court for beating his 14-year-old brother-in-law because he allegedly refused to take a bath after his mother ordered him to do so.
Sheldon Anderson, a Kingston-based warehouse worker, was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after he used a piece of water hose to beat the complainant all over his body causing bruises and swelling.
According to the complainant in his statement on November 27, about 7:00 pm, he was in his room sleeping when his mother woke him up and sent him to the bathroom. But the complainant said he did not get up immediately and his mother went outside and spoke to Anderson saying, “The bwoy nuh waa guh bathe enuh.”
The complainant said shortly after, he went into the bathroom when his mother came in and started arguing. However, he said that because of the small size of the bathroom his mother’s voice was echoing and so he begged her to stop taking.
The schoolboy said that his mother then left and Anderson came inside and started to beat him with the water hose. The complainant said that he ran from the bathroom into the kitchen but was cornered by Anderson, who used the water hose to continue beating him.
Following the incident, the complainant reported the matter and Anderson was arrested and charged.
When the matter was mentioned Anderson pleaded guilty but told the court that he was instructed by the complainant’s mother to beat him.
“At the time his mother call me to beat him for not bathing and when I reach there he was up in his mother’s face so I had to hold him and give him two across his shoulder,” he told RM Pusey.
“Did you do that, ma’am?” the magistrate then asked the complainant’s mother, who said, “Yes.”
“So why are we here?” RM Pusey further asked.
“Because he went to the station,” the mother answered.
She then explained to the court that before the incident the complainant was being very disrespectful to her.
The complainant, when questioned by the magistrate about his behaviour, said that he had in fact behaved in a “disrespectful” manner to his mother.
The magistrate then asked him, “And what is the lesson that you have learned?”
“That I must not be disrespectful to my mother,” he replied.
Following that, no evidence was offered against Anderson and a no-order ruling was made.
The magistrate, however, told the complainant that it was right to go to the station and make a report if he had been assaulted.
Woman in trouble for gambling away the boss’s money
A woman who was arrested and charged with stealing $53,000 from a Supreme Ventures outlet where she was employed claimed that she did not steal the money, but spent it off gambling.
Naomi Brown appeared in court on a charge of larceny after the court heard that she stole $53,367, from her employer, who had taken her on as a cashier.
However, Brown denied the allegations.
“I did not tek the money,” she said. “I was gambling and I gamble too much money.”
“So, hold on,” RM Pusey quickly interjected. “So what is the difference between that and stealing?”
The magistrate then pointed out to accused that the money was not hers to gamble with and told her that what she did constituted stealing and asked her when she was going to return the money.
The accused then told the court that she had $30,000 but said that the figure should be corrected, as the amount is $45,000 and that some of the money was already deducted from her pay.
However, the complainant told the court that the figure was correct, as that was the figure that was given by the person who had found out that the money was missing.
“Look here, honey, when you were gambling and enjoying yourself you don’t even know how much you were spending,” remarked RM Pusey.
The magistrate then told the complainant that she had to pay the amount unless someone came forward to say that the deduction was taken from her pay.
Her bail was then extended for her to return to court on December 29 with the rest of the money.
Men ‘war’ over parking space
A man was hauled before the court for clobbering a “hustler” on his neck with a piece of wood in a confrontation over a parking space.
The accused, Nico Downer, who is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, told the court that he was provoked by the complainant who is normally outside the United States Embassy trying to make a living by parking cars for motorists who had interviews there.
According to Downer, on the day in question he drove up at his gate in Papine, St Andrew, which is near the US Embassy, when he saw that someone had parked outside his gate in the spot that he usually uses.
“A man was inside the car so I told the man that he is parking in front of my gate and I need to park my car and then him come and tap the car and tell the man don’t move,” he said.
Downer said he was explaining to the complainant that he cannot tell people to park in front of his gate when he needed to park his car as this was his home, and the complainant started to curse and threaten him.
He said that the complainant remarked: “Yuh know me, bwoy? A me run yah suh, and asked me if me waa dead right a me yard gate.”
Downer said that the complainant went up in his face and during a confrontation used a piece of wood to hit him.
The complainant then tried to justify his actions, claiming he needed to make money.
However, before that he told the court that he was unemployed and “hustles” outside the Embassy and cooks on the weekend to make money.
He was then asked why he did not want the motorist to remove his car from in front of the complainant’s gate.
“What was in my mind is that me nuh want him move cause me waa the money to buy chicken foot to boil my soup,” he said.
“Him a argue say me mek man park in front a him gate and a bad me up, but what interest me is making money,” the accused further added.
“But you don’t care about who you inconvenience as long you make money,” the magistrate said to the accused after listening to his explanation.
In continuing his explanation, the accused told the court that he was there arguing with Downer when he went for a baseball bat and hit him in his neck, causing him to suffer immense pain.
The complainant then advised RM Pusey that his mother had promised to get him a lawyer to advise him about compensation for his injury.
As a result, the magistrate rescheduled the matter in order for the complainant to speak with his lawyer before sentencing. The matter was then set for December 29 and Downer’s bail extended.


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