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  1. DEMarco, mey mi seh dis tuh you…we all have lost a loved one, so I totally understand and empathize with you; just reminisce on those good ole days wid mommy and it may bring tears tuh your eyes, but it will always bring a smile tuh your heart and a smile on your is ok tuh cry til yuh cyan cry nuh more, cause dat is what love is…past, present or future, and there is absolutely no shame in that…DeMarco, mi memba di first time when yuh buss ah mi seh tuh miself, “mi like da yute ya cause im possess ah certain humbleness weh yuh rarely find inna most Jamaican man”…that, along with your capability tuh make great dance tunes with meaning tuh it, is what made me *along with millions of other fans* like you and your style of d.j-ing and humility…don’t lose that special touch ah doe mek nuhbody draw out di devil inna yuh, cause we all have dat ugly side tuh us; try yuh best tame it and do right before wrong…mama will be proud of you for that and you will also be proud of yourself too…mama raised a good boy who turned out tuh be a good and very intelligent man * stay true tuh that and yourself and doe get lost in the facade which surrounds you*… as a loyal fan of your music and your character, just wanted you tuh know that.. :rose:

  2. Gully Bob tek Sting. Taurus Riley was exceptional. Too many names to mention. Even tho d show seemed wata dung thru Joe no run no money this year. D fireman and Diamond socks dread brought d heat. Even Ishawna did her thing. She reminded me of Dancehall Queen Carlene with d outfit dancehall meets fashion

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