The St. James man who’s being sought in relation to the death of his daughter is now in Police Custody.

Roosevelt Thomas otherwise called ‘Pimmy’ of Flanker District was reportedly accompanied to the Freeport Police Station by a Pastor yesterday evening.

Head of the Area 1 Police ACP Winchroy Badoo, says Thomas will be questioned extensively by Investigators.

Thomas had been on the run since Tuesday following the gruesome discovery of his child’s body along Dump Up Beach in Montego Bay.


  1. I might have missed it guys but is there a connection between this horrible murder and the lotto scamming?

  2. Faada God mi nah stop love Yu! Thank You for answering our Prayers! Our tears were NOT in vain.

    My sincerest sympathy for this baby girl’s family. May good memories of her console all of you now, and in the future.

  3. I’m sorry everyone can someone tell me what part did his daughter play in the scamming? Why did he have to kill har?

    1. The theory is that child served as a sacrifice for some form of occult practice to bring winnings/good fortune scammings. It’s sick and depraved.

      1. What?! This is what some jcans come to, now they are sacreficing tbeir child for money? The desperation had reach another level. Poor child!

  4. This is so sad! Ish like this make me question the creator above. How could you let this innocent child leave this world like this? This pain my heart to the core. No parent or anybody for that matter shouldn’t hurt a child in such gruesome manner . I often look at kids tiny hands and feet or their shoes, and wonder: how in the world, people hurt these innocent beings? It baffled me, I swear. R.I.P lil one, your time on earth was short, and the end was heart breaking. Let me wipe my eyes.

    1. Father God gave us all free will and her wicked father use his and killed his own child. Friend, man heart wicked and their minds are devious. Father warned us of these things. The problem is so many of us help bring (life) children into the world but we are careless with them. We do not act or know that our children are Father God heritage, so we are to dedicate our children to him and he will take care of his. So we leave them open to abuse and even death.

      Look at that video Met posted earlier with that girl getting beat by her child’s father on the public bus (I didn’t watch it but I read the comments). Her only concern was she didn’t have anywhere to live so she let him beat her with a child in her hand. Tell me now, is that child safe with either of these “parents”? My answer is no. I am not perfect, but I would choose homelessness with my child over any kind of abuse.
      What Father God offer is protection from these wicked people and salvation in the life to come. He offers it free in three steps and he repeats it often in the bible. First he said, ” seek knowledge “, and that means get to know him by reading the word of God, everyday and accrpting and having a relationship with his son, Jesus Christ. Met, even help us out and put up the word every day.

      Second he said, ” seek wisdom”, that mean live like Jesus did by following his teaching. He never said it was going to be easy, and he don’t need you to be perfect either. For he will do the perfect work in you.

      Third, he said “seek understanding”, which is the purpose of Christ dying on the cross. He died so can have forgiveness, repentance and salvation through him. This is Christ offer. Will you take it?
      God don’t change Hun, men do. May you know the love of Christ and his amazing grace.

  5. @ Lurker – Thank you for the explanation/theory… This is crazy and sicken for him to think that killing his child would bring on the winnings, who the hell told him that would happen… Him and the sick person who said that’s what him fi do must dead… Some people believe in some stupid sh*t seriously, your own child… I’m glad the pastor convinced him to turn himself in, now it is time for him to stand judgment for his crime…

  6. If it is the case that he sacrificed his daughter, let’s get the person who advised him that sacrifice was necessary. Both are to be hung.
    I’m sure I read somewhere that he had quarreled with the child’s mom and his actions were aimed to destroy the mother. I could be wrong.

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